Smile: you remove the recorder!

According to the State Duma wanders another «horror story» — a draft law to ban the publication on the Internet recording with DVRs installed in cars. Its author, chairman of the committee on information policy Alexei Mitrofanov, believes that the situation when people post videos on the Internet without permission of those who is in the frame, is unacceptable.

The Pentagon said: «This is the system!»

Suffice massively recorders appeared in cars Russians long ago — about five years ago. It’s hard to believe, looking at how today they are found in machines. His zadachu- to record the traffic situation

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Lens basics

Choosing a lens can be tricky for new users. That’s where our beginner’s guide comes in…

The beauty of investing in a DSLR or CSC is that you can swap lenses, giving you a whole new perspective on the world and allowing you to get really creative with your photography.

Being able to change lenses allows you to select a lens often more suited to your subject and by adding lenses to your camera bag, you build up a much more versatile camera set-up. In many ways, lenses are a more important consideration than the camera, as a lens will

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Improved speaker «DGR-25»

One of the plants of the Ministry of radio industry in 1952, was developed and released by the speaker «DGR-25», specially designed for sound public squares and parks. This loudspeaker consists of a powerful low-frequency and high-frequency low-power three diffuser heads enclosed in a special system of reflectors radial radiation. Rated power 25 W speaker; Frequency band 150-5000 Hz at no more than 20 dB; THD at rated power in the band 500-5000 Hz 6-7%; rated voltage of 120/240.

The volume and timbre speaker can be adjusted. This is done using the distribution panel fixed on the speaker down transformer.

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Serpent Sting in White Nights

With difficulty launching its roots in the local soil international music festivals. See for yourself: CTE rolled up DC — Kinoteatornogo level: a mother nursing BIZ Enterprises, beholding the commercial failure of the tour Sepultura, Accept and Cannibal Corpse, decided to take profits promotion promising local artists. It remains the only festival of its rank — "White Nights of St. Petersburg". This year, he said its fourth anniversary and gradually, although with difficulty, gets up on solid feet on the St. Petersburg rotten swamp. Today, we are talking about it.

The festival’s program is always the same: young performers competition,

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Lens accessories

There’s a variety of add-ons you can buy to modify your lens’ behaviour or specification

There are many accessories that have been developed to alter the characteristics of your lens, typically to increase focal length or enable macro shooting, and as they’re available from several manufacturers the choice usually caters for all budgets.

So rather than having to invest in additional lenses, you can adapt an existing optic to mimic the characteristics of another lens. Not only is it a more affordable solution, but they will usually also weigh far less and be less of a burden to carry around.

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Shelter from rain and snow

Even the wide roof overhang at the entrance to the house is not always able to protect standing at the door of rain and snow. Quite another thing — a canopy over the front door. Find the key in your pocket, or simply wait for the owners open the door, in inclement weather, it will be a much more comfortable. Besides the protective function, and performs a decorative canopy if it is done with taste and in harmony with the appearance of the house.

The design of the canopy should be sufficiently rigid, able to withstand strong gusts of wind

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Special tricks

How to put on the floor carpet — it is known now, perhaps, any handyman. In this case, it goes on working with carpeting as a whole and its installation in the most inconvenient places, such as a spiral staircase, in inaccessible corners and rounded surfaces and open edges.

To paste over gently curved bottom podstupёnok carpet, first cut a strip out of the coating with an allowance, and then attaching it to the surface podstupёnka carpeted knife cut right on the site.

To cut into the carpet required a hole in the right place, first cut from

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Lemmings Revolution

Услыхав число “100”, отец побледнел. Казалось, даже его волосы, которые и сейчас, в четыре с лишним года, похожи на ярко-салатовый пушистый пучок травы, поблекли и увяли. Он немедля приказал позвать шамана и велел тому начать ведовство — дознаться, не напутали ли чего Боги? Сто Уровней… Не одно поколение сменится, пока наш народ дойдет до Дома. Шаман начал нагонять страху, утверждая, что Боги никогда ничего не путают, потому что у них, в отличие от нас, голова предназначена не только для ношения волос. Но затем умолк, скрылся в своей норе и принялся задавать Богам вопросы…

Через несколько часов, показавшихся нам неделями, шаман

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Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

Jack of all trades, master of none

What do you call a device that can be either a laptop or a tablet, or even a few additional novel form factors in between? A Lenovo ThinkPad Helix, that’s what— which, as the name implies, is a hybrid with a twist.

Here’s how it works: In laptop form, the screen is firmly affixed to a keyboard dock, forming your standard clamshell. But press a button on the dock, right be­low the lower-left corner of the screen, pull up on the screen, and voila the screen is freed to serve as a stand-alone

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Stereo headphone audio amp on AD822AN

The amplifier is designed for use with stereo headphones. This audio amp is economical, can be operated from a single low-voltage power supply and at the same time has good technical characteristics. Total harmonic distortion of output signal span at 300 mV (peak to peak) at a frequency of 1 kHz is 0.079% (-62 dB with noise).

Stereo channels are input via the separating nonpolar capacitors C1 and C2. Voltage divider resistors R1-R2 and R3-R4 at the noninverting input circuits are chosen so that the outputs of op amp present voltage (1.5 V) equal to half the supply. The gain

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