The radical graphics work.

Barney Bubbles

Among the last commissions completed by the late graphics genius Barney Bubbles (born Colin Fulcher 1942; died by his own hand 1983) was a typically quirky job delivered to one of his host of unusual and sympathetic clients: a tattoo design for Rat Scabies, drummer of UK punk-rockers The Damned.

Entitled The Missing Link – the ‘i’s inverted into exclamation marks – this wily construct formed a rat’s face from broken chain links. An amicable comment on Scabies’s unusual appearance, it also served to define Bubbles’ important but until recently all-but-invisible position in the development of graphics practice

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Challenge #1:

Open shelves over the washer dryer makes the room feel cluttered.

Solution: Cabinets with doors hung over the washer/dryer makes a better use of the available height of the wall and the doors hide clutter.

Price: 3 piece cabinet set, plus side counter all bought as a set : $123 at Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Challenge #2:

Need to store gift bags, wrapping paper and bows in a more accessible way.

Solution: Two solutions made this possible

1. Door hanging shoe holder was modified to hold wrapping paper and decorations making good use of the unused door space.


The prodigy of the Middle East

An investment hub brimming with opportunity, Kurdistan is fast becoming the prodigy of the Middle East.

From the ashes of the tumultuous previous regime has emerged modern Kurdistan like the mythological phoenix. To look back on this prosperous decade is to take stock of just how far the region has come in such a short space of time.

From a primitive, lifeless caterpillar a vibrant and colorful butterfly has blossomed. A modern, mature state fully engaged in international business and peaceful diplomacy.

There’s no looking back for Kurdistan 2013; too much has been achieved in both geopolitical relations and international

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The power of quasars.

The brightest known objects in the universe, quasars blast light and other radiation across billions of light years of space, Illuminating some of the remotest corners of the cosmos.

Scan a small or medium-sized telescope across the constellation of Virgo (the Virgin), to the north-east of the moderate star Eta Virginis, and you’ll trace scattered chains of apparently nondescript stars.

There’s little to suggest that one particular star-like point of light is any different from the rest. But, in fact, one faint object — a ‘star’ of magnitude 12.9, listed in catalogues under the designation 3C 273 — is extraordinary.

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The power of Galactic tides

Galactic tides are capable of shearing entire galaxies in two and ejecting stars and debris into interstellar space

A galactic tide is a cosmic process in which an object of small mass is distorted gravitationally by one of larger mass, such as a satellite galaxy being influenced by a larger galaxy.

This process occurs as gravitational attraction between two objects increases with a decrease in distance, with objects in close proximity to each other experiencing stronger attraction and greater probability of generating a galactic tide.

A good theoretical example of a galactic tide is two galaxies located close to each

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The power of ANTIMATTER

Is antimatter the key to understanding more about our universe and propelling future spacecraft between the stars? All About Space investigates how close we are to finding out more about this exotic matter

Written by Gemma Lavender

Imagine a mirror held up to the universe, one that reflects matter on the scale of particles. Just like a normal mirror, the image would be reversed. Particles like protons with positive charge would suddenly look to be negatively charged, while electrons that spin in quantum fashion one way would appear to spin the other way. While the universe doesn’t really have a

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The Positive Flip Side To PTSD

New research shows that a traumatic experience can become a catalyst for personal growth

On Friday 13 November 2009, petite Pinetown teacher Kavisha Seevnarain, then 26, was hijacked at gunpoint by four men, taken on a nightmare ride down the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, and pushed off the Umkomaas River Bridge. She plunged the equivalent of 20 storeys to a sandbank covered in shallow water, shattering her pelvis and ribs and injuring her spine. Sensing she would drown as the tide came in, she dragged herself to a bridge support and clung there, half submerged in icy water, until daybreak when

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Brittany McKinney, a.k.a. B-Mac, grew up in North Carolina, dreaming of becoming a major league bullpen catcher. She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and now coaches at U.N.C.-Greensboro during the collegiate season. Before joining the Comets, she played for the Carolina Diamonds. Until eight weeks ago, she had never ridden a train. But the Comets are all living together in a residence hall at Montclair State University, across the street from a New Jersey Transit station, and, as McKinney put it recently, in a slight drawl, «It’s fort» minutes and then you arrive at Penn Station.»

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The port with everything

The city of San Diego was founded in 1542 by Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo, who originally saw how the long dogleg of the bay could be used as a harbour for ships to shelter against the vagaries of the Pacific Ocean. Over the centuries the facilities at San Diego have been progressively enhanced, until today the port can truly be described as a super-port. San Diego is also a military city, being home to the US Navy’s largest naval base on the West Coast. Just 20 miles from the border with Mexico, San Diego has also, within the last 15 years,

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The physical deep end with my camera…

Name: Kelvin Trautman

City; Durban

About Kelvin:

Visual storyteller. Photojournalist. Filmmaker. Outdoorsman and athlete. Focused on documenting adventure travel, extreme sport and outdoor lifestyle. Award winning. authentic creative style. Driven to tell human stories using a camera and empathy.

The highs and lows of adventure photography

I’ve always had an interest in art and creativity and at school my point and shoot accompanied me on most adventures. When it came to picking a university degree I decided on natural science course thinking this was my best opportunity for a career that would take me outdoors, the place where I am

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