Legacy 0f Brutality

Сидел я (а зовут меня Шикель Грубый) у себя дома, развлекался тем, что постреливал из окошка по прохожим из своей любимой винтовки. Когда число сотворенных мною трупов стало приближаться к чертовой дюжине, и я уже было прицелился в какую-то бабушку, что норовила пользуясь паникой стащить апельсин с лотка, вдруг зазвонил телефон. На проводе был Злодей Сидоров, дабы сообщить, что уезжает в Долину Смерти фотографироваться на фоне атомных взрывов. Он попросил меня сделать рубрику архивных записей самому. Не найдя дома ничего путного в области старого хард-рока, я сделал финт ушами и предложил вашему вниманию три исторических альбома групп, которые покрыли собою

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Passion and Punishment

Today we would like to discuss the topic of homemade knife and clarify a number of issues and problems associated with it.

A visit to one of the editors of amateur artists, which in Russia are vast. He was not too unhappy about «light up», thereby making like a personal invitation to visit his vigilant precinct, so we use a pseudonym, but … this man — one of the many nozhevschikov craftsmen who, in spite of the risk of not very pleasant communication with representatives of the law, does not leave his hobbies.

— Tell us about yourself.

— Yes

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Dragon’s panther G, SD. Kfz. 171 (Late production)

Pieces and Parts:

— Dragon 6268 Panther G, SD.Kfz. 171 (Late Production), figure accessories

— Verlinden Cobblestone street, sidewalks, light post, GI Figures, engine parts

— Homet Heads — Aber PE tools, Panther fenders, buckles

— Plus models, buckets, boxes, rats, news papers and magazines

— Tamiya, Fuel Drums and Jerry cans

— GC Laser pallet and ammo crate

The Scene

On the surface, this build is just a Panther of the 11th Panzer Division located somewhere in Bavaria in the closing days of the war, which has been abandoned by the

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Passion — rest for the soul.

My good friend from Ukraine Peter A. Kuzmenko suited to any business slowly, but if for something to be taken, making every effort to realize our plans with the greatest effect. Apparently, this is not surprising, as the name Peter in Greek means «stone».

I want to talk about passion Poroshenko bees. He is always willing to show his apiary honey treats, talks about the updates that are already tested and what the results obtained …

By the way, about the results. They have beekeeper not only stable, but also very solid (and why I decided to tell about his

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Increase the production load of all apiaries

Beekeeping — an important sector of agricultural production Bashkortostan. On its territory there are more than 400 thousand bee families, including more than 219,000 in the collective and state farms.

Republic annually passes the state at a half-two thousand tons of good-quality honey, and this year, as of September 15, the consumer cooperatives in store 2179 tons of honey.

Bashkir honey is sent not only in Moscow, Leningrad and other large industrial cities of the Soviet Union, but also exported to Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Poland and other countries.

On apiaries and bee farms, most state and collective farms this year received

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In September, begins the active harvest. It is important not only to collect the harvest, but also to properly prepare it for storage. It is necessary to collect and pull out growing in the open field cucumber, tomato. At the same time remove part of zucchini, squash, digging potatoes.

Digging potatoes necessarily choose a fine sunny day. Do not pour it directly into the bags. Let the potatoes lie down in the sun a few hours: the so-tubers will be better kept.

And another tip: choose seed potatoes from healthy bushes once abundant in the digging and poured it separately.

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Learn to shoot long exposition

Follow our in-depth guide and capture movement in the land, sea, sky and people by slowing your shutter speed…

The exposure of a scene is determined by three different elements — the aperture (the size of the lens opening through which light passes), the shutter speed (the time that the image sensor is exposed to this light) and the ISO (the sensitivity of the sensor). You need to balance all three together in order to capture a ‘good’ exposure, in which the important parts of an image are neither too dark (underexposed) or too bright (overexposed).

Most of the time,

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Kill smartphone.

It is difficult to expect a dirty trick by best friend. It is doubly strange when from our smaller brothers, that is, the smartphone comes a deadly threat.

And it’s not in the radiation damage about which scientists are still arguing. Sometimes the phone can kill its owner … current.

It would seem, is it possible to get a bit of phone that can stop the heart? It turned out that you can. Chinese hostess Ma Ajlun received from your iPhone 5 a discharge that died on the spot. How could this happen? It turned out that the girl was

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Laurie Campbells Life in the Wild

Mention the prospect of photographing fungi and many people will conjure up thoughts of being in an autumnal woodland setting looking though leaf litter or inspecting dead timber for likely specimens on quiet, damp days. True, these conditions may be perfect for fungi to thrive, but there is a lot more to getting to grips with these fascinating subjects than that.

A few weeks ago in mid May, for example,

I was reminded of the fact that it’s possible to find and photograph fungi during any month of the year. I was running a week-long nature photography programme and had

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In the seven years FINISH

Plodovinsovhoz «Almaly» Kurdayskogo district, organized in 1957. Before him was tasked to — during the years of the seven-year lay industrial garden area of ​​1600 hectares. This is a difficult task, but, as life has shown, it is quite doable.

Soil and climatic conditions of Chu valley in which the farm is located, as commissioned by the man created by nature to lay the garden. From the north and the northeast — the mountains, covering the flow of cold air masses; south and southwest — open valley with a rich and fertile land. Altitude 1100 meters. At this altitude fruit

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