Universal regulated power supply modules on optotiristornyh MTOTO

Zaporozhye enterprise «element converters» produces a series of modules MTOTO optotiristornyh for currents from 40 A to 250 A. They are a monolithic structure, inside which are placed two thyristors connected in half-bridge circuit, as well as two optical elements. A feature of these modules is that their power components and controls are galvanically isolated from the module housing. In addition, controls are galvanically isolated from the power elements of the module. The heat from the elements is removed through the ceramic insulator and metal base.

Shown in the figure a schematic diagram of the power supply for the entire

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Lets get FRUITY!

No matter what skin type you have, every girl deserves a fabulously clear complexion — so look no further than Clearasils new Daily Clear Supefruits range

No one should have to put up with spots, and that’s exactly why Clearasil has created the Daily Clear Superfruits range — so you’ll never have to. It includes four brand-new products, all infused with effective skinclearing ingredients, plus superfruits known for their antioxidant properties. Each product is kind to skin and suitable for everyday use-and because it’s Clearasil, you know they’ll work.

Achieving and maintaining that spot-free, beautifully clear skin every girl dreams

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Universiade, no kidding

He carried in his pocket a printout of the final table. I get it and have a look: exactly won! «

Since then, ITMO won the 1SRS even four times. This year, for the first time in the history of the university he became 1SRS pentakampeonov (five-time champion), as the Brazilians in football. It is the most successful, but not the only university in the Russian elite 1SRS.

Sports programming such simple means allows for huge ideas «- in the» Mythical Man-Month «, the cult book of programmers of the 1970s, Frederick Brooks (Frederick Brooks, Jr.) has given very precise

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Lesson tee. The best way to practice.

When I’m warming up before a round or working on my game early in the week, I hit only two distances of putts: those I think Pm going to make and really long ones.

First, I practice a lot of short putts — probably more than most players on tour. I’d say I spend about 95 percent of my putting-practice time from inside eight feet. I pick short putts that break and hit them in different ways. I’ll hit some firm, banging them against the back of the cup, and others soft, slowly dying them in, side-door. After a while,

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Universal technology «LEVIKOR» -MIF OR REALITY

MV Eksler, a spokesman «Victocor Technology», Belgium

Technology «Levikor» successfully won the European car market, which is the legislator of fashion technology for the global automotive market, as well as for many other industries. Conducted tests to introduce zinc coating aircraft, which previously ruled cadmium coating. In addition, preparing the introduction of new kinds of anti-corrosion and-wear coatings based on other powder metals, but in application, well-established process of thermal diffusion saturation. This year, our company is committed to the development of all the features of the zinc coating. What does this mean in practice?

We are accustomed to the

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By Lindsey Bucknor

Camera: Sony Alpha 700

Lens: Tamron SPAF 200-500mm f/5-6.3 Di

Exposure: l/500sec at f/6.3 (ISO 800)

Lindsey says: «This leopard cub was six metres off the ground and I had to compose the shot from a vehicle. As the cub was in shade, I boosted the ISO to 800 to ensure a fast shutter speed and waited for a hint of eye contact before firing off a series of images. This was my favourite.»

LEE FROST: Having tried my hand at a little wildlife photography from a vehicle while in Namibia last year, I know only too

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Yevgeny Kafelnikov — Tournament M2M Russian Open in 2013 and the general prospects of golf in Russia

After a career of Sydney Olympic champion tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov turned into a golfer, and even won the Russian championship in this sport. Organizers M2M Russian Open 2013 gave athlete wild card, which enabled compete with European professionals. On his impressions of the event, the system of training and prospects of the Russian Golf Yevgeny Kafelnikov said in an interview with «Big Sport».

— If we take into account only the psychological aspect than tennis differs from the course?

You can not

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Breathtakingly ESSEN

Passing in April exhibition Techno Classica Essen this year broke all its previous records for the number of car manufacturers have taken part (25), visitors (193 400), automobile clubs (230) for sale of cars (2500) and exhibitors (1250)

Prices for vintage cars are growing each year by an average of 4.2%, which means not falling interest in this topic. Anton Leon France-sen, Managing Director of SIHA, organizes exhibitions in Essen, he commented on the situation: «The market yangtaymerov and vintage cars is continuously increasing over the past ten years and will grow further. Because more people are captivated by the

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Do not rush to move into a nursing home, if again forgot the name of a new colleague, and stop already complain about the lack of inspiration. To head you will not let down, it is better to take care of proper nutrition.

You would be happy to do all his life a light snack, but your brain, be sure likes to eat a full and balanced. It weighs some 2% of body weight, but still manages to burn a quarter of the energy that the body uses during sedentary work. That’s why you wore down like a stonecutter until

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TAKING GREAT PORTRAITS requires a multitude of skills to be mastered and our monthly guide aims to cover them all so that you’re well prepared for every possible challenge. Over the coming months, we’ll be looking in depth at different forms of lighting and more advanced techniques, but in this fourth part, we examine a key consideration you must make

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