The smart girls money guide

Sophie Goddard aims to save £100* every month. Here she tries haggling

Experts say it’s possible to save hundreds of pounds by haggling on the high street, but only 27% of us have tried it. What’s stopping us.’ Erm, fear of looking like a tight-arse, perhaps? While I’m excited about the idea of saving up to £100 per month, I’m also preparing myself for major humiliation…


John Lewis has a policy saying if an item’s available cheaper in another store it’ll try to match it. The Nikon Coolpix Camera I want is £149.95, but I’ve seen it for £5.95

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The Small World of Miniature Bayonets

A number of letter-opener bayonets associated with the United States Marine Corps have been featured in previous articles in this series. Two further examples have, however, recently become available for study. The first of these is 199 mm in overall length with a 140 mm blade and a 7.0 mm muzzle ring. There is no scabbard. This miniature is a chromium-plated aluminium (or alloy?) casting (non-magnetic). The pommel has a 17 mm-long rectangular-sectioned mortise along its upper side. On the reverse is a fixing catch button, spring loaded but otherwise functionless. The two dark-brown (wood-grain effect) plastic grips appear to

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The Royal Command VC

When an attack on a German-held hill in Italy ran into trouble seventy years ago this month, Company Sergeant Major Peter “Misty” Wright lost his temper and altered the course of the entire battle. Steve Snelling chronicles the remarkable story of the Coldstream Guards hero who became a Victoria Cross recipient by Royal command.

Beneath a sweltering September sun, the thin line of troops straggled down the steep slopes to be swallowed by the thick scrub carpeting the small valley north of Salerno.

Two companies, roughly 200 men, sweated as they stumbled through the tangle of bushes and trees which

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Producers Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane

Engineer Glyn Johns

Courting controversy courtesy of its lyrics and acclaim for the still novel production techniques, this Small Faces classic was a hit both at home and in the US. John Pickford reports.

The summer of 1967, forever known as The Summer Of Love, was an incredibly fertile period for pop music. The sonic experiments pioneered by the era’s artists, producers and engineers ushered in a new progressive age, when, for the first time, a distinction was made between lightweight pop acts and serious rock bands. The Small Faces, a group of London




By Edward Platt

“It doesn’t matter if you’re discovering a piece of music or a film—it’s very similar,” says Fabien Riggall, founder and creative director of an organization that prides itself on restoring a sense of drama and mystery to familiar forms of entertainment. Riggall’s first project, Secret Cinema, uses actors and performers to re-create the world of a film as a setting for its screening, and he is now attempting to do the same in music. His new initiative, Secret Music, launched in

July with a

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By Sam Paul

In each issue of Skin&lnk we bring you the latest news on events, products and services within the tattoo community in order to keep you in the know and ahead of the curve.

Convention & Happening


Garden City, NY

September 6-8, 2013

Anyone who has ever attended a convention hosted by Long Island ink entrepreneur, Tattoo Lou, will tell you that the man and his team pull out all the stops to make each event bigger and better than the previous show.

This year the United Ink show will be housed in the Cradle of

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EVERY DAY MEN WRESTLE BEARDS, TACKLE TEETH AND TUSSLE HAIR — LUCKILY TECH IS LENDING A HAND. Every morning is a fight to achieve the perfect style as men unleash their grooming arsenal from the bathroom cabinet. But without the most advanced gadgetry it’s a campaign that even the most determined struggle to enjoy — let alone win. So now it’s time to make space for some new gear. Scientists have spent years researching and now have carefully engineered each product to make the daily preen more pleasant — no matter how simple the basic function.


Nioxin At-Home


The Russian Front Awards of 1941-45

Now we come to Finland, which is a unique country for a number of reasons.

As is common knowledge, the USSR demanded to exchange territory and rent a naval base from Finland in 1939. These talks broke down when Finland flatly refused, resulting in Russia invading Finland on 30 November 1939 to take what it wanted by force. This period of time in Finland was called the Winter War of 1939-40. Europe was still in the ‘phoney war’ period. Both France and England wanted to send aid to Finland and a few independent volunteers did serve in Finnish uniform during

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The Royal Air Force – 1993

A review of the RAF in its 75th anniversary year, by Paul Jackson.

OVERSHADOWED by the RAF’s 75th anniversary celebrations on April 1, is the 25th birthday of Strike Command on April 30 and the 50th anniversary of the Ruhr dams raid on May 16-17. For the RAF, it seems that great events proceed in 25-year cycles — and that is most certainly true today, as the service comes to grips with a further series of structural changes. Sadly for the aviation enthusiast, these are associated with cuts in the strength of the RAF on par with the years following

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The Royal Artillerys Forgotten 25

Mention the number 25 to any British ex-gunner and the almost automatic response will be ’25-pounder. That venerable gun-howitzer made such an impression on the WWII years (and for decades after) that it is still foremost in the thoughts of many who served the guns. Yet there was another 25 in the Royal Artillery’s WW2 inventory although, in contrast to the 25-pounder, it did not stay very long and neither did it make a very good impression. It was a 25mm anti-tank gun and it was not a British product but French. It was le canon antichar de 25mm modele

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