Treatments — EVEN THE ODDS

Pigmentation, be gone!


What: Dermaceutic Spot Peel with Debbie Thomas.

The lowdown: Ever wondered what that block of colour on your forehead is? Lurking around your upper lip or across your cheeks? If you’re pregnant, on the pill or juggling antibiotics, it may be hormonal melasma. But Debbie Thomas can help. Unlike the peels of old, hers doesn’t throw bleaching agents at the problem, but stops skin from making more melanin. After a punchy, two-week, at-home regimen, you’ll be back for the peel. Go home, clean it off before bed, and carry on where you left off the next

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Treasured memories

Make a Connection Make a connection with the siblings. You don’t need to be a stand-up comedian or a children’s entertainer but keeping the atmosphere light, fun and happy will enable you to make a bond with the children. Be yourself but talk to them, ask questions (silly questions like: «Does your brother snore?» or «Does Alice have a boyfriend?») keep them smiling and interacting with you, laugh and be involved. Avoid stirring up any sibling rivalry or strong teasing, they will respond better to each other and to you if everyone feels happy and relaxed. Even if Mum and

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Treasure hunter

Rachel Ashwell, the founder of Shabby Chic, explains the lure of the antiques markets that inspire her work

Over the years vintage finds have become more and more desired, appreciated and actually understood. Whether apparel, furnishings or textiles, it seems to me that the thirst for uniqueness and eclectic treasures has grown. Sometimes it might be budget that drives the attraction, but often it is about having things that are one of a kind that blend easily into the decor of already-owned pieces.

Only in Round Top, Texas and the neighboring little towns could there be a flea market covering

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Traveling to Myanmar

I came closer to realizing my dream of collecting fishes in Myanmar when, in the fall of 1995, I went to work at the American Museum of Natural History in New York for a year. At that time you could obtain only a two-week visa for travel to Myanmar, and I spent my first week in the capital,

Yangon, waiting for permits. During the second week, I was able to travel around a little. But the wait in Yangon did have a positive side. One evening, over a beer in one of the street cafes, I was told by a

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Travel Photography

The secret to good travel photography is simplicity.

Go Travel!

As far back as 1912, Captain Robert Scott, one of history’s great explorers, realised that photography could complement his travel records in an unprecedented way during his much publicised South Pole expedition. Sadly, Scott died on the return trip, but his photographs survived as a testimony to his bravery. Since then, the interdependence between travel and photography has developed to such an extent that today, they’re almost mutually inclusive. And yet, the one doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good experience of the other.

So, what’s the secret to good travel photography?

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Trainspotting. Что?

Если вы хотите посмотреть на то, какими были «лихие девяностые» в Великобритании, фильм Дэнни Бойла «На игле» создан специально для вас.

Когда-то у Дэнни Бойла не было «Оскара» и мировой славы — тогда он и снял свой второй полнометражный фильм, назвал его трудно переводимым на русский язык словом «Trainspotting» и в одночасье стал культовым европейским режиссером. Вслед за ним «матерость» приобрел в далеком 1996 году и шотландский писатель Ирвин Уэлш, автор первоисточника — к слову, роман писавший не только по велению музы, но и основываясь на своих воспоминаниях о жизни в Эдинбурге в период «первой волны СПИДа». Досталось успеха и

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Combining family life with a home-based business can be challenging if your property doesn’t accommodate both comfortably. ‘My business was part of the reason for choosing this house, as it had the retail space as well as the room we wanted,’ says Sara.

The family decided to relocate from west London to Somerset, to attain a more family- friendly lifestyle. ‘Steven still had good transport links to the capital, I was keen to work from home and we both liked the idea of a big house project,’ explains Sara. The couple certainly had their work cut out with the 400-year-old,

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TP-LINK сохраняет лидерство

Аналитическая и консалтинговая фирма IDC оценила основных мировых поставщиков беспроводного оборудования по количеству отгруженной продукции и по объёму прибыли.

По данным аналитического отчета IDC Tracker, компания TP-LINK сохраняет лидерство на рынке беспроводных сетевых устройств по международным квартальным продажам за 1 квартал 2013 года. TP-LINK закончила 2012 год с рыночной долей 34,86% и продолжила рост в 2013 году.

В первом квартале 2013 года, по данным об объёмах поставок, рыночная доля TP-LINK составила 42,29%, что позволило компании сохранить первое место среди всех производителей. Более того, объём поставок компании превысил суммарную долю двух ближайших конкурентов.

Как сообщил Михаил Кириченко, руководитель отдела по развитию

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Toyota Auris Hybrid

Мне видится в облике Auris некоторый дисбаланс: пухлый, практически минивэновский кузов — и нос уточкой. С точки зрения эргономики все понятно: вместительный салон и не мешающий капот — но все же в анфас Auris куда более красив, чем в профиль. В любом случае дизайн не будет определяющим понятием при выборе этого авто, тут, на вершине топа критериев, — практичность. Но! Последней каплей при выборе легко может стать наш цвет «белый перламутр» — выглядит шикарно.

Бытующее мнение, что все европейцы поголовно показательно сознательны и готовы ездить на гибридах в ущерб собственному благосостоянию — не более чем миф. Да, они далеко не

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Tour Guide Beijing, China — The Forbidden City

Take a journey to the heart of Beijing to a place that China’s emperors called home for half a millennium and which is now the city’s biggest tourist attraction

01 The site of student protest and government retaliation

As you approach the Forbidden City you’ll walk through Tiananmen Square, the scene of several infamous demonstrations throughout the 20th century. Most famous of all were the student-led protests that took place between April and June 1989 in the square. The Chinese government ordered troops with tanks and rifles to end the occupation of the square, resulting in an indeterminate number of

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