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From coasters to couches, The Design Store by Lifestorey is one shop you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking to deck out your home in quirky furnishings. Spread across this 8,000sqf design superstore is a plethora of brands and styles ranging from the subdued designs of Danish label Muuto, to the rock and roll-infused pieces of Diesel and Barcelona-based beanbag brand Woouf.

Although The Design Store is linked to established furniture shop Lifestorey, it is rather like the letter’s younger, more extroverted sister. While Lifestorey at Great World City stocks well-known Italian brands such as Kartell and Casamania,

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The Day a Typhoon hit Bognor Regis

The West Sussex holiday resort of Bognor Regis, noted for sunshine and fun, was once hit by a typhoon, killing two people and destroying two houses. This was no freak weather phenomenon but a Hawker Typhoon aircraft crash in WWII.

Len Martlew, 65, and his 63-year-old wife Annie lived at number 13 Beatty Road Bognor Regis, a home they had lived in for many years, with a small but well-tended garden. It was mid-afternoon on Thursday 22 April 1943 and the morning rain and drizzle had been replaced by slight winds and watery sunshine, when tragically an RAF aircraft crashed

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The daft heroes*

BRUCE WILLIS, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are meeting their agent who wants to put forward some ideas for a new film.

We’ve got some scripts of classical composers. Who do you want to be?”

“Can I be Beethoven?” asks Willis.

“I’d love to be Mozart,” says Stallone.

“Who do you want to be, Arnie?” asks the agent.

Schwarzenegger replies, “I’ll be Bach.”

Out in the cold*

A COUPLE are on holiday in Spain with their young son. The only way to get any action’s to make him play on the balcony. When they finally get down to it, he

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The Curtain Exchange

The designer solution for every window treatment and curtain need is at The Curtain Exchange. Whether it’s in-stock curtains ready to take home on the spot or custom beauties made and measured to order — for residential or commercial properties — you’ll be inspired by the store’s exquisite quality, large selection and fresh style.

An endless selection of fabrics and materials is available for sheers, solars, shades, blinds and shutters, with manual or motorized control, and abundant hardware options — they can even perform installation for you, and also offer unique bedding and pillows.

Professional consultants, in-home consultations and the

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There’s Gold in Them Thar Files

Anyone who has viewed any episodes of the various CSI, NCIS, or Low& Order shows knows that: (a) If something works, then you should keep using, tweaking, and reworking it; and (b) performing autopsies is really, really important because it enables you to do «a.»

You know those TV ads that say you’re sitting on piles of gold in your closets and drawers at home? And they go on to tell you that all your old, forgotten jewelry and silverware can yield big bucks to buy things you need and want today. Well, right

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Whether you are new to mastering or an experienced engineer, the following few pages could change your life. Here is THE complete guide to a process that will transform your sound.

Any article that claims to be ‘The Complete Guide…’ is worth starting with a bit of a history lesson, so let’s look back at the early days of this ‘dark art’. Mastering began as a means of transferring recordings from magnetic tape to various media, such as vinyl, while maintaining as much of the audio fidelity as possible. Vinyl, for example, cannot handle much bass without the risk of



Director Neill Blomkamp’s latest (and bigger-budgeted) action thriller after sci-fi sleeper hit District 9. In the year 2159, the polarization of classes is made distinct by Elysium, a space station where the wealthy frolic in paradise, capable of ridding themselves of illnesses like cancer—all while sipping futuristic margaritas. Max (Damon) takes on a mission to overthrow the powers that be, risking his life to give poor people a shot at luxury.

Never mind that washed-up comedian Dane Cook voices one of the central characters, we’re speaking of talking planes here! A spinoff of Disney’s Cars, this animated comedy has winged

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The Colt Model 1903

The approach to what we now call a «carry gun» was much different a generation ago. In those halcyon days, most folks tucked a neat little break-action revolver in their waistband or dropped a slim semi-auto in their pocket and went about their business. No one thought this was a menace to civil society. Such practices didn’t evoke mass hysteria in the media, nor were they considered dangerous by anyone, except crooks.

The choice of defensive calibers was also much different then. It was determined not only by the petite size of the typical handgun, but also because high-powered antibiotics

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I have plans for destroying every fortress … and ships, which can resist the fire of all the heaviest cannon … I can make armored cars…”

That’s Leonardo da Vinci, asking the Duke of Milan for a job. ten years before Columbus discovered America.

Leonardo got that job. He went to Milan to make huge bronze statues, giant cathedrals, enormous canals, secret tunnels, and a bristling host of giant, terrifying, remarkably sadistic war machines. Leonardo had plenty of plans — volumes full of them, plans stuffed in the margins of his plans. But Leonardo never shipped the products. He never


The Canarys Grand Guardians.

FOR CENTURIES THE Canary Islands -700 miles (1,126km) from Spain and 180 miles (290km) from West Africa -provided an important stepping-stone to Africa and America. Today, Ala (Wing) 46 and Escuadron (Squadron) 802 of the Ej6rcito del Aire (Spanish Air Force) are maintaining almost 60 years of continual Spanish presence at this remote location. Just as the islands play host to thousands of holiday-makers, they also welcome Spanish and foreign squadrons keen to use the unrestricted Air Combat Manoeuvring (ACM) range south of the Canaries.

Gando airport at Gran Canaria is a mixed-use field — its two parallel runways (12,000ft

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