Through the magic door…

It may look like your average incredibly charming Chelsea cottage, but Annoushka Ducas’s London house is SECRETLY an oh-so modern LA-style hacienda crash-pad. By Georgina Blackwell

We are in a secret nook of Chelsea: a storybook Georgian cottage accessed through an alleyway that in spring is thick with wisteria. The cottage is a sedate two-up two-down — until you get inside. Pass through the front door and the period exterior morphs into a sunny Los Angeles bolthole.

This is the London crash pad of Annoushka Ducas and her husband John Ayton, the founders of Links jewellers. You might be surprised

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Through the Lens of A Wild Child

What got you interested in photography initially, and how did you decide to make it your career?

I am basically a software engineer-turned-entrepreneur now looking after my family business of Shipping & Logistics. But for me, wildlife photography, and capturing God’s beautiful creations through my camera, is a serious Passion that keeps me alive in the true sense of the word. Since my childhood, I had always been interested in pets/animals, and about a decade ago, I started rescuing snakes in my locality. I eventually started photographing them, and slowly the inclination to capture images spread to all other flora

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Executive chef Brad Ball of Steenberg Vineyards’ Bistro Sixteen82 in Cape Town gets creative with eggs

Compiled by Raphaella Frame-Tolmie Photographs Sean Calitz Recipes and food product on Brad Ball


For the beef tartare: ■ 400g local beef fillet, chopped very finely by hand ■ 10g gherkins, finely chopped ■ 10g capers, finely chopped ■ 10g red onion, finely chopped ■ 2T tomato sauce ■ 1t Dijon mustard ■ 5 drops of Tabasco ■ 1T olive oil

■ 1t Worcestershire sauce ■ 1 egg yolk ■ salt

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Three Ring Circus

Paul Reed Smith announces the launch of his brand new retro-style midrange solidbody ‘Stevensville 2’ series at Summer NAMM.

Those who have always hankered after one of Paul Reed Smith’s beautiful creations but couldn’t quite find the funds will be keen to try out the new S2 series models which recently debuted at Summer NAMM. This line up of US-made guitars has already been road-tested by a diverse range of punk and rock artists from Southern blues/rock man JJ Grey through to indie darlings Surfer Blood, and they seem to have gone down rather well.

We’re big fans of the

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Three new labyrinth fishes (Anabantoids).

In December 2012, three new species of labyrinth fishes (Anabantoids) were described: Parosphromenus phoenicurus and Parosphromenus gunawani from eastern Sumatra and Betta siamorientalis from eastern Thailand. We now recognize 20 Parosphromenus and 27 Betta species.

Parosphromenus phoenicurus

Horst Linke discovered Parosphromenus phoenicurus Schindler & Linke, 2012 in 2008, and introduced it to the aquarium hobby under the name Parosphromenus sp. “Langgam.” The new species of licorice gourami differs from all other Parosphromenus in the rhombic shape of the caudal fin (as opposed to rounded or filamentary extended tail fins in the other species). The scientific name derives from the Greek

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Thompson sub-machine gun …or STEN?

The men in control of the 19th century’s armies were, at best, a conservative bunch. Military thinking during that period always found innovation of any sort difficult and nowhere was this predilection so marked as in the area of repeating rifles.

The British Army did not introduce a magazine rifle until 1888, when the Lee-Metford, with a magazine holding ten rounds, began its service life. Unfortunately, the Metford’s barrel was not suitable for the new smokeless ammunition then being introduced, and the rifle began to be replaced in 1895 by the Lee-Enfield, a weapon which will be familiar to many

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Three little corys of the Brazilian Shield

The evolution of dwarf fish forms has taken place independently in many different regions of the world. Among the armored catfishes (Corydoradinae), there is a small group of species that are believed to have evolved millions of years ago. These dwarf Corydoras live in the great clearwater rivers of the 500-million-year-old Brazilian Shield.

The South American continent is comprised of very different geographical regions. Large mountain ranges created by tectonic plate shifts, such as the still-young Andes or the 1.9-billion-year-old formations of the Guiana Shield, frame the three major river basins of South America. Between the Guiana Shield and the

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After working for 30 years as an interior designer. Thomas Pheasant bemoans that perfection is a constantly distant goal. The pursuit of classical beauty continues to guide him, but «perfection is now a motivation rather than a destination for me,» he says. While much of his time these days is spent coordinating his team of architects and designers on residential projects, his latest Classical Evolution range for Baker Furniture is more intimate. «It’s really

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It’s time to consider a sustainable lifestyle when you pick your new address in the outskirts of the city

WHILE IT’S NICE TO WAKE UP to a stunning city skyline, the stress of city living can be overwhelming sometimes. For instance, just 12 kilometers away from Ortigas is the sprawling township of Havila developed by Filinvest.

Havila encompasses three towns in Rizal province: Taytay, Antipolo, and Angono. It has four communities: Forest Farms, Villa Montserrat, Highland Pointe, and Mission Hills.

The developments are located in the mountains and offer a stunning view of Metro Manila and Laguna de Bay. The

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This picture tells the story better than any words can. In our over strike tests, the Stanley hammer outlasted the competitors brand by a 4 to 1 ratio.

You see, after years of research (and a whole lot of sleepless nights) our engineering department concluded that jacketed, solid-core fiberglass is more durable than the compression-molded variety some of our competitors use to make their hammers.

That’s the Stanley philosophy. Don’t quit working until your product is perfect. You’ll find this kind of dogged determination across the board at Stanley. In everything we make. Like a garage door insulated to reduce noise. Or a closet organizer made with steel planks instead of wire so it doesn’t wrinkle your clothes.

It’s innovative thinking like this that’s kept us ahead of

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