Manufacturing technology polupustotelyh rivets on the two-shock presses «Carlo Salvi»

«Carlo Salvi»

Firstly, I would like to emphasize that the ideal cross-section of the holes on the polupustotelyh rivets must be half the diameter of cross section of the workpiece.

This ratio allows optimum punching a uniform distribution of the load on the wall studs. To obtain the correct process parameters landing diameter ratio of the product and the hole diameter should be in the range from 45% to 55%. If this ratio exceeds this value, there are difficulties in punching, the material accumulates in the head, leading to a «step» on the headrest. Low ratio reduces the depth of

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Favourite colours and styles change often as our kids grow from toddlers to teens. Children want to infuse their own personalities into their bedrooms. And they should; after all, it is their space. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this harmoniously with the rest of a home without succumbing to Elmo overload.

Giving kids room to grow in their bedrooms begins with choosing the right furniture when they are newborns. Jordana Jacobson, Owner of Cravings Maternity & Baby Boutique and Cravings KIDS Lifestyle Boutique, recommends choosing convertible furniture that can be adaptable as

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Tladianta: vegetable was, became decorative

20 years ago I bought some seeds and tubers tladianta, which in our country is found in nature as in the Far East. I received a package in October, so we had to land the plant before winter. In mid-May, I noticed shoots, similar to the potato sprouts. I’m fed by a weak solution of chicken manure, and a week later markedly podtyanuvshiesya shoots tied up to the anvil. Overseas turned out of the sand vine: clinging multiple antennae for the slightest ledge, she quickly braided two-meter support. In late June, vine bloomed bright yellow «lights» bell-shaped flowers with delicate

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In move

«This song — the grotesque I have never been spoiled majeure.

achnu with the main thing: I do not consider myself to be Russian show business. Therefore, I do not aspire to television. I do not want to entertain the people in the «New Year’s flames.» Although we called back repeatedly. Not my thing.

I regularly intersect with the domestic pop in Jurmala, Song of the Year, on the set. They have nothing to reproach me, they know I’m a workaholic and do a quality product world-class. The reasons for disliking not. With all hello politely asking how

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Vice Chancellor of the University of Kurdistan

From a region that was closed off from the West pre-2002, Kurdistan is gradually moving toward an English bilingual society. This linguistic shift owes much to the vision of Prime Minister Barzani, who took the decision for the institution to provide education through English as of 2006.

This shrewd move has in turn allowed education to emulate the business sector, with international education partners now being enticed to Kurdistan, interested in exchanging with the increasingly intriguing region. A collaboration with Paris’s Sciences Po shows how much has been achieved in stripping away past

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Technologies for Subwoofer without traditional coil and cone

Powersoft will demonstrate its new product line converter M-Force, at an exhibition in 2013 in Orlando, Florida, in June. M-Force is designed specifically for manufacturers of speakers and is designed to work with their own systems Powersoft amplification switching modes. It integrates with other technologies Powersoft, such as Differential Pressure Control (differential pressure control) and subwoofers, uses technology IPAL. «Since the inception of acoustic approach to the transformation of the electrical signal in the form of sound fundamentally has not changed,» — says the director of development and design of Powersoft Claudio Lastruchchi. The M-Force, we have created an alternative

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Exhibited for the first time in the UK, Gunnar Smoliansky’s exquisitely unusual images are given the international recognition they deserve at the Michael Hoppen Gallery, London. Anna Bonita Evans reports.

The best milieu for me is one where it is almost entirely impossible to photograph, states Gunnar Smoliansky. This unusual modus operandi resonates through the Swedish-born photographer’s work: surreptitious subjects that commonly go unnoticed, for instance a pair of gloves hanging from a window or a broken comb lying in the grass, cannot escape Smoliansky’s astute eye.

Born in 1933, Smoliansky devoted himself to photography in his early twenties when


Technology XX! Ages: from the test cable to the non-destructive diagnosis

Types of equipment for Mr Cable Diagnostics by partial discharge measurement

We continue to publish articles prepared by the head of the marketing department of «ELEKTRONPRIBOR» Irina Kuzmenko. The company «ELEKTRONPRIBOR» is an expert in complex deliveries of equipment for power generation, and is ready to share with you the knowledge of the market of modern equipment. Today we will focus on new technologies of diagnostics of cable lines.

Currently, the most common method of assessing the state of cable lines is a test of high voltage. On the one hand, a simple and reliable way to get the output

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Tremolo parts

Strat springs, block and claw

PRICE:$21.95 (springs), $79.95 (block),

$44.95 (claw & screws)

CONTACT: 001 978 473 1323 (USA) or 01206 382224

Killer Guitar Components is a family-run company providing hand-made kit designed for upgrading stock factory parts. The company specialises in trem bridge parts and we’re checking out a milled bridge block and spring claw along with some Raw Vintage springs that are designed to replicate the tension, tone and feel of vintage Fender springs.

Opting to try the springs first, we simply swapped them with the modern repros on one of our Strats. The Killer

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Technical advice.

What principles should be the basis for designing screens and radio frequency voltage amplifiers interchanges?

Answer. An essential part of the design of any wireless device is the screen. He must protect the individual components within the device from the mutual influences, as well as from external influences. Failure of the screening may result in nonconformance with the characteristics of the device to the calculated data, the deterioration of his work, complex and costly device. Determine if you need varying degrees of shielding a circuit, as well as determination of the sufficiency of either screen, unfortunately, does not give technical

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