Zoe and Ben Murphy felt like they had travelled back in time when they first went to view their 19th-century house in Melbourne, Australia.

The owner of the property had lived there for the last 70 years, ‘and it looked as though he hadn’t made any improvements since moving in,’ says Zoe. ‘There was one bathroom and an outside loo,’ she adds. ‘All of which meant a massive amount of work was required to turn it back into a single home.’

Luckily, the couple had family they could call on for help. ‘My brother’s an architect and he guided us

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USA: Requirements for the elevators on the stretcher, «ambulance»

Company The National Elevator Industry Inc. (NEII) sent a letter of recommendation, drawn up by the International Council for Standardization on recent developments in the international construction standard (IBC). Full text of the letter can be found on the company’s website NEII (, in the pop-up menu Section Codes Codes & Standards.

3002.4 (Optional.) A cage should contain a stretcher ambulance. When the elevators installed in buildings with more than three floors above ground level shall be provided for at least one elevator that provides access to all floors of the fire. The cabin of this elevator should be of

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JOBS too soon?

«The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.»

The long-awaited biopic JOBS has finally hit theaters. There have been plenty of reviews of the film with some saying the film is more like a timeline of Apple Computer than a movie about Steve Jobs, and with others saying it’s just poorly written. Nearly all are praising the performance of Ashton Kutcher in the title character.

Having used only Apple computers and devices since 1989, and following Jobs’ career since the start of my tech-writing career, this film is of extreme

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The plot for Kinopanorama

It so happened that flew to Mexico in the past decade is the third time Accumulated experience, appeared dating, and, of course, first of all, I saw the new Mexican movies. They are in the country, if we consider only the artistic, out now about thirty years. Every visit to the ocean was not like the previous one. And now he had his own feature: find time to prepare the plot for «Kinopanorama.» About what? In Moscow, the director Xenia Marinina we decided, it will be necessary to deal in place …

Immediately after touchdown (the trip takes more than

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Age: 22 / Occupation: Air force

Bang: «I took this image during an air display at Sacheon Airport, South Korea — the airplanes shown are Korean T/A-50 Golden Eagles. I was up on a viewing platform and chose to shoot handheld for mobility. I set my camera to shutter-priority mode and selected a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. I used continuous autofocus and shot in burst mode, anticipating when the pilots would manoeuvre. Because the scene was backlit, I used spot-metering to take a reading from the white smoke and used AE-L before firing the shutter. This resulted

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Suzi Quatro

CALL heart or just business?

Cheerless thoughts visited me during the writing of this material … The fact is that every new read in the process of gathering information biography or a retrospective article made sure again for a long time in the well-known, it would seem, thought: Where the rights of the business, still too little space for this sincerity and creativity. If in the previous review still featured musicians in whose formation directly influenced by the cultural revolution of the 60’s — as I said in the introduction to the article, the creativity of its heroines still rooted

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Prescription for Happiness

Red hair, sparkles in her eyes and, of course, branded radiant smile — for more than 20 years of career, Julia Roberts is not changed. On the secrets of youth, vitality and creative plans actress and beauty LANCOME messenger told ELLE

ELLE you represent the fragrance La Vie Est Belle, Lancome, whose name translates as «life is beautiful». How often do you yourself utter this phrase?

Julia Roberts almost each morning. I wake up first, prepare breakfast for the whole family and waiting for the kids come running to the kitchen. I love the pre-dawn gloom — at this particular

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Happy days Moomin

In fairy tales Tove Jansson script authors — MARY Kossovskii, Dembinski director Lucian — Lucian Dembinski artist — BOGDAN HUDZYNSKY animator — the OVA Bankovskaya, Wieslaw bachek Barbara DYHDALEVICH, EVA PSHIEMSKA operator — VACLAV Fedak Composer — ANDRZEJ Rokitsky


The film is dubbed in the Gorky Film Studio

Dubbing director — G. ZARGARYAN

Color. 6 units, 1719 m. R /

Number 1802186


This feature-length puppet film will no doubt please our young moviegoers. It is made for fun and amusing tales Swedish writer Tove Jansson about the adventures of fabulous creatures — Moomin. These books were published

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Guitar & Bass went along to the John Hornby Skewes trade show to bring you first-hand information on the treats soon to appear in a music shop near you.

We’re always happy to hear about the latest Danelectros, and new guitars for 2013 include the ’67 Heaven and the double-cutaway ’59, both with alligator finishes, and a relaunched ’56 Baritone with beefed-up lipstick pickups. Italia is toasting its 15th birthday with slick make-overs on the Maranello, now with gold plexiglass fingerboard, and the metallic purple Mondial Classic. From the same stable, the Modena Semitone and Sonoro offer a twist on

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Jet Provost retirement

ON JUNE 7, the last Jet Provost pilots with 1 FS at RAF Linton-on-Ouse performed their final flights and the type was officially withdrawn from service with the unit. With its role now largely taken over by the Shorts Tucano T. 1, only a handful of JP T.5s remain in service, all with 6 FTS at Finningley, and these too will have retired by September.

To mark the imminent retirement of the type at Linton, 34 years after the first T.3s arrived at the base, a formation of 14 JP T.5As were put up on May 20 and during the

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