How do we know the composition of distant stars?

What stars are made of is determined through the help of spectroscopy.

This involves the study of a star’s spectrum which is created by the electromagnetic radiation that it emits. Spectroscopy can not only derive the chemical composition of distant stars and galaxies, but can also determine their temperature, density, mass, luminosity and relative motion.

Stars emit at all wavelengths across the electromagnetic spectrum, along with many discrete absorption lines at certain wavelengths. These lines, which appear black on a colourful emission spectrum, result from a deficiency of observed photons at those particular wavelengths since its light is absorbed. It

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How did Home-grown Foods begin?

We saw Hong Kong as a place with huge potential for reversing the current fast-food trend by advocating the benefits of eating local organic food. In early 2009, we initiated contact with local farms that shared our vision. The vegetables feature in recipes at Posto Pubblico, Cantopop, Linguini Fini and Pizzeria Pubblico.

What are the difficulties faced in farming in Hong Kong?

Farmers are facing high labour costs. They’re also facing high rents for farmlands, land reclamation for property development and weather fluctuations.

What are your tips for people to grow vegetables in a small space at home?

Get basic

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Drawing pen.

Engineering drawing pen is more limited in their capabilities, what is closest to her pencil. Lines and strokes in pencil drawings can be different tonality. In addition, they can apply shading to amend band. The feather figures all the lines and strokes are equally black, no shading can not be done. Correct errors is difficult, sometimes impossible. Thanks to the contrast of black mascara and features of paper feather patterns are particularly clarity and decorative. These qualities are essential for reproduction in printing, reproduction in books and magazines.

What are the possibilities of this rich, at first glance, a mean

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Recipes from the fairy-tale characters.


■ hazelnuts 100 g

■ ALMOND -6o G «MILK — oo ML

■ -N0Y CREAM 20% fat content — 300 ml of «Sugar — 2 tbsp. L.

■ Carrot-1 pc.

■ G to taste

Hazelnuts and almonds in the oven to dry, cool and grind in a blender. Pour nuts, milk, bring to a boil, boil for 4 minutes over medium heat. Then add the cream, even after 4 minutes put the sugar. Once the sugar has dissolved, remove the soup from the heat and grind in a blender until the consistency of mashed potatoes of uniform. Salt to

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The first step is an array of field sobriety tests, which includes sniffing your breath. If your performance is at par with a baby learning- to walk, either through intoxication or a God-given lack of motor skills, then you will go through a breath analyzer exam to determine the alcohol content of your blood. However, the legal limit is not yet set. The Department of Transport and Communications, Department of Health, and National Police Commission are still banging their heads together to figure it out (which is anytime in the next three months).

If there is cause to believe that

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How can you ensure your painting has a bright, joyous feel to it, using colour and light?

One person’s definition of happiness will differ from another, but generally speaking saturated colours are usually considered more cheerful in both Western and Eastern societies. This originates from traditional cultural festivals in which people usually dress up in colourful costumes.

Bright and saturated colours have always been the symbol of celebration — just think about the carnivals in Rio or Venice, the Holi Festival of Colours in India and Nepal, or the celebration costumes worn by tribal societies, which differ greatly to their everyday clothing.

We can also apply modern theories of psychology to suitable colour schemes. Warm colours are

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VII: Fodd Forlorare (Spinefarm / Universal I Phot)

Although painted in the output of the Russian edition of the license in 2013, this album — not the newest creation of the Swedish "founders of suicidal black metal" (at the moment is the actual disk ‘Redefining Darkness’ — 2012). Seventh numbering Kvarforta work was published in the civilized world exactly 2 years ago, we have the same joint efforts duo producing labels its release was delayed for quite a rude term … And I must say, saying, "better late than never" in this case, it does not work: this album is

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How can I fake a zoom burst?

I love trying out your tutorials and would really like to have a go at creating the zoom burst effect that I have seen in the magazine. There are lots of flowers in my garden that I think would look great when shot with this technique. I know that you need to zoom out while taking the shot, but unfortunately I only have a compact camera that won’t let me do this. I know that you can do all sorts with editing software, so is there a way I can cheat and recreate the effect using Photoshop Elements?

Chloe Willis,

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Review of the heavy music (CD)


‘Maximumbappy T (FeeLee ISoyuz) *****

The maximum happiness just a concentrated form is presented to the listener legendary Cockroaches. Their positive text about peace, love, and other simple human pleasures want to start singing along immediately — from the first listen of the album, let alone how gorgeous this material goes live, you can only imagine! Another plus was the disc while it is sound that does not hold up to half an hour: the like should not be too much at once — in fact, it seems, soon we are waiting for the second part of ‘Maximumhappy’? …

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