Israel evaluates Hornet

TWO F/A-18D HORNETS were flown from Si Louis to Israel on March 8 for a 2½-week evaluation — scheduled to run from March 15 to April 2. Israel is considering purchase of 40-48 aircraft to fulfil its requirement for a multi-role, all-weather fighter with night attack capability. A budget of $2 billion is being allowed for the purchase with procurement planned for between 1995 and 1997.

The Hornets will be flown on several types of air-to-air and air-to-ground missions by Israeli pilots during their visit. If the IDFAF purchases Hornets it is expected that an upgraded version of the Hughes

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Standard on the basis of performance and inspection of TUV SUD America

Following European and Asian model adoption of standards-based performance (PBC), such as implementation of the Directive on lifts 95/16 / EC in 1995, a new standard in performance-based ASME A17.7 / CSA B44.7 for more rapid introduction of new technologies and early-to-market. Accreditation of the joint standard of the United States and Canada will be through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) (US) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) (Canada).

Standard A17.7 / B44.7 includes an assessment of the project design, activities, inspection, testing, maintenance, modifications and repair of systems, subsystems, components, and / or functions that do not

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Became a legend

Ivan Harlamovich Mickle

«.Vodil Group of 6-18 IL-2 to perform complex and demanding command assignments, each time, despite intense opposition to enemy fighters, repeatedly getting into bad weather, with low cloud cover (100 — 200 meters) poor visibility (800 — 1000 meters) made his way to the intended target, perfectly executed combat missions, dealt a powerful enemy assault strikes and no losses each time returned to their base. All tasks are performed on the set objectives and without a single loss of orientation. «

This is an excerpt from the document Wartime titled «Short specification of the personal combat exploits

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Bill Norton looks at the Israeli Defence Force/Air Force, one of the most sophisticated and battle-experienced Air Forces in the world.

FEW NATIONAL air arms attract the attention of those interested in military aviation in the same way as does the Israel Defense Force/Air Force (IDF/AF) or Heyl Ha’Avir. The Israel Air Force plays a pivotal role in the defence of this small nation, and its contribution to air power world-wide. Yet Israel’s notoriously strict security measures mean that the release of current information on the service and its equipment is carefully controlled, and most of its citizens are characteristically

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Middle Volga: Saratov HPP.

Two energy giant in the same city.

On this occasion, there is even an urban legend. Mol. in the 1950s .. at the time of the great shock of construction projects and socialist competition, when laying the largest industrial enterprises of the region, in particular the Balakovo NPP, some party functionary from the regional center stood in a pose and demanded «their share». Once you «own» nuclear, hydroelectric something I will not give up, and it will be called "Saratov". While it was essential. Like and Saratov on the overall pace is not far behind. So now we live. For

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As the result of a chance encounter with design students studying the impact of the olympics on the unique area of Hackney Wick, Colin Priest has organised their work in to an exposition to coincide with the London Festival of Architecture

The prospect of urban change and the everyday negotiation of regeneration can be uniquely witnessed in Hackney Wick right now. Cut off by the infrastructural margins of the A12, the Lea River and the Greenway path, the area has become a peripheral periphery, a working island nevertheless. Signifcant as an influential creative urban community on the edge of Olympic

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Comparative study of methods of washing and efficient removal of flux residues. Part 1

In the electronics industry to remove water-soluble flux residues widely used processes based on pure deionized water. However, the latest industry developments and customer experience have shown that these aqueous processes no longer provide the required levels of cleanliness and do not guarantee the long-term reliability of the assembly.


Systems wash with deionized (DI) water is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the requirements of cleanliness associated with increasing packing density of modern printed designs, the miniaturization of components and the increasing use of low-profile components. In addition, significantly increased the use of lead-free solders require higher temperature reflow. This

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Is There An ES sound?

Gibson’s ES models offer a ‘woodier’ sound than a straight solidbody, but there’s pretty much nothing they can’t do. If you play in a hardcore metal band, you can leave an ES in the store – but otherwise they’ve been made famous across a melange of great guitar music.

The first Electric Spanish, the ES-150, is best heard played by Charlie Christian. The Genius Of The Electric Guitar (4CDs) is a superb primer for early guitar solos. Elvis Presley’s Sun Sessions showcases Scotty Moore’s work on various ES’s, notably the ES-295. As for other deep-bodied ESs in a later, different

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The medieval mosaics of Rome. 7th century.

Of all the monumental scenery of Rome. founded in the VII century, it has survived only a few. The situation is similar to the works of this period in Byzantium. Based on these few examples left in its original form it can be judged that the artistic processes taking place in Rome at this time, represent a gradual departure from the Byzantine influences and the formation of their own style based on the ancient traditions of the city of Saint Peter and processing borrowed ideas shapes and motifs introduced by other cultural centers of the Christian East. The scenery apses

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Comparative-historical method in linguistics

Comparative-historical study of languages ​​in general, uses a variety of special techniques-techniques. It seems appropriate in this general complex system of scientific methods of comparative-historical research, not forgetting about its integrity, provide separate special tricks for closer consideration.

Comparative-historical method will make and unrelated languages, unless they are still genetically identical units. For example, this method is applicable to a joint study of the German language and zapadnofinskih as words such as Finnish. kuningas, rengas, kultaHT.n., historically, respectively identical DVN. kuning, yes. cyning, Disley. hringr, DVN. and yes. bring, of gul, Disley. gull, DVN. and yes. gold and so on.

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