Turkish Army Aviation

THE REPUBLIC OF Turkey celebrated its 75th anniversary last October. The Republic is coming of age and so are her institutions. The year 1998 marked the 50th year of Army Aviation (Kara Havacilik) in Turkey and this article represents a modest attempt to assess that service, examining its operational and technological evolution. Turkish Army Aviation began life in 1948 operating a small fleet of fixed-wing aircraft tasked with observation and artillery cooperation.

In the closing decade of this century, it is now a modern, combat-experienced force that is able to play a decisive role in the battlefield, day or night,

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Turkish Black Hawks Deploy to Afghanistan

THREE TURKISH UH-60L Black Hawk utility helicopters were deployed to Afghanistan on May 30 in support of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). The helicopters arrived at Kabul International Airport on board two Antonov An-124-100 cargo aircraft operated by the Ukrainian Antonov Design Bureau International Cargo Transport service.

A Turkish Air Force C-130 Hercules supported the deployment bringing in the manpower and all necessary equipment. Turkey sent a total of 56 personnel, including 12 aircrew members and 16 technicians.

The helicopters, which are taking part in Turkey’s first ever helicopter detachment for a peacekeeping mission abroad, is slated to

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Tunnel lover

Documenting big construction jobs.

How did you start shooting construction sites?

I started taking photos of a tunnel project in Portland, OR, as part of our construction work. Originally, the photos were for internal use. Then the City of Portland hired me to document other construction. I have since photographed projects for my current employer, Jacobs Associates, and other clients. It varies, but I visit about 15 to 20 sites per year. Although Jacobs Associates values my photography skills, engineering geologist is my prime occupation.

What kind of access do you get on a tunnel project?

Generally, I have access

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Continuing the series of articles on two-stroke tuning, this month is the turn of the RGV250. As you know the Suzuki RGV and the Aprilia RS250 share the same engine so it applies to the RS as well.

Next month will be about tuning the Suzuki RG500 because I won’t be doing anything else this month — a customer has delivered 20 RG500 engines to overhaul and tune. Yes 20.

Any dimensions of ports I give will be in mm measured from the top face of the barrel and widths will be as measured simply across using a caliper or

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Tugging in sleeves

After such an incredible war, the mighty Beaufighter was destined for a rapid and wide-sweeping stand down. Battle-hardened night-fighter, torpedo bomber and a strike weapon of awesome capability, it seemed that there was little use for the big Bristol with the advent of peace.

It was not just that the need had drastically shrunk but the layout that had made the twin so opportune when it first entered service in 1940 was working against it five years later. That slim fuselage was not capable of taking more advanced airborne interception gear and the remoteness of the gunner-turned-radar operator did not

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It’s often stated that the secret of Albert King’s technique was that he was a left-hander playing a right-handed guitar. While basically true, this statement needs a little unpicking to discover its significance.

A right-handed guitarist will push the treble strings up towards the bass strings to bend them, as there’s physically more space available on the neck to do it. But if the very same guitar is flipped around, still strung for a right-handed guitarist, and played left-handed, bending the treble strings towards the bass strings will involve a completely different set of muscles in the (right) hand. It


Tu-154M Still in PLAAF Service

DESPITE SUPPOSED retirement of the type by the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), a few Tupolev Tu-154Ms still seem to be in PLAAF service. One that has been confirmed as still active is B-4028 (c/n 93A967), which was repainted at least a couple of years ago in a scheme with CAAC titles and the national flag on the fin. As with the remainder of the 16 PIAAF Tu-154Ms, it was previously operated by PLAAF-owned China United Airlines (CUA) on both commercial and government VIP flights. Although all Tu-154s operating with commercial airlines in China were grounded in 1999

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True North Living

Customization is paramount at True North Living — your source for exactly the furnishings you want, crafted by hand in North America from solid wood for impeccable. lasting quality in individually perfect style.

True North gives customers complete control over their furniture: you choose the type of item, the shape, the dimensions. the stain and fabric colors, the hardware and fixtures, from hundreds of options in well over ten thou¬sand possible combinations. In a matter of weeks, you’ll have a showpiece made to your exact specifications.

And don’t worry about being overwhelmed by possibilities — the staff are experts at

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Much has changed for John Cortese since he began his career sweeping floors at a woodworking shop in Brooklyn 20 years ago. After a yearlong apprentice¬ship with a violin maker in Woodstock, New York—“I spent my mornings and evenings learning how to sharpen Japanese hand tools and then spent my days making them dull by working on violins”—he returned to Brooklyn, rented a bench at a community shop and began making his own furniture designs. “Simplicity with a kind of radical edge has always been my signature,” says Cortese, who learned the importance of

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Tru Living


What’s in store

As its name suggests, all the furniture in this 2,000sqf shop is for the living room. The key pieces are sofas — general manager May Goe, who oversees merchandising, chooses apartment-specific designs proportionate to small homes. Ottomans, accent chairs, coffee tables, sideboards and decor accessories complete the living room settings.

The brands are mid-priced to upscale, top-quality American stalwarts: for example Basset, known for its fine oak pieces, was founded in 1902, while Lexington Home Brands was established in 1903. Broyhill, a family of brands from different states, has been

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