Is it worth it to marry her

EXPERTS MH told how to test the feelings of the algebra and make sure

Here’s this girl in front of you — it is the one with which worth living for life.

Ignores the first five or six …

…He advises Professor of Mathematics of the University of New South Wales (Australia) Bruce Brown.

It does not sound romantic, but your friend — a random variable in the equation of happiness in your life. Professor Brown proposes to put into practice mathematical theory of optimal stopping of random processes". A study by Durex shows that the average man in life

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Italys Protezione Civile Leases Be-200

IRKUT CORTORATION announced on July 5 that one of the Beriev Be-200 amphibian prototypes had left Russia that day for Italy, where it will be used to fight forest fires. The aircraft will be flown on behalf of Italy’s Protezione Civile (Civil Protection Department) by SOREM Sri, which already operates the Protezione Civile’s Bombardier 415 amphibians. It is initially being flown under a leasing arrangement to enable test operations before any decision to buy is taken.

A Be-200 had been demonstrated fighting forest fires in Italy last autumn, completing 46 sorties totalling 90 hours, including the extinguishing of three fires

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Table of bed …

So was the bed at the right time in the right place! This was the frame of the sewing machine Minerva. These are sold and the Internet, and at flea markets. Immediately I must say that the process of transforming the old things in a new — creative, not a quick and requires patience, perseverance and certain skills.

Purifying the base frame from dirt and dust, I clean off the rust iron brush. Then began the search for a desired color. And she found — a two-component, high quality and color! Conventional brushes (not roll) must be applied so the

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Italian Tornado deliveries restart

ON FEBRUARY 13, the first Tornado F.3 for the Italian Air Force’s 21° Gruppo was handed over at RAF Coningsby. Appropriately, the aircraft involved, MM7226 (ex ZE911/’GA’ 43 Sqn), wore the code ’53-21′ since 21° Gruppo is part of 53° Stormo. It departed the following morning for its new home at Cameri to join four 11 Sqn examples detached there for a few days to train ground technicians.

The Italian Air Force is in the process of receiving 24 Tornado F.3s all to the Stage 1 + standard — which includes four dual-stick aircraft — on a ten-year lease in

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WORTH the Volga BOR

My acquaintance with boron started away from him — to … Buzuluk city market. On the shelves long-burly chest mushrooms, thickly glistening brown cap oil, exuded the aroma of forest mushrooms, mushrooms, aspen. Where are they here in the Trans-Volga steppe?

— Yes, of boron, — answered prodavtsy.- This summer is thick mushroom, not only going to be lazy.

Buzuluk forest, located at the junction of Orenburg and Kuibyshev region — the only large array of tall forests on the vast steppes between the Volga and the Tien Shan. Six thousand years is it green bastion of the steppes, bonding

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Italian Flair

Dr Riccardo Niccoli reviews the structure, aircraft and helicopter types of the Italian Navy Air Force — an increasingly hi-tech amphibious force.

IN THE aftermath of World War Two, and during the years of the Cold War, the Marina Militare Italiana (MMI — Italian Navy) was structured and organised to operate in the Mediterranean theatre, with Soviet submarines as its primary opponent. The helicopter held huge potential as an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) weapon system, and in 1956 the Italian Navy purchased its first helicopters — three Agusta-Bell AB-47Cs. In subsequent years the new service gained momentum, and further helicopters arrived,

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Stylish handsome men in red «doublets»

The summer red, faded favorite flowers. Time is impossible to cheat, but it can be negotiated! Purple foliage of some trees and shrubs can permanently extend the feeling of the summer extravaganza in the garden. Bold bright red accents are particularly impressive with the background light colored roses and flower herbaceous perennials.

Usually leaves most trees and shrubs are colored green, albeit in different shades. But as in every rule, among the flora there are exceptions. One of them — krasnolistnyh plants «haircuts» which delight the unusual play of colors. They are especially good in combination with the «neighbors», decorated

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The variety of solutions for the bathroom space allows you to draw it to your liking. What attracts you — elegant shape and luxurious classic, concise and clean lines of minimalism? Or maybe you are looking for unity with nature through natural forms?

Elegant soft forms of furniture from the collection of Luxury, ETRUSCA, mix well with top in natural stone. Handles are encrusted with rhinestones. Finishing furniture is made by hand.

Sophisticated pattern Striped tone in tone complemented by exquisite pattern «damask».

Freestanding bath Nostalgy, POOL SPA, created for true connoisseurs of the classics.

Art Deco-inspired decor of the

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Riccardo Niccoli looks at a relatively new organization within the military aviation, formed for rapid deployment in support of troops on the ground.

THE ITALIAN Aviazione dell’Esercito ( AVES, or Army Aviation) is one of the most potent and complete land force air arms within NATO, with a history dating back to 1951. Even so, for the past half-century its operational capacities have been limited to helicopter transport, reconnaissance, and, more recently, anti-tank attack, capabilities further fragmented in support of large units operating in the field.


In Italy, the concept of air-mobility has been the subject of debate since

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Style and Beauty.

Stylish Spit.

1. To create this hairstyle, as in the photo, hair length should be at the belt or use a hairpiece. On washed hair along the entire length, apply a light foam. It’s a little weighing the hair and allow them to keep in shape.

2. Clean zacheshite hair, gather in ponytail braid and large braid.

3. If the hair is false, first attach them to the base of the tail, and then proceed to weaving.

4. To make the hair volume, during the weaving form large rings.

5. Then the end of the spit into the bend under

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