Three projects to restore order IN THE KITCHEN

Simplify and facilitate the daily work of the kitchen, you can use three simple projects with which you can do it for a couple of days off.

They allow you to at least partially solve the eternal problem of lack of storage space for dishes and other kitchen utensils. We have developed them in addition to one of our projects for the reconstruction of the kitchen, but you can quickly adjust any of them to your existing cupboards and drawers, following the instructions of the article. To work 1.Konets mess in a drawer for cutlery.

Sometimes kept in a drawer

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Kodak Retina la and lla

Ivor Matanle traces the history of a range of folding 35mm cameras made in Germany

THE KODAK Retina, the world’s first folding 35mm camera, had been an icon of what was then called miniature photography throughout the latter part of the 1930s. The Second World War proved only to be a brief interruption to the supply of these much admired folding precision cameras to most of the world. However, as with all other relatively expensive cameras, UK import controls made new Retinas more or less unavailable in Britain during the late 1940s and early ’50s. This limited the extent to

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Three-dimensional QUALITY

In the last issue of the magazine «Electronics» №3 we started talking about the problems of the quality of electronic products. Then our questions answered, Andrei Nasonov, head of the Department of Electrical Control Group OSTEK. At our conference, «Testing and testing of electronic devices» on 6 June 2013, we continued the conversation and again — with Andrei Nasonov.

This time we publish the interview with Nikita Fyodorov, head of the Civil OSTEK control technologies. During the conversation we had the impression that Nikita Fedorov has a truly encyclopedic knowledge in the field of imaging. In any case, any question

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The three-dimensional configuration thread rolling tool

The threads on the fastener products are manufactured using dies, roller or flat, depending on the design rezbonakatnogo machine.

The thread on the product formed by plastic deformation of the metal. It is important to correctly configure rezbonakatnyi tool that is exactly the position of the one thread rolling tool relative to the other.

There is basically one single position of thread rolling dies in space, which will allow to produce high quality threads.

The task of the three-dimensional interpolation, where the change in the value of a coordinate axis changes the physical position of the threaded grooves on three

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Korean Defence Programmes Moving Ahead

OFFICIALS ANNOUNCED on June 17 that five manufacturers had submitted bids by the June 15 deadline for participation in the S2 billion Korean Multi-role Helicopter (KMH) programme, which will see the Republic of Korea develop and build an eventual total of 500 multi-role helicopters. Proposals came from AgustaWestland (based on the AB139), Bell (UH-1Y/AH-1Z), Boeing (AH-64D), Eurocopter (Tiger) and Sikorsky (UH-60).

Two or three competitors will be shortlisted at the end of July and a winner will be chosen in September to enter a partnership with Korea Aerospace Industries for the six-year development phase. Initially, a military utility variant will

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Third — in order

At the time, RAV4 their appearance in the world opened a new segment, which proved to be extremely popular. Competitors woke up at once, and for a long time, «Toyota» spud bed of compact crossovers in splendid isolation. However, even after the «Rafik» declared rivals, «Japanese» did not give their onslaught, showing consistently high sales due to the carefully balanced set of properties. In particular, the machine of the first two generations differed enviable reliability. Does it in the list of advantages of the third generation machine? It’s time to find out.


For almost twenty years the

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Trent Reznor wants to go back to the top.

We meet with Trent Reznor in a huge warehouse in Los Angeles, where the leader of Nine Inch Nails is preparing for the first show of his new band Legs That Destroy Angels. «Almost all the rock concerts wildly sad — he says. — Are you listening to the song, much better heard in the recording, and before you certainly looms some idiot with a telephone. «

Trent does not want to play by the described scenario. Now he stands on the narrow platform where five musicians fit in the middle of thousands of surgical tubes that make up the

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Know your gouges

What’s the difference between a bowl gouge and a spindle gouge? And can you use a spindle gouge on bowls and vice versa? The short answer is yes but the explanation is longer To define the two could be a little dangerous as there are tools that could be classed as hybrids, but let’s first describe the main differences.

The gouges subdivide into two main categories, that of shallow and deep flutes, the bowl gouge being the deep one and the spindle being the shallow.

The first thing to look at is the sizes available, spindle gouges coming in %in

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Transporter tractor GT-MU-1: FEATURES

Experience in operating the conveyor SG-MU revealed ways of improving its performance, improved reliability and durability of parts, components and assemblies. So, the upgraded conveyor tractor GT-MU-1 is forced on carbureted four-speed V-shaped eight-cylinder engine 3M3-73 power 88 kW (120 hp..). Apply two-chamber carburettor with a falling stream mixture and balance of the float chamber. Its design is such that the free access to all the jets so their washing and flushing is carried out without disassembling the carburetor.

To reduce the complexity of the maintenance system air supply auxiliary air intake is provided, which is mounted on the hatch

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Just because it’s brown doesn’t make it any less techie. How else could a bunch of dried leaves be manipulated into a cleaning implement, if not for applied science?


Most soft brooms sourced and used in countries like the U.S. and Japan are made from dried corn husks. Philippine Tambo, on the other hand, comes from one of two types of reeds: “phragmites,” the English name for tambo, and “tiger grass,” also a phragmite sub species. Reeds are basically talahib that grow beside rivers, and only on damp ground. They sprout up green and are harvested brown between

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