Kingdom Come

Песня остается прежней?

Когда тебя постоянно сравнивают и оговаривают за то, что ты имел опрометчивость звучать не столь отдаленно от одной успешной британской рок-группы, а ты неубедительно заявляешь, что никогда ее не слышал (городская легенда), а затем еще больше усугубляешь свое положение, когда твой дебют становится платиновым, — редко какой команде приходилось начинать с таким тяжелым грузом шумихи на шее.

В начале 90-х гранж уничтожил остатки той репутации, которую команде удалось заработать, но бренд продолжает существовать сквозь многочисленные реинкарнации и смены лейблов. Сейчас это, по сути, шоу Вольфа во всем, кроме названия. Информация с конверта альбома говорит о перфекционизме и

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Canned tomatoes

In №4 I read the letter Tatiana Nadolny «And in a small greenhouse can a great harvest!», In which she talks about the successful cultivation of tomatoes in cans. It is not so simple.

Indeed, this is a very convenient way, I use it for 7-8 years. But …

The author writes that even thicken landing — not terrible. But from my experience — in any case.

Power plants something enough (because of the additional roots in the pot), but light and sun — no, and all will go to the tops. Just missed pasynkovanie — such thickets are formed!

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Only the hard-core.

You have already met with desktop processors

Haswell. To be more precise, you’re met with notebook «stones» that give us for the desktop. I want to recall the relatively close times. Time, when Intel released its desktop solutions in favor of enthusiasts without any restrictions.

The Core 2 Duo E8600.

Rengun architecture processors are the first ICs Intel, made according to the 45-nanometer process technology. Concretely "Penrhyn"That appeared in the third quarter of 2008, we began to tick-processors, which run in with the help of new technologies and perform systematic preparation for the exit architecture Nehalem. However, as time has

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Helping family and friends design their homes is one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences and, when it comes to trying renos, the kitchen takes the cake. Renovating a kitchen is unbelievably stressful for any homeowner (including me!), so my job is to make the whole process as painless as possible. That comes easily when the clients are my friends: Design meetings are held over a glass of wine, and outings to appliance stores become an opportunity to catch up.

This past year, one of my most fabulous friends asked me to redo her kitchen. The project was a

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Togliatti — a city that is open to dialogue

IN THE CITY presented an electronic system that allows citizens and officials to communicate in ON-LINE, bypassing the bureaucratic

Innovative Platform «Open City» was officially launched in Togliatti in March 2013. However, present it formally officials are not in a hurry. The system is actively tested for a few months and then was exhibited at the V All-Russian contest of IT-projects «Electronic municipality».

In mid-July, «Open City» with another project Togliatti administration — «the Unified municipal geographic information system» — was named the winner and recognized at the federal level.

During its existence, the system «Open City» has become almost

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A long day at the office Captain C. E. “Bud» Anderson. USAAC 357th Fighter Group, 363rd Fighter Squadron

During the spring of 1944,1 could see the military buildup in England and figured the invasion would take place soon. I was returning from a mission on June 5, 1944, and as I neared Pas De Calais, I noticed more boats than I had ever seen before. I shouted over the R/T, «Oh, wow!» The group leader ordered radio silence; he didn’t want me tipping off the listening enemy!

Invasion bound!

After we landed, our P-5 IBs were swarmed over by ground

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Shred chloroform full of happiness

Game: Picassio

The game will suck. Pepper will fall and will not rise more than ever. And that’s not cool. A shags-authors will not give any one heifer, even with small boobs. Clearly, Beavis? Heh heh heh …

The plot as a sign of slop

How life has changed. Not so long ago we heroically save the planet from the evil reptiles, the incident is from hell, from the Space … Gradually enemies shallow, as, indeed, and heroes. Apparently, the dark dungeons, where the oligarchs are building the dark underworld plans to enslave the whole world, was nevertheless adopted a

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Then it strogacha

Live, I wrote to you last week, but now I will write about the work. With the work I’m fine, award given. Or rather, everything is bad, and did not know how to be more, although the award was indeed given. Can you advise that.

I’ll tell you from the beginning.

All our VNIPIASUdver I have not yet learned, but we in the Department of promising a busy rhythm loops. At exactly half past eight in all workplaces, before half past five nobody leaves. However, here we would like the neighboring department without winning place to leave, they said, if

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It’s only the beginning..

Future explain forecasters. It concerns us all, because we want to spend it part of their lives.

The book covers a wide range of issues — from demography to space. One of the demands of the future — to design a city of the sea. The problem is acute for Japan now; 20 25 acutely she will face Great Britain; interested in this issue and the United States. The first city built by the sea, becomes obviously, a city in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii Construction: Concrete «floats» in height of 70 m and a diameter of 27 m, within

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Kid-sized Floor safe.

Turn little shavers into little savers with this novel bank project, which we modeled after an old-fashioned floor safe. Note the clever use of a surplus post-office box door, which features both a captivating combination lock and a window that lets kids watch their investment grow.

Let’s Begin with the Carcass.

1. From 1/2″-thick stock, rip and crosscut a piece to 4×15″. (We selected birch for its portability,) Then, crosscut the two sides and the bottom to the lengths listed in the Bill of Materials.

2. To make the top panel, first cut a 2 3/16 x 12″ piece of

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