The best phones in the world run Android. The best Androids ore this Samsung, Sony and HTC. Sophie Charara finds out which is best of the best… of the best.

A smartphone is the most important weapon in your gadget arsenal. That means choosing the right smartphone is pretty damned difficult — and this is especially true today. You see, not long ago we would have automatically recommended the iPhone; it was the best option on many levels, so the only decision to make was how much built-in storage to plump for. But now that Android rules the roost, with

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This modern barn on Jacobsdal wine farm in Stellenborsch is home to Koba and Cornelis Dumas and their two young sons

At the southwestern edge of the Stellenbosch wine region, on the vine shrouded slopes overlooking a gleaming False Bay, is a silver grey barn. A barn filled with beautiful furniture and books and photographs and laughter. A barn that’s actually a house. And in the house lives a little boy called Pieter, and his father and mother and baby brother, Stefan, and their two dogs, Suki and Simba. Happily ever after.

Two years ago Pieter’s parents, Cornells and Koba.


The history of space suits.

These miniature spacecraft have allowed us to operate in space for over half a century

When the United States and the USSR first decided to venture into the cosmos in the mid-20th Century, it was readily apparent that they would need something to protect their explorers from the harshness of space. While pressure suits had been used before on high-altitude jets, no one was quite sure how the human body would cope with weightlessness, and particularly with the vacuum of space, if a spacewalk was to be attempted.

One thing that was known for certain, however, was that exposure to

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The history of DAF

While there was no doubt that OAF had certainly established a strong market tor its trucks In the Netherlands and the other Benelux countries its strategy as far as the wider export market was less convincing. Efforts to expand trucks sales in Europe were somewhat tentative and in the 1960s the company was arguably more interested in promoting its cars rather than trucks. However, by the early 1970s the company was taking steps to expand its market outside its traditional markets.

The tie up with International Harvester in 1972 was an indication that the management’s view of market expansion was

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The hawker dodo

TO SUPPORT the large number of RAF and Indian Air Force squadrons flying the Hawker Hurricane in the campaign against the Japanese in Burma, a significant training organisation was established in India.Amongst the training and conversion units that flew the Hurricane were 151 Operational Training Unit at Peshawar and I Service Flying Training School (India) at Ambala.

Although by 1945 the latter unit was using around 100 North American Harvards, to give its new pilots some fighter experience before they proceeded to the OTU, the Ambala FTS was issued with around a dozen Hurricanes. However, it soon became apparent that

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THIRTY YEARS ago this month, a red-and-white-painted Hawk took to the skies over Britain. Today this aircraft has become one of the most successful, and by far the most successful jet trainer. With nearly 850 orders and 1.5 million flying hours to its credit, the BAE Systems Hawk has continued to evolve and remains at the forefront of jet trainer technology. This is largely the reason it continues to flourish, with a constant stream of orders flowing in.

The Hawk is a proud symbol of technological and marketing achievement for BAE Systems, and for Britain as a whole. As the

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The Guatemala air force.

As a result of the December 1996 Peace Accords that ended 36 years of brutal and tragic internal armed conflict, Guatemala is facing the greatest period of social and economic change — and opportunity — in its 178-year history as an independent nation. Like every other national institution, the armed forces are now in the midst of transitions reflecting changing values and outlooks, and the immense challenges of a nation coming to terms with its past, while moving into the future.

New missions.

For the Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca (FAG), a period of reflective learning and reorganisationwill prepare it for new

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The Grim Reapers of VF-101

Marshall Lefavor reports on the US Navy’s only unit tasked with providing combat ready F-14 crews to the Fleet.

THE US NAVY’S restructuring programme has mode Fighter Squadron 101 (VF-101) the world’s largest squadron. Budget cuts, base closures and other shuffling forced the west coast F-14 Fleet Replacement Sqn (FRS) at NAS Miramar to fold, leaving VF-101 as the single site headquarters for providing combat ready F-14 Tomcat crews to the Fleet.

VF-101 Grim Reopen is at the heart of ‘Fighter Country’ at NAS Oceana’s Fighter Wing Atlantic. It operates at Oceana with nine Fleet VF squadrons. Besides feeding replacement

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No trip to India is complete without a visit to Udaipur, and no trip to Udaipur is complete without a stay at the Udaivilas, a fantasy Indian palace that’s all shimmering cream facades, decorative domes, fountains and OTT opulence. Although relatively new, it feels like it’s been the home of maharajas for centuries. Plump for an outside room with a ‘semi-private’ plunge pool that’s actually an off-shoot of the giant one which snakes round the whole thing like a moat (pictured). Do take time to venture across Lake Pichola to the city’s antique palaces, temples and

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The Go-To Guy

“Become the guy that makes good stuff, knows I people, and makes things happen, and you’re the one they’re going to hire», says Northampton shire-based Adam Duckworth, whose client list ranges from Las-toilet to Suzuki and the Royal Horticultural Society. «Then, once they’ve hired you, you need to over deliver.

«There’s no point looking back to how the industry used to be: it’s about working out what the new normal is, and how you can add value to the things that you do.

«For me, it’s about knowing how editors think, and what the issues are in their market, and

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