Bees and broad beans

Broad beans are plants whose seeds knotting possible both by self-pollination and cross-pollination with the insects.

To clarify the role of honeybees in pollination of broad beans on Gomel Regional Agricultural Experiment Station conducted the following experiment.

In late April 1962 the central apiary Manor (spot Meadows) a light fertile soil (0,025 hectares) manually sown broad beans, keeping the distance between rows of 40 cm.

At the beginning of mass flowering identified two plots located next to an area of ​​2.5 square meters. The first plot pollinating insects visiting flowers freely beans. On the second — the plants were under

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Hidden Gems… Maidstone Museum

This feature aims to be the first in a series of articles hoping to draw the reader’s attention towards some of the UK’s hidden gems; collections of military antiques on public display that are not so well known, but still worth a visit. The first to be featured is the collection of Royal West Kent militaria held in Maidstone Museum.

The Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment was part of the British army from 1881 to 1961 when the 50th (Queen’s Own) Regiment of Foot was amalgamated with the 97,h (Earl of Ulster’s) Regiment of Foot, although its distant origins

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The path straight

We agreed we Zorin go fishing on one big forest lake in the Tver province. Last time we caught it about five years ago. On the lake you can fish from the shore and from a boat, but if the boat, the catch was much more significant.

By subjective reasons had to go apart from each other, each in his car, with a slight time difference. The venue was appointed shore of the lake, and the first to arrive was Zorin.

Zorin did not get to the beach about three kilometers. After the last rain the day before, he did

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Beekeeping in orchards

The successful development of any agricultural enterprise depends on the correct proportions between primary and secondary industries.

Standards of proportional development of beekeeping in horticulture farms, consider the experience of the state farm named after Lenin, the Ryazan region. This bee farm is in conjunction with horticulture and animal husbandry.

It was found that economically feasible rate of bee colonies to pollinate orchards in the conventional method of using family apiary is 2-2.5 per hectare. The introduction of a new method of pollination-replacement families in flowering garden-reducing regulations twice.

Increasing the number of bee colonies per hectare garden leads to

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Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiweis

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion – the 12th to date – is complete and drawing the crowds into its subterranean womb in London’s Hyde Park. The view of the bijoux Thirties tea pavilion – a gallery since 1970 – has never been so unobstructed. The Swiss architecture practice and Chinese artist’s subtle insertion is very different from Peter Zumthor’s dense, monolithic structure that went before, or Jean Nouvel’s eye-bruising, fire-engine red structure before that.

Using the sloping topology of the site, the roof – which in effect is a disc filled with water meant to act like a mirror to the elements

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Path to the title of children’s poets

«I’m from the country of his childhood,» — said Exupery. About Me I’d like to put it another way: «I am from a country of modern childhood.»

Agnes Barto

The poems Agnes Barto become part of everyone’s life since childhood. «Our Tanya crying out loud …» «There is a bull swinging …» it seems that these lines, we learned once learned to speak. Agnes L. wrote simply and clearly at the same time invested in their work meaningful. She knew the children’s psychology and never divided people on both children and adults.

From the distant childhood

Barto has been one

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Journey to the World of sand. 800 thousand liters (s) is under the future

"Time Machine"

With a classic should be handled with care. Gently. Borrowing the name to indicate the source. Try not to misinterpret the story much. And most importantly: in any case not to put the author’s main characters. Because otherwise may withdraw occasion grandmother ogreet Dostoevsky lazy and will hand over to the police station, Terry Pratchett gobbled Chest Jules Verne sverzitsya from his balloon on the first day of travel, and the child HG Wells would be in the distant future.

How things work

Company «Field» in addition to gratitude for the excellent localization is to say a special

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H-House bang by min emerging design group

Located on a site that slopes eight metres from top to bottom, this complex. narrow private house steps up |or flown] in a series of volumes articulated by their materiality Not only was the section going to be inherently challenging. the programme didn’t cooperate it was to be a house to accommodate three different generations of the same family, and even on its lowest level, it had to offer daylight and access to fresh air.

Privacy was important, obviously, but also community. because the family wanted to be alone yet together as demanded. The solution turned out to be a

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We took on the task of making the Konstruktor, a DIY SLR kit from Lomography, to see if we could show you how it’s done, according to the timer

Setting up our studio table, equipped with video cameras and decorative strawberries and bunting, Professional Photographermagazine’s Art Editor Becky opened the tabs on the beautifully designed box of the Konstruktor and started the stopwatch. What was supposed to take a couple of hours maximum turned into quite the epic task!

The Konstruktor from Lomography is a build-it-yourself assembly kit for a working 35mm SLR film camera. Opening the box we found


Ways of development of hunting Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan — a mountainous country. More than three-quarters of the hunting grounds of the republic, occupying an area of ​​about 18 million hectares. Located at an altitude of more than a thousand meters above sea level. Hence the sudden change of vegetation and climate zones — from hot deserts to eternal snows. The rugged topography defines a variety of environmental conditions, the composition of hunting and fishing fauna and originality of the hunt.

The country has two official zapovednika- Issyk-Kul and Sary-Chelek, two reserve — Kemin (for pheasant) and Naryn (by Maral), the nursery of pheasants and 66 ascribed game

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