Is the universe a loop?

Aaron Hardy

Cosmologists have given serious thought as to whether our universe is curved rather than flat. In a flat universe, two parallel lines running next to each other will never meet. That seems sensible, but were we to draw two parallel lines on Earth they would eventually coincide at the poles. That is because the Earth is curved.

If the universe were looped, like a doughnut, then in theory if you travelled far enough you would loop around and end up where you began. Light would also do the same thing, so in theory, if the universe were small

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Comparative «sadovedenie»


— Do you think of the program, which operate kindergartens in Poland and Russia look like?

— Yes, they are similar to their approach to work with young children and philosophical justification of this approach.

— Does the Polish general government program, which should work for kindergarten? Or each kindergarten working on its program?

— No single government program for all kindergarten we have. Programs lot. Each kindergarten can choose the one he likes. It is possible to modify the selected program. You can even write your own. But there are certain requirements of the Ministry of Education, which

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Is the space between planetary systems the same as the space between galaxies?

Amanda Ellis

That depends on where it is. Contrary to popular belief, space is not a true vacuum. It’s filled with gases and dust, elements and molecules of all kinds. In our Solar System the space between planets contains a smattering of dust left over from the birth of the planets. On rare occasions, from very dark sites, you can actually see this dust as it reflects sunlight – we call it the zodiacal light.

There is more gas in the space between the stars. Measurements show that the Sun is currently passing through a small tuft of hydrogen gas,

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Special BMP — 800 L

Jig-class household is equipped with quite a powerful 800-watt motor. Tool handle kerf in the tree depth up to 100 mm in steel — 10 mm.

Located on top of the body setting dial indicates the presence of an electronic system with which the user can select the desired frequency range moves. At the bottom of the housing of the pendulum action switch stages.

The model number of the notable features for its class. For example, the saw blade can be installed without an auxiliary tool. The support base is made of a casting, which adds to the stiffness of

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Iraqi Air Force To Get Seabird Seekers

ARMY BRIGADIER General Mark Kimmitt, Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) deputy operations director of Multinational Force Iraq, announced in Baghdad on June 15 the purchase of the first two aircraft for the new Iraqi Air Force. The Seabird Aviation Jordan Seeker SB7L-360 surveillance aircraft are the first of 16 to provide a reconnaissance capability following a hurried tender process.

Delivery of the first two aircraft to Basra is scheduled for mid-July, giving the company a very tight deadline to deliver new-build aircraft, mission-specified avionics, communications and surveillance systems, aircrew and ground support personnel training, as well as assemble logistics support packages.

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If you do not grasp the meaning of the performance characteristics of the motorcycle and not to look at the lining, not everyone can guess what lies behind the catchy appearance and modest price tag. And it seems that the creators relied precisely on the fact that to meet these malokubaturnye sportbike will be on clothes.

Oh, that’s why each is more or less a large motorcycle exhibition is full of Chinese people with cameras and notebooks in hand. Once in Milan, I stopped one «agent of China» over his shoulder and said, walking around the news Ducati, he was

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Sparklines: a new express-analysis of the data in Excel 2010-2013

According to the profile of its activities to many users from time to time have to carry out all sorts of analysis of data (data on sales, customers, procurement, etc.). Often, this is done using spreadsheet Microsoft Excel, user-friendly and well-proven in meeting the challenges of this type of tool. Excel has built-in tools for sorting, filtering and grouping of data (with the possibility of summing up the results for each group), creating a compact and highly informative summary tables highlight important (critical) data using conditional formatting. Finally, the analysis and interpretation of the data can use the diagram. This

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In general, weak social network tally with the concept of the anonymity and privacy of correspondence. These services have become a source of information about individuals of all ages, people write in the social network is all about themselves, their family and friends, spread life photos and videos. You can restrict access to this information, but it is not an obstacle to intelligence services — are cases where at the request of the authorities transferred them to their interesting data about users. Of course, social networks — evil! But sometimes you want to share something with your family or talk

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Is the new 911 Turbo too easy to drive?

HOW EASY SHOULD a car be to drive? It sounds a daft question, of course, but when you apply it to supercars and their ilk, it becomes a little more interesting. Such cars have never been faster, more agile or more driveable, across a broader range of circumstances from city street to race track, than they are right now.

But is this how we want it to be? To a large degree, yes.

The simpler these cars are to drive, the more they can be enjoyed and exploited by a wide range of talents. The car makers love it, because

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From 18 to 20 August, in Artek the final of the International contest of young singers of popular music «New Wave — 2013». The winner was 12-year-old Ukrainian, ward Producer Center «PARADIZ», the participant of the project «GolosDeti» Sofia Tarasova, with a score of 197 points.

On the first day of the competition participants had to submit to hit the country. Sofia sang Tina Karol «Namal». In the first competition day the young singer won first place. The second day of the contest was decisive, Sofia Tarasova presented to the public and the jury popular song Justin Bieber


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