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This 20-room hotel, housed in a 17th-century former convent, has been 11 years in the making. Looking down from a clifltop, it’s gasp-inducingly beautiful and tranquil. Paved terraces dotted with double day-beds, canopied sun loungers and swings a deux cascade down the hillside, to the aqua infinity pool with dizzying views of the sea below. The rooms are all local chestnut and walnut furniture, marble bathrooms, king-size beds and eye-popping sea vistas. This is Italy so food is, naturally, a highlight.

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If all goes according to plan, in 2016 we will have a mega-complex of hotels, resorts, and casinos in a brand new strip of reclaimed land on Manila Bay, the City.

There, big money will flow in a frenzy of high stakes gambling and ‘total entertainment,’ our attempt at taking a big chunk of the fun from the little Monaco of the east. It’s that or an easy win over Las Vegas, which has been losing a lot lately. Unless, of course we botch the entire thing…

When Solaire Resort and Casino opened in March at that new stretch of

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The New Breed

Despite reaching the goals he initially set out to achieve, such as appearing in BBC Wildlife Magazine, pursuing wildlife photography full time is no longer Jules Cox’s ambition.

«You look at these things through rose tinted spectacles when you start out», he says. «You see people like Danny Green, Laurie Campbell and David Tippling, and you think, ‘Wow! What a life that must be’, but then you look at the reality of how competitive it is, and what the market rate for images is, and you say, «Ok … if I’m going to be able to put food on the

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‘There has been a music shop on this site now for approximately 32 years,’ says owner Paul Sturman, ‘I have been trading here under the Music Place banner for 5 years and have built up a fine reputation for quality instruments, percussion, PA, and a large selection of accessories and effects. This area has always been exciting for musicians, and there’s a good live movement here, especially with younger players.’


With just one snug room straight in from the street, The Music Place manages to offer a wide choice of percussion, effects, recording


The music man

Hidden behind a barbershop in a particularly nondescript part of Los Angeles’ Korea town district sits a small, equally unremarkable looking building. We call it the Death star,” says Stacy Jones, gesturing at the unit through a rain-splattered windshield. We’re sitting in his car because inside the studio, which the American Hi-Fi frontman has owned for the past decade, French garage- rock girls Plastiscines are recording vocal takes for their third album, which Jones is producing. “Normally I’d say we could just do the interview outside, but this weather….» He nods toward the ominous skies above, which have darkened following

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The MT experts are hereto help…


Can you recommend some decent units and tell me what to watch out for when doing these things? Tom Abbot Sheffield

MT The DIY scene has really grown in the last fewyears and when once there were only a few kits there are now dozens in all shapes and sizes. Seventh Circle Audio (www. has a variety of kits based loosely on several different classic preamp designs from the likes of SSL, Neve and API. However, you will also need to build a Seventh Circle Audio chassis for these preamps (single-unit chassis are available). In the

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The movies, music and games to test your system



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Out now ★★★★

Some bands’ collections of B-sides, remixes and ‘rarities’ are overt barrel-scraping affairs, an exercise in contract fulfilment or an admission of creative bankruptcy. Belle and Sebastian do things rather differently.

After all, this is the band that didn’t include a single on an album until their sixth LP (Dear Catastrophe Waitress) — prior to that all the band’s singles and EPs were stand-alone.

So in the manner of 2005’s Push Barman To Open Old Wounds (which rounded up B-sides and what-have-you from the first five albums),

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The most unlikely addition to the transport infrastructure of London is nearing completion in the East End. More about the Emirates Air Line, a cable car to link the Royal Albert Dock with Greenwich

The London skyline is becoming increasingly eclectic. The bulbous Gherkin (Foster + Partners), the towering Shard (RPBW) and the wind-turbine-topped, elongated-barcode that is the Strata tower (BFLS) will soon be joined by the Cheese Grater (RSHP), the Boomerang (Ian Simpson and Partners) and the Walkie-Talkie (RVA).

Aside from high-rise towers, there have been more eccentric and, in some cases, more loved additions that peek above the rooftops. The London Eye, at first implemented as a temporary attraction, has become one of the most recognisable modern additions to the capital’s silhouette. The Arcelor Mittal tower in the Olympic Park wriggles skywards

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The most powerful forces in the universe.

All About Space runs for cover as we explore the objects in the cosmos that pack the biggest punches of all.

The universe is an incredibly violent place, populated by explosions and torrents of radiation, pulled this way and that by powerful fundamental forces, and lit up by active centres of galaxies and massive stars. All these forces are in interplay -supernovas create black holes, while gravity battles dark energy to decide the fate of the universe. Energies far greater than the Sun can produce in 10 billion years are wielded in a matter of seconds, and our knowledge of

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The Moon

The most visible celestial object from Earth has been the source of human fascination for millennia, yet we’re still discovering more about it all the time.

Orbiting at a distance of anywhere between 362,570 kilometres and 405,410 kilometres (225,000 to 252,000 miles) and moving away from the Earth at almost four centimetres (1.57 inches) per year, all 74 billion trillion kilograms (160 billion trillion pounds) of blasted grey rock that is the Moon never fails to make for fascinating viewing. Its topography is a pattern of ‘maria’ – impact basins once filled with lava – and giant craters that are

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