The terrorist №1

Two liner were sent to the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York. World Trade Center is a complex of seven high-rise buildings, opened in 1973. Its dominant were the two 110-story towers — North, height 417 meters, and South — 415 meters. The first «Boeing» rammed the North Tower at 8:46 am between the 94th and 98th floors. It collapsed after a fire that lasted 102 minutes. Second liner hit the South Tower at 9:02, and 56 minutes it too collapsed. In the evening it collapsed another building complex. A third plane crashed into the

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Kevin McCloud

Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud believes he’s the world’s worst property expert and that he wouldn’t recognise a trend if it hit him in the face!

So, how did you get in to property?

KM: Well I don’t think I am in to property. I have never made money out of property. So I think I am the world’s worst property expert. What I love about my job is that it has nothing to do with property, it is all about passion – the journey, the adventure, the design process and the way in which self-build is a form of

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The processing in which the result object becomes free from any living organisms called sterilization. Sterilization can be carried out using the detrimental effect (fatal) physical or chemical agents, and the solutions may be sterilized by filtration.

To have understood the principles of sterilization using lethal effects, you should briefly describe the kinetics of the death of the microbial population. In the case of a microorganism only valid criterion of his death is the irreversible loss of the ability to reproduce. Usually it is quantified by plating on plates followed by counting surviving organisms (they form colonies). If the action



Наконец-то! Вслед за Bowers & Wilkins, Martin Logan, PSB и другими акустическими брендами KEF выходит на рынок персонального аудио, представив свой взгляд на то, как должны выглядеть и звучать высококачественные наушники.

ТЕКСТ Максим Наумов

Нельзя сказать, что дебют компании KEF был неожиданным. Наушники KEF были просто обязаны рано или поздно появиться на рынке. Надо признать: появились они скорее поздно, чем рано, но появились эффектно, сразу же получив престижную награду Red Dot за дизайн. Внешность и правда необычная, впечатляющая. При ближайшем рассмотрении к качеству изготовления не придраться — алюминий корпуса самый настоящий, никакого стилизованного пластика нет и в помине, кожа амбушюров

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Now let’s talk about the general principles of the content of catfish. For them suitable for aquariums up from 20 to 200 liters: it all depends on the number of fish, their size, activity, fearfulness.

The optimal water temperature — 22-26 ° C, and the period of spawning catfish of many species it briefly dipped even lower. The average Moscow water with a pH of 6.8-7.5 and dGH 10-15 ° quite happy with the majority of Corydoras. That’s only for spawning and successful development of fish eggs of some species require reduction of hardness up to 5-6 °, and sometimes even lower.

Some catfish, for example C.narcissus, have hypersensitivity to clean water — I mean not a perfect transparency and timely substitution for fresh and quality service filters.

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The Rose Gold finish of the Uni-Q driver, along with the curved front panel, gives the LS50s an unmistakable look.

We don’t generally get excited about anniversary products. Often more marketing driven than worthwhile product, they tend to be either overly retro to hark back to when the company started, or a technological exercise so advanced that no-one can actually afford them. Not so the KEF LS50s.

The classic Uni-Q driver array

The LS50s, naturally, feature a version KEF’s Uni-Q driver array. Here it consists of a 25mm dome tweeter sitting inside a 13cm magnesium/ aluminium-coned mid/bass unit. The

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Brown Rayner against the total Annigilyantov we’ll think of something!

Authors Dank Reign and Total Annihilation about their games, about each other, about the future of RTS-genre …

From the Dark Reign, that is, Activision and Auran answers to our questions REZNIK Josh (Josh Resnick), a direct participant of the Dark Reign, a leading designer Actitvision. With Josh our girls met in London at ESTC. He was very glad to get acquainted with the Russian journalist and strongly touts them to visit our booth and tell us about the game. However, due to the absolute indifference favorite kvestomanok to strategic games in general and in particular RTS, the invitation was

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The Big Bang Theory

Stephen Hawking once compared humanity with a small fish who has to learn a great and terrible reality of the world through the distorting convex wall of the aquarium. Please find in what some very unusual enlightened minds were able to see behind this glass. Only carefully. Theoretical science is very explosive — changing consciousness. And do not say we did not warn you.


Here you sit, not bothering anyone, reading magazine. The eye distinguishes bukovki black on a white background. And how does he do it? Where does this bizarre vision of the game of contrasts? You say

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Keeping trim

Way back when, when I tested the Makita 3601B, I described it as a stopgap, suggesting that an old, very basic USA router had been launched in the UK as a knee-jerk reaction to the likes of Bosch. That model appears no longer to be available on Makita’s website.

This time round Makita has bided its time to come up with a small combination router that rivals the DeWalt D26204 and the Bosch GFK 600. Makita has certainly assessed the market well this time, and covered all the bases, choosing to offer this mode! as a basic trimmer with an

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The Zero Theorem.

"This is a mess!" Terry Gilliam so hello. Last EMPIRE met him 15 months ago. Then the director was sitting in London, he directed his still abundant energy to create short films and hoping to revive the body trembling, «Don Quixote.» Now, on a cold morning in November 2012, we found a 72-year-old director in a large Baroque house in the center of Bucharest (the building sold for $ 4 million, although obviously in need of repair). Gilliam is the monitor, which is raised on an old ceramic oven in a small office. Behind his back, staring at us from

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