Telescope advice

This month we get hands-on with Celestron’s NexStar 130 reflector telescope

Celestron NexStar 130 SLT

Cost: £399/$430


Type: Reflector

Aperture: 130mm

Focal Length: 650mm

Magnification: 307x

This fully computerised reflector telescope from Celestron is the perfect way to view the stars. The 130mm aperture does an excellent job of gathering light and will afford you some fantastic views of the planets and also deep sky objects.

It’s a quick and easy telescope to set up that doesn’t require any additional tools, while a handy accessory tray is provided to store your various accessories on. The telescope itself is

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Tele Ace

Fujifilm builds out its zoom catalog.

In April, 2013, this 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 OIS zoom ($699, street) joined the Fujinon 18-55mm f/2.8-4 zoom ($699, street) to round out a relatively fast and useful XF series optical system for Fujifilm’s impressive X-series of ILCs . How good is it?

An 84-305mm full frame equivalent, the 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 includes a built-in stabilizer, two ED and one Super ED elements for controlling chromatic aberration, and has a unique soft-sided lens pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth.

The 55-200mm is strikingly plain-Jane, with no subject distance scale, ornamental brand markings, or even f-stop numerals

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TAYLOR 522e & 618e

Mahogany or maple, medium or large, intimate or extrovert… there’s something for everybody with these two fine new electro-acoustics from the USA. Review by Huw Price.

Taylor guitars are hugely respected by countless big-name players. Available in a vast choice of sizes, timbers and appointments, they’re especially noted for accuracy of build, consistency of tone and the stage-worthiness of the pickup systems. In this review, however, we want to look a little deeper, to take one brand-new and one re-worked Taylor and try to find out how they rate for feel and inspiration – which, after all, is what we’re

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I’m writing in regards to your “Technique” feature articles. I’m a 14-year-old boy living in Minnesota with hopes of becoming a pilot someday. I really enjoy the tips on how to perform specific procedures in an airplane.

I like how «Technique» isolates the different aspects of the maneuver or procedure and provides a description of how and when to perform the task.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn next month.


I have been a reader of Flight Training for 23 years. I can’t believe you published the article “Two Touchdown

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Teddy bear

The name ‘Teddy bear’ was first given to toy bears made from mohair and other fur-like fabrics. The name originated from an incident in Mississippi in 1902 when the then President of the USA, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, went bear hunting. After a fruitless trip, an American black bear was cornered and presented to the President to shoot as a trophy, but he refused to kill the exhausted bear, deeming it unsportsmanlike. Later, a cartoon depicting the incident appeared in the Washington Post, showing the president and a bear cub captioned as Teddy’s bear.

At the same time, in Germany, the

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Truman Capote once wrote of islands:

“To set foot on one is like starting up a gangplank. One is seized by the same feeling of charmed suspension: It seems nothing unkind or vulgar can happen to you» That sentiment still holds today on Coronado Island, off the southern tip of California.

“It’s like stepping into another time,” says California native and Las Vegas-based designer Taylor of the isle where she transformed the interior of an unusual 1890s Cape Cod-style green-shingled residence into a playful beach house befitting its funky architecture and the young family that spends time there.

“My clients

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Baking-hot valleys and bone-chilling peaks. Gauchos and geysers. Mineral springs and moonscapes. The Andes have one hell of a range, says Ciara Parkes

First, an admission: I’m not the fittest person. I like a good, bracing walk – who doesn’t? — but five hours of vertical climbing? At high altitude? In 30°C heat? Not so much.

But I was in the Andes, and that’s what you do in the Andes. You walk, as they have done here for thousands of years. We were at the crossroads of Argentina’s most ancient trade routes, where the pre-Inca peoples hawked their wares, and

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Q and A With Timmy B.

I have had the awesome pleasure of interviewing one of the best tattooists on the scene today, Timmy B. This guy is not only a very talented artist, but he is an amazingly genuine person, as well. I see his work being emulated and reproduced all the time. I wanted to know his thoughts on that subject as well as ask him some technical questions about his brilliant tattoos. I feel like his work ethic should be the standard for any up-and-coming tattooist. He has become a renewed inspiration for me to strive for

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I recently wrote about Les Skuse, Jimmie Skuse , the Bristol Tattoo Club, and the upcoming Philadelphia Convention. This is a follow up of the whole experience. As a collector, talking and sharing with other collectors is always great fun and a learning experience. The history is as important as the collectable item itself.

This year was truly historical at Troy Timpel’s Philly Convention due to the fact that the Bristol Tattoo Club (est. 1953) was making its first appearance in the United States since founder, Les Skuse, visited in 1956. Just the history of the members



Colours In The Dark

Симфонический метал от бывшей вокалистки Nightwish

Сочетание классической музыки с роком/металлом представляет собой интересный жанр, в котором финское сопрано Тарья Турунен играет роль Первой Леди. На этой, ее четвертой сольной работе, она полагается на свою блестящую репутацию с выразительным готическим материалом, не говоря уже о прекрасно исполненном оперном вокале с широким диапазоном.

Надо сказать, что альбом — на любителя. Если вам не нравится симфонический металл, и вы скорее сунете руку в блендер, чем станете слушать гитарный дисторшн в сочетании с оперными завываниями, то вас это не зацепит. И при всей пышности и изысканности Colours In The

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