Socata Aircraft

SOCATA GY 80 Horizon and ST 10 Diplomate

The French company «So-ciete de Construction d’Avi-ons deTourisme et d’Affaires» (SOCATA) was founded in 1966 initially as a subsidiary of «Sud-Aviation», but then it came under the control of the company «Aerospatiale».

In 2000 the company became part of SOCATA group EADS, but in 2008 came under the control of French industrial conglomerate DAHER.

SOCATA manufactured under license for the company «Sud-Aviation» four cantilever low GY 80 Horizon. The plane had a wing span of 9.70 meters and poluubirayuscheesya tricycle landing gear, and was powered by a piston engine Avco Lycoming O-FRL-A

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Husqvarna DM 220 + Husqvarna DS 250

ЦЕНА: дрель — 64268 руб., стойка — 35574 руб.

Установка алмазного сверления (дрель)

Модель подходит для прокладки вентиляционных каналов, сантехнических труб, коммуникационных кабелей, для установки выключателей и розеток. При этом она легко справляется с любыми строительными материалами, будь то обычный кирпич или армированный бетон. Установка может использоваться как для сухого, так для «мокрого» бурения. По утверждению фирмы-производителя, она прекрасно подходит для пользователей с любым уровнем подготовки, от начинающих до профессионалов.

Она повышает не только точность, но и эффективность работы. Передняя рукоятка легко разворачивается на любой угол (вплоть до 360°), что пригодится при бурении в ограниченном пространстве. Электронная система позиционирования (электронный

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Himself winemaker

And today, in our age of vain, making homemade wine can bring a lot of joyful creativity minutes. Apart from the usual apple, rowan, currant wine connoisseurs of this case offer craftsmen try to make blends of different fruits and berries.

Know what you want

It should be remembered that each juice should be diluted with water and sugar separately, is in strict accordance with its needs, and then pour everything in common fermentation. How much sugar and water added — depends on how much acid in which juice and natural sugars. And, of course, need to know what kind

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Hurricanes bigger than Earth

Easily one of the most famous storms in the Solar System, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is so large that it is visible through many Earth-based telescopes.

The Great Red Spot is thought to have been in existence for at least 340 years. The oval red eye rotates in an anticlockwise direction due to the crushing high pressure on the planet. Winds can reach over 400 kilometres per hour (250 miles per hour) around the spot, however, inside the storm they seem to be nearly nonexistent. And that’s not all, this complicated weather system has an average temperature of about -162

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Labour productivity growth is reflected in a decrease in the amount of labor per unit of production, or what is the same, an increase in production at the expenditure of the same amount of labor. «Improving productivity — the fundamental question of policy and practice of communist construction, an indispensable condition for raising the people’s welfare, creating an abundance of material and cultural benefits for the workers,» — emphasized in the resolution XXII Congress of the CPSU on the report of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

The problem of raising the productivity of labor faced by all sectors of


Hurdles to Growth

Review process begins for Hong Kong Airport expansion

Before they move any earth, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) officials are going to have to move a mountain of paper. The airport has launched the multi-year regulatory approval process needed for a major expansion, one of the most important aviation infrastructure projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

Built on a 1,250-hectare (4.8-sq.-mi.) man-made island, HKIA was considered an engineering marvel when it was completed in 1998. Now efforts are underway to add another 650 hectares to the north side of the island to accommodate a third parallel runway.

Operations at HKIA will

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Gardens, a wealth of Podolia

In Khmelnytsky region fruit and berry plantations occupy 74,634 hectares, of which more than half have already come into fruition. Area collective gardens of 40234 hectares, including fruit-bearing — 16099. The development of horticulture in the region contribute to the favorable soil and climatic conditions, high level of security of employment and energy resources, the availability of a highly developed fruit processing industry, a well-developed network of railways and highways.

Gardening in a hem — high-value and highly profitable industry. Its cost-effectiveness is confirmed by long experience of collective and state farms specialized gardening.

Thus, in the kolkhoz XX Party

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Salad of apples

2 large green apple,

3 stalks celery, 50 grams of lettuce and arugula, 50 g walnuts,

2 tbsp. l. olive oil,

1 h. L. sweet mustard,

2 h. L. lemon juice

• Apples are washed, cut in half and remove the core. Cut the apple into thin slices and sprinkle with lemon juice.

• celery finely chop. Nuts chop.

• Salad disassembled into leaves and rinse thoroughly. Put it on a dish towel wet and dense tissue.

• Olive oil mixed with mustard and remaining lemon juice. To taste, add salt and pepper.

• The capacity to combine all salad

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Hurricane masterclass

EW introductions are needed to the work of Hawker Restorations Ltd based in Suffolk. Just look at the likes of Peter Vacher’s Hurricane I in the UK,Vintage Wings of Canadas Mk.lV,Tom Friedkin’s Sea Hurricane X at Chino,California, USA, and the Alpine Fighter Collections Mk.lla in New Zealand, and you’ll get the idea!

HRL was set up under the expert guidance of Tony Ditheridge in 1993 specifically to rebuild Hurricanes.And it’s a particularly challenging task as Sydney Camm’s fighter is one of World War Two’s most complicated structures to re-create. Hardly surprising then that the most respected warbird operators, such as

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Salad «Scarlet Poppies»

We need

300 grams of boiled red fish (any) 2 boiled potatoes, 2 boiled eggs, 100 grams of cheese, 1 tomato,

300 g of mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste.

For decoration:

3 tomatoes, 3-4 sprigs of dill,

5-6 olives.

Prepared as follows:

1. separate the fish from the bones, disassemble into small pieces. Tomato cut into cubes, potatoes, eggs, and cheese, three on a grater.

2. Prepare the dressing: with tomato circles cut away a thin layer of skin, grind the olives.

3. We spread layers of lettuce: potatoes, fish, tomatoes, eggs, cheese. Each layer of

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