An old friend will not fail

Traditionally, the southern culture of grapes is now widely grown in northern regions, in Siberia, in the Urals.

One of the first to seriously address the «osevereniem» grapes near Orenburg, in the strongholds of viticulture, created in 1963 (now — the Experimental Station of Horticulture and Viticulture). Much credit for this belongs to the vineyard-breeder Fyodor Ilyich Shatilov, who this year would have turned 95 years old.


In all the years of the station tested more than a thousand varieties. Himself Shatilov displayed about 170 hybrid forms (GF). Experimental Station of the achievements I want to note the variety

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This is Liz and Steve Watt’s fifth new build home – and it’s their finest

Liz Watt and husband Steve know that practice makes perfect. Together, they run a property development company, Ardgowan Homes, specialising in large family homes in Berkshire. They, too, have built several homes for their own family, including this, their latest and fifth. While Liz insists that she’s not an expert, she does admit that the results improve each time. ‘I’ve developed a clear idea of what I like and each house is better than the one before,’ she says. Tempted by the one and

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HOW OLD tire building material

It proposed and already put into practice a new way to use waste tires. About five kilometers from the coast of New Jersey (USA), group of enthusiasts builds divers at the bottom of the ocean reef out of old tires, which are randomly fastened together. Reef will be the construction of a length of about 5 km and a width of 800 m. Its construction will 70 million. Work tires divers funded by «Uni Royal Tire», which produces tires, and therefore have a vested interest in finding new ways to destroy the old tires.

It is believed that this reef

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IT In Emergencies

An Education Resource from the RAF, free to educational institutions.

NOT ANOTHER flight simulator this month, but an educational resource from the RAF themselves. Like many government departments the Air Force have decided to share some of their expertise with the nation’s schools and offer this package free to any genuine educational institution applying for it. Unlike most freebies, which are worth pretty much what you pay for them, «IT In Emergencies* is worth a considerable amount. Leaving the content aside for the moment, nothing has been stinted in the presentation. A high grade cardboard sleeve opens to reveal neatly

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Start or all it’s worth talking

Two of the «PIPTSA» Chloe Grace Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse: kinoduet season.

September 5 starts continued vigorous comics.

Almost everyone who went to watch «Kick-Ass» three years ago, were quite surprised by the fact that instead of a comic book for teenagers we otovaritsya convincing deconstruction of the genre, full of references to the burning problem of fathers and children, and brutally stylized Makhach. Once we were invited to look closely at the girl Chloe as materschinnitsy Ubivashki and boy Christopher as psevdozlodeya nicknamed the bloody haze. As it turned out, in the course of shooting — especially as a

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— What does your fund?

— First of all, the organization of scientific research. Today, the science of anti-aging is required to carry out their rather large range. This research in the field of regenerative medicine, the study of the fundamental mechanisms of aging experiments on creation of transgenic animals living longer than usual, the introduction into clinical practice of diagnosing aging and, of course, to develop and implement approaches that significantly prolongs the life of man. We are engaged in the organization as the research and promotion of the need to extend human life.

— What are the most

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Israeli Transports

The Israel Air Force/Defence Force transport fleet is undergoing rationalisation and re-organisation, as Shlomo Aloni explains.

AIR TRANSPORT and support operations have soared in importance over the last two decades as the shape of warfare has been transformed. Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) and power projection require considerably more support resources than a traditional conflict with a clear Forward Line Of Troops (FLOT). Despite a traditional approach to allocate considerably more resources to ‘frontline’ units, these developments have not gone unnoticed by the Israel Defence Force/Air Force (IDF/AF). In fact the two IDF/AF manned aircraft units that accumulate the highest number

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Standard kitchen lifts James mertafa

Dumbwaiter occupies a unique place in the history of vertical transport. When the average person thinks about the elevators, he, first of all, is a car designed for the transportation of people and freight and other things seem remote.

And a modest dumbwaiters tend to completely forget. And often do not perceive it as the real device or elevator, which is relevant to the world of vertical transport. Nevertheless, it is one of the oldest types of lift, in a sense, it is one of the first lifting systems, special purpose, arrived in mass production. This article will serve as

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Israel Unveils Kela 2008Fm-Year Plan

AT A meeting of the Israel Defence Force’s General Staff on June 21, a revised five-year defence plan — Kela 2008 (Catapult 2008) — was discussed, which again raised the controversial subject of whether or not to purchase additional AH-64D attack helicopters (see Israeli AH-64 Controversy, February, pi5, and the major feature in the August issue, p30).

Proposals to exercise the six outstanding options for AH-64Ds were discussed and Air Force Commander Major General Eliezer Shkedi stated that he believes that the current 12 AH-64Ds on order are not enough and a further 12 should be acquired. However, under the

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Station of Metro Line «Terreiro do Paco» Lisbon

Opening the station subway line Terreiro do Paco was vital to improve transportation between the capital of Portugal, Lisbon and its suburbs, as this line serves about 20 million passengers a year. The line connects the Terreiro do Paco Lisbon to Barreiro, a city on the southern bank of the River Tagus. The project was completed in December 2007.

The designers of the new subway station in Lisbon considers the expected passenger traffic and set the task of improving the availability, safety and comfort, based on the best standards. To meet these requirements, vertical transportation equipment has been crucial in

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