TRADITIONAL tweets from the scene

Someone Gregory sign on the podcast «Radio T», which he is co-author of seven years. To some he is remembered for performances at various tehnotusovkah. Someone saw him GitHub’e projects. But the blitz survey conducted in the edition, showed that no one knows what he does in real life. The closest to the truth version was: «Well, probably something like an evangelist.» In fact, everything is more complicated. It’s Yandex. And it’s Bobuk.

If someone has an English asks me what I do, I have a great phrase: I do my best. I’m doing everything that I can do the

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I met Juan Ramon (see photos at right) riding his front-wheel drive wheelchair in the town of Granada. He went zipping by in traffic. When I waved, he spun it around and zoomed up to talk to me.

It’s a 5-speed, or 15-speed if he shifts the top chain- wheel by hand. The pedals have been replaced by handles. The back part is a regular wheelchair. The front part attaches just the same way the front caster assembly used to. This hand-pedal wheelchair is a great design solution. Not only does it allow him to get around as fast as

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Transceiver Digi-80

For many beginners the way ham radio broadcasts are now not so simple — groups of interest and virtually no radio club. As a result, the rookie «cooked in its own juice», and often starts in the air than on the HF and VHF bands. Fortunately, an inexpensive industrial equipment for VHF now complete (eg, Baofeng, Voxung, Puxing).

For an introduction to the HF bands needed an inexpensive and reliable transceiver. It is unfortunate that there is currently no available cheap beginner serial devices for amateur HF radio.

If you can not buy a HF transceiver, you can try to

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Tragedy on their own …

In recent years, the welfare of servicemen of the Russian army has improved markedly. The problem is, what to feed the family, is over. Now many of the defenders of the Fatherland got private cars. This, of course, well, you can be happy for them. But on the other hand, with the motorization of the armed forces increased the number of road accidents involving drivers under the shoulder straps. Responsible for an accident brought to administrative responsibility, and in severe consequences — criminal …

To illustrate an alarming trend with private transport, we refer to the information from the 11th

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KLu requirements

SEVEN CANADIAN FORCES CH-147 Chinooks, retired in June 1991, have been offered to the Netherlands for $15.75 million in a deal with the Canadian government. Delivered to Canada from 1975, the CH-147s incorporated a number of major changes from the basic CH-47C including an increased gross weight. They will be refurbished by either Boeing Helicopters or Agusto before delivery in late 1994 or early 1995 — the former proposing a standard similar to the CH-47D, while the latter would complete them to an upgraded CH-47C standard as the Italian manufacturer does not hold CH-47D licence rights.

It is thought that

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TRAGEDY gone out to sea

Millions of years ago, they lived on the land. And then went to sea. Nobody knows the reasons which have pushed them on this step, which was only the first link in a chain of mysteries enshrouding the animals. «Wonderful dolphins are no creatures on the Earth, — wrote the ancient Greek poet Oppian — for a truly once they were people, but at the behest of the gods changed the land to the sea and took the form of fish.» So says the ancient manuscripts.

Since time immemorial, people are trying to unravel the mysteries of these mammals of

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Kitchen couture

A bespoke design is the perfect way of creating an ideal kitchen; we look at some of the best models, plus some clever ‘off-the-shelf’ alternatives

I‘m sure we’ve all daydreamed of a bespoke designer creating our ideal kitchen. While this is a very desirable option, it’s important to remember that, with the help of a creative and knowledgeable team, the skills of a top-notch installer, and a good sense of style, it’s possible to get a high-quality look even if you don’t have a top-end budget. There are times when a bespoke maker is highly desirable – for instance if

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Travolators, moving ramp or escalator

The first rail travolators, moving ramp or escalator comprises an endless belt moving first handrail, forming a loop, which provides for the first handhold, for it can take a passenger to maintain equilibrium. At first handhold has a rear end located in the direction of movement. As a support and guide belt handrail provides the first handrail frame, which has a first side. The second rail is located after the first handrail in the direction of movement along a conveyor on the same side as the first rail, and extends in a direction parallel to the first handrail. The second

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Soldier of Fortune: krovischa as it is.

Bonjour, dear, Bon Bon Soir and the chance to you! Let me say that attempts to make me play this game ended in complete failure; two keyboards are not subject to money laundering, one monitor shorted worker quit. Therefore have to write other people’s words and deeds (aircraft armed with box package, I sat still for an hour behind our brave Mr. Koltova and looked like it parses enemies into pieces).

A game in the spirit of our untimely deceased patriarch PeZhe, full krovischi. Rude, naked and triumphant flaunt the fact of its

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£350 ★★★★★

Klipsch is aiming high for it’s first-ever Bluetooth speaker. The KMC 3 has aptX for higher-quality Bluetooth streaming, it’s portable, and with USB charging, a 3.5mm input and a playlist-creating app, delivers all the essentials.

It’s named after the Klipsch Music Center venue in Indiana, and the firm promises this minimalist box will deliver the atmosphere of live music.

Big, but boomy

Switch it on and it’s clear that Klipsch has tuned the speaker to give the vibe of a live concert. The sound is big, loud and easily filled our listening room — and we were barely

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