Scenarios on the Day March 8

Visiting Spring Red

Festival for children of preschool age

The music in the room includes children and freely positioned to face the audience.

Moderator: Hello, children! Hello, dear guests! Congratulations on the spring holiday is remarkable for 8 March.

Dear mothers and grandmothers, be healthy, happy and loved! Today is a holiday not only mothers and grandmothers, but also girls. The girls wore beautiful dresses on their heads beautiful bows; Eyes shining, smiles on their faces. Let’s congratulate our dear women poetry.

Children read poems. Then the marks «a song for my mother» at the option of the teacher, for

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Signaling and communication at the German high-speed lines

A. Yu Efremov

Currently, Germany is building two high-speed lines (HSL): Hannover — 330 km Würzburg and Mannheim — Stuttgart 100 km. Start of operation of these lines is planned for 1991. AFL planned mixed traffic of high-speed and conventional, including freight trains.

Due to the rapid development in recent years of railway automation devices, are widely used in microprocessors and fiber optics project of equipping high-speed lines by means of signaling and communication repeatedly revised. In particular, it was decided to turn the automatic locomotive signaling of continuous type (ALSN) as the main means of signaling and communication systems,

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JDAM — The future of bombing

Lon Nordeen examines the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), one of the most significant new weapons to enter the US military arsenal in recent years.

EFFECTIVE ATTACK missions against targets in Kosovo, which NATO pilots have been flying since March 24, 1999, have been a challenge due to the rules of engagement pilots and commander have had to follow. They have also been complicated because of poor weather. The newly-fielded Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) dropped from the B-2A Spirit stealth bomber has allowed NATO forces to hit targets when poor weather hampered the effective employment of laser-designated or TV/Imaging

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Significant inaccuracies

Survey monograph on the Law of Patents rarely Previous published such a book was published in 1967. The past 10 years have been a period of intense renovation of patent laws, but information about it scattered on journal articles. And the long-awaited monograph. Unfortunately, it contains a lot of false and contradictory statements. Contradictions notice is relatively simple. For example, on p. 9 reported that the new patent law has been adopted in England, and in the near future will probably be adopted in the UK. Or with. 161 read that in Argentina and Colombia, the patentee is not obliged

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JBL OnBeat Rumble

£260 ★★★★★

The OnBeat Rumble isn’t short on features. It accepts Bluetooth streams, can dock a recent Apple portable on its Lightning connector, charges via USB and has a 3.5mm wired connection so you can play music from anything on the other end of an appropriate cable.

But the main focus of this JBL speaker is its fantastic sound quality. It’s just a big ball of energy that delivers any song you throw at it with pure enthusiasm.

We can’t remember the last time we had so much fun listening to a wireless dock.

Thunderous bass

Press the top panel

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Dry your health!

Here are collected the experience of using dryers brands Izidri (Ezidri) production Hydraflow Industries Ltd., interesting stories, as well as valuable information for the benefit of yourself and your family — every day.

We all know the impact on health and good humor are the foods we eat. That is why it is very important to know what these products which treatment they were subjected to, and if you plan a long storage, then how to do that was eventually benefit you, your children and grandchildren.

Now you get to know people who have figured in the conservation of vegetables,

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Marmot «A la tournament»

Perhaps because of such «specificity» not all of the tournament participants decided to try their prey. As one member of the editorial board of the magazine: «Marmot — it’s just a big mouse. If ineptly prepared, it retains the natural taste. » But how to cook Groundhog «skillfully»?

First came face to face with «marmot mortal body,» I have not even had time to think about how to cook it — the time it was not, because there was a problem as soon as possible to remove the skin to manufacture stuffed. After the skin has been removed, prosolena and

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Jay Marmont


The 2012 Australian Supercross Championship was the highlight of a tough year for Jay Marmon. We sat down with Jay to get an insight into his difficult season as he prepares for 2013

Jay Marmont was the most publicised rider starting the 2012 season. He left the powerhouse CDR Yamaha team where he’d achieved so much to step to the Monster Energy Kawasaki team. All the stars were aligned for Jay to achieve championship number six — and his first for Kawasaki — until he injured his knee during the pre-season.

His motocross season was full

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Jazz patterns

Modern impressions of the 1920s energize a classic hotel

The 1920s: From Fitzgerald and Picasso to Stravinsky and Cole Porter, the world was bursting with artistic vitality, as youthful geniuses set about to change the world. It came to be known as the Jazz Age, for the music that offered eager listeners vibrancy, improvisation, surprise, and sensuality.

In design, Art Deco was taking flower in France, soon to bloom around the world. One of its earliest temples in New York was the Lexington hotel in Midtown Manhattan, created by iconic architects Schutze and Weaver, who soon after fashioned the Waldorf

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Reckless person who will travel from New Crobuzon to the north and overcome the mountain is on the shore of a freshwater sea in the Cold Claw lands grindylow — Dzhengrise. There’s almost no outsiders, except that a few visiting traders — people and water. Nobody wants to settle in Dzhengrise and the surrounding area because of the terrible rumors. Allegedly, the fate of those. kosh grindylow seized more than unenviable, and slavery -eschё favorable outcome. Outsiders strictly limited access to settlements; for they are the harsh rules that are better not to disturb. Grindylow this situation is more than

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