Boasting a test score of 92% in the July 2013 issue, the Canon EOS 700D is a great camera for taking your next step in photography. Its 18-megapixel CMOS sensor, Hybrid AF and powerful DIGIC 5 image processor deliver brilliant image quality, while its ergonomic design, ‘ light weight and vari-angle 3in LCD touchscreen monitor make it a joy to use. These are just some of the brilliant features you’ll find on this fantastic entry-level model. Whether you’re a ‘ beginner or an enthusiast, it’s packed with features that allow you to indulge in creative photography and capture your best

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The Business of Projection

Versatile projector performance from the office to the concert stage


Small and light enough to be portable, the M420X is in fact a high-brightness, multi-function projector. Its 42(X) ANSI lumens makes suitable to be deployed in a wide range of places from classrooms to boardrooms. while Eco Mode automatically controls picture brightness, saving power and improving lamp life up to 3500 hours of usage. The M420X is also designed for case of use and maintenance. Geometric correction and test pattern display ensures quick setup, while USB and LAN support allows images to be sent over a wide range

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The Boys Are Out Of Town

In October 2012 Thin Lizzy announced that they would be recording and touring their new material under a fresh name. Scott Gorham tells Martyn Casserly about the birth of Black Star Riders

With next year marking the 40th anniversary of Scott Gorham as a recording artist, you might expect to find him taking things easy; maybe even settling down by the fire, brandy in hand, to tell the grand kids all about his glorious adventures as the lead guitarist with rock royalty Thin Lizzy. Well, it seems the pipe and slippers will have to wait a few years more as

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The Bloody Hundredth in harms way

As soubriquets go, it’s decidedly unenviable. So heavy were the 100th Bomb Group’s losses on certain missions that — even if its overall wartime loss rate was not the European theatre’s worst — it attracted the morbid nickname ‘The Bloody Hundredth’.

Formed without any aircraft at Orlando Army Air Base, Florida on 1 June 1942, it was from Kearney Field, Nebraska that the 100th BG’s Flying Fortresses — B-l7Fs then — and aircrews began to depart for Britain on 25 May 1943. Initially they began arriving at Station 109, Podington in Bedfordshire, but after just a few days there the

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Born of anarchist bombers and gangsters, the early FBI was a crack team of ‘Commie hunters’ and counter-spies bending the law to protect the USA

It was late-summer of 1901 and the eyes of the world were on Buffalo, NY, the eighth-largest city in the United States at the time. Buffalo was hosting the Pan-American Exposition, where electric light was still a novelty and the first X-ray machine was on display. On 5 September, US President William McKinley toured the exposition and gave a speech on the glories of progress and human genius. It was the last speech he’d ever

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There is a potential flaw in Atul Gawande’s BetterBirth Project, which seeks to spread safer childbirth practices through neonatal intervention. In another initiative, in the nineteen-eighties, a group of Western mid worked in remote villages in Nepal to teach local birth attendants how to prevent neonatal tetanus, which was killing large numbers of infants. With immunization clinics, the group was able to achieve measurable improvements in neonatal survival. But the death rate of children under five years remained stubbornly high. Many of those who might have died as were doomed to die as toddlers. The innovations cannot stop with improved

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The Bike That Berg Built

As a bike builder, Denny Berg has a lot to answer for—not least being his Cobra Sport Wing, created a full 10 years before Honda pulled the wraps off its new-for-2013 Gold Wing F6B. Similarities between Berg’s one-off custom and Honda’s production bagger are no coincidence. Of course, I may be biased. Denny is a good friend, and I count one of his builds, a hot-rod BSA Gold Star, among the handful of my bikes I’ll take to the grave. I’ve never told him this, but that Beezer, bought as a $100 basketcase when I was in junior college, significantly

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The big smoke

The team behind Surry Hills’ popular Bar H have brought culinary fire power to the The Woods at Sydney’s Four Seasons Hotel.

roasted spatchcock with radicchio & bread salad

Serves 4

50g unsalted butter 8 large sage leaves 4 x 500g spatchcocks* 1/4 cup (60ml) olive oil, plus extra to shallow-fry 2 thick sourdough bread slices, torn into 2cm pieces 1/4 cup (40g) sultanas, chopped, soaked in 2 tbs verjuice» 10 anchovy fillets in oil, drained, chopped Juice of 1 lemon 1 radicchio, leaves separated 1/2 cup each watercress sprigs and flat-leaf parsley leaves 1/4 cup (40g) pine nuts, toasted

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The big squeeze

Whether you’re making lemonade or going on a juice cleanse, get ready to press, squeeze, and twist with this tangy lineup of juicers

1. JUICY READ. With its 250 recipes of healthy juices and smoothies, you’ll be whipping up glass after glass once you read this book. Squeezed: 250 Juices + Smoothies, P999, Fully Booked

2. STEEPER STORAGE. Catch bitter citrus seeds and store orange and lemon halves inside these lovely steepers. Silicon Tea Steepers, P99.75 each, Dimensione

3. ICONIC SIGHTING. Beautiful and intelligently designed, this award winning, Jetsons-like juicer is even easier to clean—just run it under the tap!

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The Big Dipper.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most easily recognisable patterns of stars in the northern hemisphere.

The Big Dipper goes by several different names, including the ‘Plough’ and the ‘Saucepan’. It is, though, very recognisable with its bowl-shaped pattern of four stars connected to a ‘handle’ of three more. This is a group of stars which has been recognised from time immemorial and by nearly all cultures around the world.

It is not a constellation in its own right, but just an easy-to-spot pattern of stars which form part of the larger constellation of Ursa Major, or

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