Like a corkscrew

USING propeller CAN PILE screwed into the seabed virtually any depth

In the article «All further out to sea,» we talked about the car, clogging the piles into the seabed. But the pile of large diameter, it is necessary to secure to the seabed oil platforms, pipelines, drilling rigs and other heavy equipment without zabesh. The inventors of Doctor of Technical Sciences IP Kuliev, SR Leibenzon engineers and DA Babaev of the Scientific Research and Design Institute «Gipromorneftegaz», candidate of technical sciences VA Iskander-Zade and engineer FI Efendiyev from the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Academy

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Jaguar F-type


Говорят, мужчины любят глазами, а женщины — ушами. По такой логике F-type очень женский автомобиль, но на этот раз женская психология явно работает и во мне. Я специально прокладываю маршрут по Киеву так, чтобы захватить побольше мостов и тоннелей. Хотя бы потому, что пугать пуганых байкеров неистовым ревом «Ягуара» — забава на все сто тысяч евро. F-type — один из самых громких дорожных автомобилей, на каких приходилось ездить. Это не рык, не урчание, не бормотание, не

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Stroganov icon.

For a contemporary artist or art lovers surname Stroganoff is best known for the title of the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art, colloquially referred to as the Art Institute, as well as the stories of the Securities icons «Stroganov school». These phenomena have arisen at different times, it is really connected to the history of Russian culture. The founder of the open in 1825, the «School of drawing in relation to the arts and crafts» (since 1868 — School of Technical Drawing), famous statesman Count Sergei G. Stroganov, collecting the best examples of painting, he paid special attention to

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Switchman and victors.

It seems that everything is simple: the two stations, the path between the train — everything. Sidi, raking in money hand over fist. But no!

Everything is so simple and at the same time so … difficult. And railroad magnate will be the only one who will open the secret Railroad Tycoon 2.

Case Wizard afraid.

Hundreds of kilometers of desert land of wild America. Some towns are living separate lives, the economy as such is not, in general, the collapse and neglect. And then there "we «- the owner of a small, obscure railway company. So far it is

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JACK CONES The Flying constable of the twentynine palms


Mention the name Sky King to just about all pilots over 50 and chances are a smile will come to their faces as they begin to tell you about how, as a child, they watched the show on weekend television and dreamed of flying someday.

September of 2011 marked the 60th anniversary of the television series first airing. Many a pilot was inspired to fly by the radio and television adventure series Sky King. The story featured Arizona rancher and pilot Schuyler “Sky” King who, on the weekly show, chased

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Jacques Tatis legendary 1967 film is a masterpiece of physical comedy and a send-up of modern living. Visually generous and shot in 70mm, the film continues to resonate with still photographers.

Playtime (1967) is the great labor of love crafted over three years by the maverick French filmmaker Jacques. It was shot in 70mm on a set purpose-built at the edge of Paris, and its genesis is the stuff of legend.

Tati was a slow-moving perfectionist who had made the international hits Les Vacancies de Monsieur Mr. Hulot’s Holiday in 1953 and Mori Oncle {My Uncle), an Academy Award winner, in 1958. In each film Tati plays Hulot, an affable middle-aged bungler at odds with the rhythms and values of contemporary society. Playtime was intended as his magnum opus, an enormous

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Mowing ovets- occupation for professionals. Sometimes it is full of elements of gambling sports. Originated in faraway Australia DIY shearers competitions always attract crowds of passionate fans.

But in a large farm where livestock herds tens of thousands, not to sports passions. It should be cut as soon as possible, and for the work taken, not only professionals, but also clumsy. In the midst of farm work for a haircut distracted a lot of people.

The staff of the Kalmyk Research Institute of beef cattle (KNIIMS) headed by Doctor of Biology AG Kharaeva saw a solution to all problems is

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Strategy for success

About 300 liftovikov arrived from 80 cities of Russia, came together to discuss the most pressing problems of the industry, to share experiences, exchange ideas, participate in discussions and develop the future strategy of working together. For a discussion of the conference organizers suggested to colleagues the most current, burning topics: the economic crisis; the need to develop self-regulation institute in the elevator industry as the sole mechanism for protecting small and medium businesses from unfair competition; New pricing; Managed organizations in modern conditions as — pects of judicial practice; development of technical regulations «On the safety of lifts»; the

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iWork for everyone

Apple’s productivity suite is coming to the web with iWork for iCloud

Apple’s forays into cloud-based software have traditionally been limited to its own ecosystem, but the upcoming iWork for iCIoud marks one of Cupertino’s most direct attempts to compete with Microsoft and Google head-on. iWork’s transition to the cloud means that — much like Google Drive and Office 365 — the popular productivity suite will soon be available not only on Apple’s own computers, but also on Windows machines. That’s a significant shift for Apple — which has traditionally limited its cross-platform options to iTunes and the Safari browser

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PERSONAL Oleg Charzyński


The Sandpit Generals go to the Internet

"More gentle with her mother"- Advised BB adopted the theme brand new-column under the code name "The phenomenon of StarCraft, his mother". How can you … The complex of guilt haunted me for a year. Games were born, schurili matted eyes towards summer sun and died one after another, and StarCraft continued to occupy the top positions of the charts. During the reporting period, I lost three ideals, lost two illusions and still found the game of your dreams, and StarCraft recruited an army of almost half

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