• Лицевая панель имеет новаторский дизайн. Нравится или нет — вопрос вкуса

• Кнопки под плоскими пластиковыми накладками <слева вверху и внизу> вызывают лишь положительные ощущения

• Клавиша между накладками нажимается с усилием, но сделана удобно

• Клавиши по бокам от энкодера необычны, и в этом их главное достоинство

• Энкодер крупный и «цепкий», сейчас такие — редкость

• Пульт-брелок лучше сочетается с более простыми аппаратами

• Диммер автоматический или ручной, или по времени суток

• Цвет кнопок и дисплея выбирается независимо; 32768 пользовательских цветов

Оба гнезда USB (как и вход Aux) находятся на задней панели, но одно из них

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Like Thai

Law enforcement agencies in Thailand have threatened to Internet users for criminal responsibility under the huskies posts of political upheaval in the country.

Thailand living tourists. Tourists, in turn, greatly concerned about the safety of their long-awaited vacation. Any, even the most absurd rumors about a possible political upheaval may prompt them to abandon their vacation in Thailand. For the country is losing money, stability and prosperity

Political rumors in Thailand excite the masses with unprecedented force. This country can not be called very much relaxed. Some seven years ago, Thailand suffered a large-scale military coup in which former prime

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This should be everyone!

In short, not a game, and candy. Game — inside and out. Not a shadow of doubt. Not a syllable of claims. Although, perhaps, in the form, where no shadows and no syllable, many machines will slow down. But, really, it should and must be forgiven …

It hangs over the fresh arable land

Of course, unidentified flying. And taldychat: aliens, aliens, they say, should be to liberate the home planet. It would be necessary. But judging by the play of others accustomed worse than natives. A typical mission: to rescue three hostages, beating a couple of dozen transports protected

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Just ask JJ

Horticulturist JJ van Rensburg of Garden World answers your gardening questions.

A time and place

Penny Schneigansz writes: When I recently relocated from KZN to the Free State, I brought with me some of my Amaryllis and arum lilies (white and coloured); where and when must they be planted? JJ replies: The best lime to plant Amaryllis and white arums is the middle of July, white the middle of August is ideal for coloured arums. Amaryllis likes shade, with a bit of morning sun, while arums like full sun.

Turning a new leaf

Gert van Wyk of Groenkloofin Pretoria writes:

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Just like old times.

Who was Ernie Els talking to on his cell phone on the practice green at Royal Lytham late on Sunday afternoon at the Open? Business icon and friend of 23 years, Johann Rupert. And what were they talking about? How Adam Scott was playing the 72nd hole, «I said, ‘Listen you idiot, stop messing around on the phone. Go hit some practice putts/» Rupert said from his home near London later that night.

In January Rupert introduced Els to Dr Sherylle Calder, the sports vision specialist who works with the Springbok rugby team. They were playing at Fancourt in the

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Secret meaning of your trophies.

Decorative plates.

Plate — a symbol of the female hostess, hospitable and sweet: «I am at your service! And I will treat you, offering you a lot of good! «Souvenir plates, as well as any object with the emblems of cities and countries, gives the desire to improve their self-esteem:» I was here and there was a lot of me, I’m important! «

WHAT DOES IT MEAN. A woman who feels bad taking care of households, little heat gives her husband and children, unknowingly multiplies its power of wife and mother through a collection of cymbals from different countries.


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So be it


One of the speakers at this interesting meeting — writer Julian Semenov — identified himself and his colleagues, working in the genre of adventure film "underground workers finally came out of illegality". The audience greeted these words with laughter joke was not so much fun as paradoxical because creative people are gathered here whose work has a huge audience success, received wide public recognition, medals received numerous diplomas and certificates

But the paradox of this is contained and some truth And is not that small fact what some fifteen years — twenty years ago prejudice was still strong

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Thai curry shrimp

You will burn more fat during training, if you will prepare the food on coconut oil (not to be confused with cosmetic) — his health component disperse metabolism. A shrimp — a source of selenium and zinc, which are important for the metabolism and for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Coconut oil (well, and the green curry paste, too exotic product) look in large supermarkets, shops or Asian products on the Internet.

I yam tubers (sweet potatoes

1 red bell pepper

1 red onion

2 h. L. coconut oil

1 tbsp. l. Thai green curry paste

2 h.

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JUMBO CHECK OUT! Flying the Boeing 747-400

With my left hand I advance four stubby thrust levers, while my right holds the control column forward to give good traction to the nose-wheel I am steering with my feet. Quietly, thirty yards behind, the low background whistle rises as our big fans spool up.

«Engines stable» calls the Captain, so my middle finger squeezes the TOGA [Take Off / Go Around] button. The autothrottle engages, there is the briefest of pauses, and the thrust levers sweep smartly forward, quickly increasing the whine to a scream, itself immediately engulfed in a soft, strong roar of wind as the great

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Secrets of the Uzbek pilaf.

The taste of this Uzbek pilaf is impossible to forget, and the process of its preparation is more like magic than cooking. Each region has its own version of the food, and their own tricks and secrets are in almost every family. Yes, that really there!

The Uzbek chef — «Oshpaz» literally translates as «a specialist in cooking pilaf.»

] Ancient cities of Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara, May Kyzylkum desert with huge fields of flowering scarlet poppies, the legend of Tamerlane charming aromas of spicy Asian Spice Bazaar — all of Uzbekistan.

For centuries, the country passed through the Silk

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