Is it a museum that looks like a ship? A theme park that looks like an iceberg? Or a ship/iceberg/museum/ theme-park amalgam?

Two weeks before its opening, Mark Simpson on BBC1 described the £97m Titanic Belfast as a ‘new Titanic Visitor Centre’; odd considering of course there is no Titanic. A Visit Belfast staffer talked in hopeful terms of it being Belfast’s Guggenheim Bilbao, but it’s not a gallery or museum. And no-one would be so crass as to call it a mini theme-park – yet it includes a six-minute ride in suspended cars through three levels of sensory experiences

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Time to Press Reset!

MIDDLEBROOK heads off to Nepal with a bag full of technology and wonders what happened to the good old 3:2 aspect ratio

I am never quite sure what the publication dates of PP are, but I am guessing that by the time you read this I will be on a plane to Nepal. Right let’s see, have I got everything packed? I need two bodies, six lenses, two flashes, spare batteries, cards and chargers, a tripod and shutter release, two hard drives, a laptop… and a clean pair of pants.

Yesterday I headed to Republique in Paris to meet with

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Time To Call The Pros?

In this issue we explain the process of mastering and how you can do it yourself within your chosen DAW. But sometimes it’s best to get the pros in, and they don’t come more reputable than Optimum Mastering, which counts Portishead and Courtney Pine among its clients…

Shawn Joseph is the director at Bristol-based Optimum Mastering which has been providing a bespoke mastering service since 2004. With a specially created mastering suite – costing in excess of six figures to construct – plus many, many high-end pieces of hardware, it’s easy to see why you might choose its services over

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Time of rapid expansion at KOTUG

Over the past few months KOTUG International, which has its HQ in Rotterdam, has announced a number of additions to its tug fleet and plans for further expansion. An important component in the KOTUG fleet is the unique Rotor Tug concept invented by

Ton Kooren, founder of KOTUG. First introduced in 1999, the Rotor Tug, with its triple azimuthing unit propulsion system, has proliferated, over 30 vessels are now in use, and the number is growing.

In March an order was placed with two shipbuilders for the first four of a new generation of Rotor Tugs, designated the ART 80-32

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Time of full moon

Not everyone is enamoured with pigs. I say they are an acquired taste, preferably with eggs in the morning. The Vet is ambivalent- it’s another animal and somewhere in his years of tertiary training he has learnt about its biology, physiology, reproduction, and as with such a lot of veterinary issues, its diet and digestive tract.

But for Stanley, out the back of beyond living on 20ha of organised chaos, pigs are a passion. Pretty hard to put an age on Stanley, a bachelor by choice, though not necessarily his own. It’s just no woman in her right mind would

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Time in Mind


We synchronize our daily activities using any number of diverse devices — ranging from the mechanical to the subatomic — and yet we rarely stop to think how it is that without such devices we still do a pretty good job of keeping time, knowing how long it will take to get back from the shops, or overtaking the car in front before hitting the oncoming traffic.

How do we do this? And why is it that

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Time is as the sword coming: if you dont cut it, you will be cut.

How is the company achieving all of this? With an almost obsessive commitment to making the most of scarce time, as explains Mr. Pedawi with the aid of the ancient Middle Eastern proverb, ‘‘Time is as the sword coming: if you don’t cut it, you will be cut.’’ This appreciation of time, and the belief that every opportunity must be seized, may have been accentuated through some of the adverse life experiences Mr. Pedawi has lived through. He had to flee the war-torn country with his family in the 1970s to take refuge in the Netherlands – an experience that

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Time for some fisheye fun

Every now and then, it’s good to put the serious side of photography to one side and enjoy some light-hearted moments. Meet the Digital SLR Photography team asyou’veneverseen them before

WHILE PRETTYMUCH every portrait technique we’ve produced in the past has had the aim of producing flattering images of the subject, this one is geared towards doing exactly the opposite.

The circular fisheye lens is an unusual optic that produces a very unique view of the world. Its 180° field-of-view captures quite literally everything in front of it and condenses it into a wildly distorted image that bears very little

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Color form: This graphic abstraction of a woman in a swimsuit was made by Japanese photographer Hideki Fujii as part of a series of images for a calendar. He used a 35mm SLR and a 180mm lens. The exposure, lit by electronic flash units, was 1 /100 sec between f/11 and f/16 on Kodachrome 64 film. The printing process rendered the image more abstract-an unaltered version ran in our 1985 Photography Annual.


Weimar Berlin: This striking portrait of actress Lotte Lenya (who was also the wife of Kurt Weill) was taken in Berlin

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Вот и настало время для ‘The Scarred People’, после прослушивания которого создается совершенно неожиданное впечатление вроде «И это Tiamat?!». А все из-за изменившегося в новом альбоме саунда. Расспросим же о происходящем самого фронтмена Tiamat Йохана Эдлунда.

– День добрый, Йохан! Как поживаете? Что новенького произошло в твоей жизни за время, прошедшее с момента выхода альбома ‘The Scarred People’?

«Привет! Я в полном порядке, благодарю. Только что вернулся из метал-круиза по Карибскому морю. А сейчас работаю над сольным альбомом на шведском языке. Жизнь кипит!».

– В чем заключается идея альбома ‘The Scarred People’? Кто эти «Люди со шрамами? в его заглавии?

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