The largest known nebula in the universe is many times larger than the Oort cloud and far more massive, with a star cluster at its core which is 450,000 solar masses alone. The Tarantula Nebula is right on our cosmic doorstep in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), which is one of several satellite galaxies orbiting around the Milky Way itself. With a diameter of roughly 800 light years, the Tarantula Nebula (which also goes by the names 30 Doradus and NGC 2070) is a seething cauldron of starbirth containing millions of Suns’ worth of star-forming material, approximately 160,000

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Tarantula Nebula

This fantastic region of space is one of the brightest and most active areas in our cosmic neighbourhood

Around 160 thousand light years from Earth is a nebula that has astounded astronomers. The Tarantula Nebula, also known as 30 Doradus or NGC 2070, is a 600-light year wide nebula in our Local Group of galaxies, but it shines with such luminosity that it is one of the most active starburst regions in our relative vicinity.

First recognised as a nebula in 1751, the Tarantula Nebula is incredibly bright. According to the National Optical Astronomy Observatory in Arizona, USA, if it

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Few things sound as fabulous as real old-fashioned tape delays with their gritty lo-fi repeats, pitch fluctuations and unique boost capabilities – but they’re big and can be noisy and fiddly to maintain. Can any modern box sound the same? Huw Price finds out.

From the Ray Butts-designed EchoSonic of Scotty Moore fame, to the Echoplexes, Echolettes and WEM Copicats of the ’60s, to Roland Space Echoes and beyond, some of the finest delay sounds in popular music relied upon low-tech tape technology. Tapeaholics, alas, tend to live a life of constant tweaking in their search that sound – but


Tannoy Precision 6.2


Precision by name, precise in nature, the Tannoy Precision 6.2s are a charming, fantastic- sounding floorstander. Consider them one of the frontrunners at the price…

The curved cabinet sides, the clean-looking aluminium trim around the drive units and the chunky terminals on the rear all combine to create an impression of quality

There’s an option to mass-load

The dedicated plinths complement the solid, sturdy speaker design. The spikes are adjusted from above using the supplied key, so you don’t have to mess about from below.

Unusually, the 6.2s give you the option of mass-loading the cabinet. Tannoy claims this

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Taking a Small Bite of Spanish Culture

These tempting tidbits delight the palate with intense flavors and contrasting textures. Whether simple or complex in their preparation, served hot or cold, tapas make a satisfying starter or the perfect addition to any social gathering.

What are Tapas?

Every culture has a version of these “little dishes”—small portions of food that are served before a large meal, or eaten as a snack or mid-day tasting. Italy has the antipasto platter, Turkey its mezze, China its dim sum, and Mexico its antojitos. And Spain is home to tasty tapas.

Despite their legendary status

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Tannoy Definition DC10T


There are plenty of compact floorstanders adorning the pages of this Ultimate Guide, but surely if you want floorstanders it’s because you want to go big, right? Well big is what the Tannoy DC10Ts are.

The big enclosure and wide face is designed to accommodate doubled-up 25cm drivers that effortlessly produce the kind of mind-bending bass that 16.5cm drivers (the kind most of the competition uses) simply can’t match.

It’s by no means all about the bass

But what’s amazing is that the Tannoy’s manage to combine that with such agility and definition.

Notes start and stop precisely as

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Tanks, trucks & Firepower

The late August bank holiday is a popular date for shows up and down the country, with intense competition between show organisers, but one of my favourite events on the calendar in recent years is relatively new in terms of military vehicle shows — Tanks, Trucks & Firepower. The event is a joint venture between Andrew Baker, owner of the land on which the show is held in the rural setting of a farm just outside Dunchurch near Rugby, and the local Birmingham and West Midlands branch of the Military Vehicle Trust, which helps attract many of the vehicles that

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We love cedar tops – and now Tanglewood has a pair of guitars with just that, plus some spectacular pieces of tree for backs and sides, and all at a very good price. Review by Rick Batey.

The new Java series from UK-based company Tanglewood comprises a set of four guitars – well, two really, but with an electro option on each – with some tempting timber. Solid cedar, known for its easy-speaking tone, is used for the tops – that makes a pleasant change from sitka spruce. The backs and sides are laminated with rosewood on the inside, but

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Tangerine Dream And Brian May

Starmus: Sonic Universe

Первопроходцы синтезаторной музыки и гитарист Queen сходятся на сцене.

На первый взгляд, Tangerine Dream и Брайан Мэй кажутся странными партнерами. Queen всегда воспевали людей, защитников и спасителей вселенной. Tangerine Dream, во всем своем мрачном эмбиентном великолепии, в 70-х изображали космос, как безгитарную, беззвездную черную массу, совершенно безразличную к человечеству. Тем не менее, оказалось, что у Брайана Мэя есть склонность к космологии, в то время как Tangerine Dream давно стали, скорее, коммерческим предложением, нежели вызывающим страх проектом. В итоге они идеально сработались вместе на этом концертном альбоме, записанном в 2011 году на фестивале Starmus в рамках празднования 50-летия

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There can be up to half a million board feet of lumber in a single mature giant redwood. It seems sacrilegious to think of these natural wonders in woodshop terms, but they did provide our ancestors with the lumber to build entire cities. And it’s impossible to stand among them, if you’re the kind of person who owns a table saw, and not think about the massive amount of rich, red heartwood.

Oh, come on. It’s OK to just think about it.

Nowadays, most commercially available redwood is the result of planting. The virgin forests are off limits. While a


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