The same TASTE

Those same tribes

The bottom line: One of the most interesting team multiplayer-games will be continued.

Features: advanced graphics, a new planet, a new tribe, ground vehicles and crazy lightning.

Dreams come true, and the citizens complained about the lack of a fair command of multiplayer games, have all chances to enjoy life to the full. In the autumn of this year will come (to be released!) Tribes 2.

Starsiege Tribes, suddenly appeared on store shelves before the outrageously advertised, but the failed outright StarSiege, surprised many. No one expected the old woman from Sierra, to be exact — from

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Meringue cake with hazelnut

Unusual layered cake of air biscuit, nut meringue with cream and cherry filling. Decorate this beauty maraschino cherry.


Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Whisk the eggs and sugar with a mixer in a large bowl on a hot water bath until thick lush light cream that will stretch from thick thread raised beaters. Sift together the flour and starch, and enter a half into the egg mass. Pour on the edge of the bowl melted butter and very gently slide, stirring from top to bottom, the rest of the flour. Put both forms in the pan and

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Killing Lincoln

On 14 April 1865 at Ford’s Theatre, Washington DC, John Wilkes Booth held a derringer to the back of Lincoln’s head and carried out one of history’s most infamous assassinations

Entering the Presidential Box at Ford’s Theatre, President Abraham Lincoln stood before his chair while Our American Cousin — the play currently showing that he was late for — was halted, the entire audience rose from their seats and the orchestra played Hail To The Chief Thousands of hands rang out in deafening applause, celebrating the now increasingly evident feats of a man who would go down in history as

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Vintage cuisine collectibles are a Maumelle woman’s recipe for happiness

NANCY SILLS IS THE CURATOR of numerous collections, perhaps none more prized or enjoyed than her vintage and antique kitchen wares. From ceramic crocks and traditional wooden bread boards to rolling pins and baking tins, her own kitchen is home to a variety of cooking collectibles. «I keep my collections out on display so we can enjoy them,» says Sills, who resides in Maumelle with her husband Adrian who also likes antiques.

Indeed the displays are enjoyable for all who enter. Sills’ kitchen has all the charm of a 1940s

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Cake with chocolate fudge

Fans of chocolate cakes instantly will make this recipe to your list of favorites. Light chocolate biscuits missed the mark dense chocolate fondant from all sides — the dream of!


Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Sift the flour, cocoa, baking powder and baking soda. Melt the chocolate in a water bath, stirring until smooth. Beat butter and sugar with a mixer in a lush cream. Whisking, enter one egg, adding every 1 tbsp. l. flour. Mixed in the resulting mass of creamy melted chocolate, yogurt and vanilla extract. Pour the remaining flour mixture. Place on baking silicone

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One day, walking up from the Volga Tvertsa, Novgorod merchants caravan made a stop on the right bank. Povecheryali the brook, which called for the healing power of Zdorovets, and spent the night. Place liked the morning and decided to leave part of the goods here: in front of waiting is not easy, though free from extortion Suzdal neighbors «seregersky way.» He passed through the back of the river to the forest lake Seliger, and there is close to the lake Ilmen Novgorod …

Over time, the goods warehouse on the banks of the New Tvertsa became a place of

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Before you spruce up, make sure your plumbing’s running. Here are easy maintenance tips for leaks and drips.


REPAIR YOUR FAUCET. First, make sure that the leak is from the faucet and not from the main plumbing line. New faucets usually come with DIY instructions, but if you’re iffy about your handyman skills, hire a plumber to do the job.


1. Turn off the main valve of your sink. Carefully remove the old faucet. Clean the sink, especially the area around the faucet.

2. Put plumber’s putty on the base of your new faucet, unless

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Tone for the summer

Expert answer

Tone cream can be used in the summer, but is more attentive to his choice. Of course, heavy oily texture tone means winter will clog pores and trigger skin problems. There are creams for different skin types, even for the inflamed — it not only hides the flaws, but also relieves irritation. Cream Summer must have a light texture and BRB (to protect delicate skin from UV rays) also suitable for your skin type and be of good quality. Do not buy creams questionable brands — it is better to give preference to proven producers.

The food at

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kiss, psycho circus: the nightmare child

Да, Shogo мертв. Да, продолже­ния отменены. Но ведь это не повод огорчаться. Уже на подхо­де LithTech2, да и LithTech лицен­зируется, как горячие пирожки. В частности, молодая фирма Third Law Interactive, созданная сбежавшими из ION Storm рабо­тягами, в качестве дебютного проекта взялась делать для Gathering of Developers (кстати, оказавшись первой фирмой «снаружи», работающей на G.O.D.) игру о рок-группе KISS (не путать с программистским принципом из заголовка).

Впрочем, не вполне о KISS. Если быть совсем точными, то основой для сюжета экшен-игры KISS, Psycho Circus: The

Nightmare Child послужил попу­лярный комикс мистера Мак-Фарлейна, каковой, в свою оче­редь, действительно был каким-то боком привязан к

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Tom Keifer

One of the most talented rock bands that emerged in the 80s, was Cinderella. Their music was probably the quintessential hard rock of the era: Haier, trendy clothes, stadium sound, the atmosphere turretless metalhedovskogo fun. This command is quite possible to put on a par with Guns N’Roses, Motley Crue and Skid Row. However, despite this and the fact that the group exists to this day, many forgotten about it. Even offensively — Sebastian Bach now stands at the opening for Cinderella, but the music channels prefer not to turn their old videos, and classical music of Bach. Although perhaps

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