How far will we go as the lords of Asian hoops invade the nation for the prestigious 2013 FIBA Asia Championship this month? We say:

Manila will be the epicenter of Asian basketball as 16 of the best teams in the continent will slug it for the FIBA-Asia Championship, August 1-11. It promises to be charged up spectacle of topnotch hoops, balls-to-the-wall action, and, of course, bushy crops of facial hair. Only the top three teams will get a Golden Ticket to the FIBA World Championship in Spain next year and have the chance to swap sweat with the likes

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KTM 1190 Adventure

KTM offers its all-new 1190 Adventure in two formats, both of which were tested here. The base Adventure (pictured above) is more street-biased, with a 19-inch front wheel and geometry and suspension settings optimized primarily for paved roadways. The of road-intent Adventure R is equipped with a 21-in. front wheel, longer-travel suspension, different steering geometry, and crash bars for improved of-road capability.

An all-new frame contains a revised version of the 75-degree, 1195cc V-twin from the RC8R superbike, retuned for more midrange power efficiency; KTM says fuel economy is improved by 20 percent over the RC8R. Peak output is a

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Trio Dragon

One of the most beautiful, in my opinion, is a trio of groups of galaxies NGC 5981, 5982 and 5985, is located in the constellation Draco. On warm nights in late May, it gets almost to the zenith, providing us with the best opportunity for his observations. The air around the flowering meadows laced with flavors, and nights in the middle band are so short that the time for observation is only one or two hours.

Trio NGC 5981, 5982, 5985 is definitely not gravitationally bound group of galaxies, but the same order of distance, and the close proximity of

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Three steps to the energy-saving elevator system

Certification lifts according to VDI 4707

Energy-efficient elevators are becoming increasingly important. Their development is stimulated mainly by growing competition, high energy prices, limited resources and climate change. Under such conditions, elevators should not use more than the necessary amount of energy. The company TUV SUD Industrie Service defines a class of energy saving and energy-saving elevators certifies in accordance with the directive of the Association of German Engineers VDI Guideline 4707.

The Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations for the first-JzJ reads on legally binding targets and the means to achieve them, to reduce global climate change. Action Plan

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Triathletes, Hedonist

Yuri Belonoschenko — how triathlon expands horizons

In his spare time, the general director of «Management Company URALSIB» Yuri Belonoschenko engaged in triathlons and has already achieved considerable success in this field. He double-crossed half the distance Ironman (113 km) run Berlin Marathon and finished in «Escape from Alcatraz». About his studies under the program «TsiklON» under the leadership of its developer, the head coach of women’s national team of Russia Igor Sysoev, future competition plans, and how classes help in the triathlon, Yuri Belonoschenko tells the magazine «Grand Sport».


I sold the car through Facebook, it was purchased

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Kraftool 06535

Пневматический пистолет для подкачки шин



ВЕС: 0,48 кг

ЦЕНА: 580 руб.

Пистолеты для подкачки шин имеют простую и надёжную в эксплуатации конструкцию. К корпусу присоединяется гибкая резиновая трубка с зажимным наконечником с системой быстрой фиксации к вентилю колеса. Встроенный манометр позволяет контролировать давление в процессе накачки, а избыточное давление при необходимости можно легко стравить через специальный клапан, нажав кнопку на пистолете. Устройство можно использовать и без подключения к источнику сжатого воздуха, для контроля давления в колёсах.

Диапазон измерений манометра в модели Kraftool — до 6 атмосфер, этого достаточно для подкачки

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Kosovo — Airpower wins

AS AIR FORCES Monthly closed for press on June 4 a peace deal for the Kosovo conflict had been agreed to by the Yugoslav Parliament and President Slobodan Milosevic. Talks between the Yugoslav leadership and Russian special envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin and Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, the European Union’s envoy in Belgrade, on June 2/3, finally saw the acceptance of the G8 peace proposals which includes all five NATO demands for ending hostilities.

Scepticism among NATO’s leaders as to the sincerity of the Yugoslavs to carry out their part of the bargain meant that air strikes would be continued until clear

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Max Payne

Everything you wanted to know about Max Payne, but were afraid to ask.

Today the exhibition is especially animated. Happy, but tired, visitors learn almost everything you dreamed of, but the soul still requires, and the legs themselves are in another booth — take a look at the new items and pull the nerves developers. Although some benefits of gab.

One group stands out crowds dancing to something dynamic girls in bright dresses. They advertise prefixed (so — bogomerzky, but somehow this cute heart) Space Channel 5. On the other crowd a mile away bears, sorry, silicone implants


Korek Telecom

An indigenous Kurdish success story

First come, first served. Thirteen years after setting up in Kurdistan, Korek is now the fastest-growing mobile operator in all of Iraq. ‘‘Who dares, wins’’ is another expression that could be applied: When Korek entered the market, the region was still under international embargo and telecommunications conditions were primitive. As company president Mr. Sirwan Mustafa explains, ‘‘We started the company with nothing… these were difficult times.’’ This testing phase has been negotiated and Korek is reaping the rewards of what it sowed: The company is now the fastest-growing mobile operator in Iraq.

Korek owes its

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Three of the Savior of August.

August 14 begins the first of three Christian holidays in August — Honey Spas. It is believed that from this day the bees cease to carry honey from flowers bribes. The cells in the hive at this time is usually filled to capacity, and beekeepers begin to collect. Strict guardians of folk customs with only the first of the Savior began to eat honey, sanctify it previously in the church. Since the beginning of Honey Spas sets strict two-week Assumption fast. Arranged so-called «orphans and widows to help,» when the world helping the poorest and weakest villagers. Also on August

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