Lauren Mclean

Lauren Mclean began her career as a still life photographer, but has found her feet working for clients such as Sainsbury’s and Co-operative Food.

With people going out to restaurants less and spending more time cooking at home, resulting in a rise in popularity of supermarket magazines, unlike many freelances, London- based food photographer Lauren Mclean has found the recession beneficial to her field of work.

“Food photography is massive at the moment”, she says. “Because of the recession, people are buying more cookbooks and staying in to make meals for their friends and family, while supermarket magazines want a

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The Father’s bosom

Actor Vladimir Dolinskaya doted in his daughter. Still: this clever, beautiful and talented actress, which extol and colleagues and directors. But this is not about a family oasis shlos without storms. For Dad drove her child out of the house, why he received a hostile reception to the novel as a little girl, and the girl managed to convince his father — all this and many other told us herself Polina.

After the release of the series on television screens «Maroussia», where our heroine starred her christened Russian Natalia Oreiro and «wild angel from Moscow», Polina and she laughingly calls

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Our garden has friends in Poland

Dmitry Tyutterin

Impressions from a trip

In Poland, many speak in Russian. Well, if not fluent, or at least understand it. The older generation certainly. This is the «legacy of the past»: in the Russian socialist countries has been a compulsory subject.

Another «hello» from our common Soviet past, oddly enough, began building kindergartens. Especially in the provinces. When I first saw them — I flinched. Angular box squat pale yellow, almost gray. The building is more like some kind of warehouse than a gingerbread house from a child’s dream.

In recent years, the director of gardens both in Russia

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Latin American News Bulletin… (02-2013)

Airborne Brigade for the Chilean Army

Chile’s Army established the creation of an Airborne Brigade as the top priority of this force for in the coming years. The project will be developed over the next ten to twelve years, and will include the acquisition of thirty medium-transport helicopters as well as eight to twelve attack helicopters.

The unit will be integrated by infantry personnel with a total number of 800 to 1200 infantrymen who will be trained in vertical assault operations. The new brigade would comprise rapid deployment elements for the support of UN missions. Despite the brigade, personnel will

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Our guest magazine «Dien Anh»

The first issue of «Dien Anh» was released in 1957. Teach mass audience to focus on issues of cinema art, to acquaint readers with the news of the national and world cinema — these are the main tasks set before our publication.

«Dien Anh» -organ Cinematographers’ Union of Vietnam and Vietnam Kinoupravleniya, published 6 times a year. Attract the attention of readers of our regular columns by which publishes articles, reports, interviews, reviews, informing about today’s cinema of socialist countries, introducing the actual problems of the theory and practice of cinema. We are happy to reprint interesting materials from the

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Lather letter opener

For Starters, Prepare the Blank

1. Select a 1 1/2Xl 1/2X12 blank. (We tried both walnut and curly maple.) Then, draw diagonal lines at each end to locate the center. On the end of the stock that will be the blade, draw a line through the center point perpendicular to the grain. (For reference, see the Blank Preparation drawing on page 26.) Now, use a bevel gauge to transfer this line to the other end of the blank. (Note: Aligning the offset centers perpendicular to the grain ensures that the face grain will be aligned with the faces of the

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The «Zelenodolsk» TRUE COURSE

…Recent short commands and small anti-submarine ship (IPC) «Zelenodolsk», throwing the stern surf gently concerns pier. Quickly instituted moorings, put the ladder.

Captain 3rd Rank Vyacheslav Zhuravlev wearily leaned back in his command chair. Quite a few miles passed a ship on rough winds from the sea. And every hour voyage was full of intensive combat training sounded alarms, changed each other’s input. It always happens when you address important training and combat tasks. At this time, the crew involved in the command post exercise connection. Solve a range of complex tasks, the sailors had a chance to work in

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Last-minute luxury

AS SUMMER HAS SIZZLED ON, with all the relaxing or working, you may have forgotten to take a diversionary detour. There is much of Texas that needs to be explored when it comes to finding fun, tranquility and romance. Simply spin the compass and seek out these locations.

If you enjoy the picturesque Texas Hill Country, visit the Marriott Horseshoe Bay Resort. This establishment is spectacularly placed overlooking Lake LBJ. The Bayside Spa is waiting to soothe and deliver decadent rejuvenation for those in need of pampering. If you desire your getaway to involve floating on or flying across tranquil

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On September 12, Russian rolling out a feature film about two pilots «Formula 1», James Hunt and Niki Lauda, ​​who together made the racing season in 1976 one of the most memorable and controversial in history.

1976 for the «Formula 1» turned out to be rich before the intrigues that do not pass such a championship in reality, it would be necessary to invent for the action-movie. It had everything: a rare break between the leaders just one point; a phenomenal return to fight after a terrible accident; unpredictable Affairs favorites; great ambitions teams and drivers; the outcome uncertain until


At the water.

Leaving the planet, they took everything — plastics, ceramics, metals, composites. Even stud fastening walls of houses. Removed from orbit satellites. We dug capsule lighthouse that stood for the right of discovery. Parts, accessories, sensible things — every detail was the gold.

In my opinion, they had fuel on a flight at one end. The nearest developed colonies. Most had nowhere to return. Their parent planet in ruins, burned Plasma vihrem.Nasazhdёnny of forest withered. The dam collapsed, the ground water level has gone down. Biotope collapsed without support, and I rushed to save survivors of its crumbs. It seemed as

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