Specify the door

Decorator Olga Maltseva offers transform the interior by means of antique and vintage door.

I remember how in the hangar with vintage furniture, I froze in front of a high carved oak doors. Once they decorated the entrance to the house and perfectly preserved to this day. I could not resist from buying, but did not know why. Later, they became the central element of the interior of the living room, giving it a grand appearance. I note that vintage items are not price higher than the cost of new ordinary and sometimes much lower. But beware: the vintage items

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Leica M-E.

Japanese DSLRs may be ubiquitous but what of German rangefinders from Leica? We take a look at the new affordable model.

Leica; just as Rolls Royce is a byword for luxury automobiles, most camera aficionados know that Leica produces top-quality, top-drawer — and top price-cameras. Just as people who love cars may dream of owning a Phantom, the prospect of going out shooting with a Leica M9 or M9-P and a small arsenal of Leica glass in tow is a mere fantasy for many photographers. It’s hard to talk about Leica without talking about money.

But a fantasy it must

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For many years, the aquarium is in use red miriofillum grown under the name Myriophillum ma-togrossense. Bright red color delicate lacy leaves, pleasant contrast with the background of the rest of the greenery, and are not always easy maintenance — these are the qualities that attract the attention of fans of this plant water flora. Under this title the red peristolistnik periodically available for sale and from the premises firms breeders of aquatic plants. For example, at the «Zo-2001 continue to evolve,» I met him, even a representative of the world-renowned specialist Karl Rataya hydrophytes.

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The Leica M Monochrom is a unique camera made exclusively for black & white photographers. It’s smart, unobtrusive and captures subjects in fine detail. Andy Luck puts it to the test.


In an age of increasing automation in the world of photography, it is rare to come across a camera that provides quite such an immersive experience as the Leica M Monochrom.

Here is a camera that stands completely apart. It has a clear, almost uncompromising, function indicated by the Monochrom label: to provide digital black & white images only.

This unique and purposeful nature is encapsulated

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Unscrew the blow …

Beat with a hammer on a screwdriver end is converted to torque, enough to loosen any screw.

What seems to be easier to remove the screw, nut or bolt? If you turn away. Well, if the thread scorched, rusty, torn or clogged? Here in the course are «non-technological» methods of dismantling — of the bolt hit a chisel, drill screw unrecoverable. All this disables not only the hardware, but are themselves part takes a lot of time-consuming.

Most suffer from neotvorachivayuschimsya fixture repairers. Extracts and motorists.

And so, and others need wrenches and especially screwdriver (small shoulder!), Such as increasing

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Leica Disto D510

Лазерный дальномер

ЛАЗЕР: класс — 2, длина волны — 635 нм, мощность излучения <1 мВт




ГАБАРИТЫ: 143x58x29 мм

ВЕС: 0,19 кг

ЦЕНА: 23500 руб.

Этот дальномер — настоящая находка для любителей большого количества функций и компьютерных технологий. Оптические линзы прибора выполнены из высококачественного стекла, что даёт стабильный результат при любых температурах. Цветной дисплей отлично работает даже при ярком солнечном свете, а встроенный цифровой визир с 4-кратным увеличением облегчит измерения больших расстояний. Интересно и наличие датчика угла наклона 360″ — комбинация измерений угла и расстояния разрешает измерить расстояние, даже когда

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State award

Arriving in Leningrad after a long break, you see how to develop urban metro network. Metro in St. Petersburg is relatively young. Many of us remember a time when the diagrams, posted at stations and in trains Blue Express was designated only one line. Then it crossed the second, third … Today, underground railways connecting the center with many remote areas. Metro organically entered into a unified transport system of the city, it has become its integral part.

Here, on the underground routes, running a lot of great people. One of them — Leonid Vasilev, Senior Electrician Service signaling and

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Pleasure usefully

Do you want to enjoy a meal at the same time to improve health? Then cook delicious meals using the gifts of the garden.

Spicy soup with greens and sour berries

Chakopuli National Georgian dish — the meat of lamb, cooked in a red dry wine with lots of greenery and sour plum. Since the recipe is quite complex, I had a few simplified and made some adjustments, particularly excluded from the ingredients of wine.

So, we need meat, beef or pork, you can with the bones. Boil strong broth. We take out the meat and carve it into large

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Sports recently has nothing to do with the usual glamorous pastime — Pilates, yoga and horseback riding. Let us find out, why fashionable women drawn to the most masculine sport — boxing.

Radical measures. There was talk about his teeth knocked out and the blood-stained tops of the Deha. The appearance muzhikovatyh habits, excessively broad shoulders and calves overinflated. Normal training in a fitness club or in the combats cause many misunderstandings. However, more and more stars talk about boxing as a panacea in attaining the perfect body. Model Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima and Iman regularly attend the lessons of

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Leica digiscoping kit

Digiscoping is probably a familiar term to OP readers, as a number of telescopes and adapters from various manufacturers have been reviewed over the last couple of years, including both compact cameras and digital SLR options Leica have long produced top quality telescopes, binoculars and camera equipment and have now introduced their own complete digiscoping kit, that provides everything that i needed to get started and take photos, comprising of: Leica Apo-Televid 82 telescope Leica Trica tripod with fluid head, Leica digiscoping adapter and Leica D-Lux 4 compa camera.

This is quite a difficult review, as I’m not only looking

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