Video Scrubber in Photoshop

In the October 2012 issue of Photoshop User (p. 92), I briefly mentioned that you can turn the Touch Ring on your tablet into a video scrub wheel when working in a video editor or QuickTime, but what about Photoshop? Photoshop handles video, so can the tablet be set up for that, too?

Of course! It’s true that both the Standard and Extended versions of Photoshop CS6 now allow you to edit video clips and, with so many people shooting videos, it’s becoming a common need to edit video quickly and easily. This is where the

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T-55. Bruno Carsuzaa converts the 1:16 Hooben T-55A

Not wanting to confine myself to the WWII period, I was looking for an original modern subject. Unfortunately, modern tank kits in the 1:16 scale are very few, so when I saw the first photographs of the T55-A kit from the Chinese brand HOOBEN, I did not hesitate. This tank, thanks to its exceptional longevity makes it possible to model a vast number of versions from many different conflicts. Eventually I decided to model the Iraqi Enigma version because of its futuristic shape, its rarity and for the pleasure of making the additional armour from scratch. After several weeks of

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T I P A Awards

Its that time of year again, when T I P A (Technical Image Press Association) announces its awards for the world’s most innovative photo products:

• Canon has received five awards across its product line up. The EOS 100D is Bes1 DSLR Entry Level; the EOS 6D is the Best DSLR Expert; the Best Pro DSLR Lens award goes to the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L I] USM; the P i x m a PRO-10 receives the Best Expert Photo Printer award, and the EOS- 1D C is Best Video DSLR.

16. Designed for printing fine art mono¬chrome images, it was praised

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Symbolic images

Designs on paper money serve as ambassadors for nation’s identity

Paper money has long served as a source of national pride, where famous citizens as well as official emblems and symbols turn up as design elements with some regularity.

Defining just what a national symbol is may not be a simple exercise. Ask an American to pick a pair of unique images representing the United States, and the bald eagle and Statue of Liberty would be high on the list.

Ask some Japanese to identify some American national symbols and many would probably name cowboys, Indians and the Wild West

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swords & sorcery: come devils, come darkness

Что мне нравится в Swords and Sorcery: Come Devils, Come Darkness — так это название. Скромненько и со вкусом. Благо, что автором столь помпезного проекта является создатель Wizardry 4, 5 и 6, а значит, чело­век талантливый. Причуды таких людей называют «эксцентрично­стью», а не «странностью». Так или иначе, но первый проект фир­мы Heuristic Park с D.W. Bradley во главе неумолимо двигается к оче­редной дате релиза. В силу чего снова пришло время напомнить читателям, что такое S&S.

Игра задумывалась прежде всего как классическая РПГ. Отсю­да наличие партии из шести геро­ев и традиционного «оконного» вида. Хотя есть и ощутимые отли­чия. Например очень солидный

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Switzerlands FSK 17

Peter Haclerode reports on Switzerland’s rarely seen, but highly efficient, airborne Special Forces – FSK 17.

DESPITE IT’S LONG-MAINTAINED policy of neutrality, Switzerland has always considered defence to be a high priority. The Swiss armed forces maintain a high degree of professionalism and are extremely well armed and equipped — and yet national servicemen have only 17 weeks basic training to their credit, topped up by a 19-day refresher course every two years.

However, the Swiss armed forces also include a small, but highly trained, special forces element, the Fernspah Kompanie 17.

In 1968, the Swiss decided that its army

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This garden plaything must be the most popular that has ever been devised. I have tried to avoid one or two problems that do occur when designing and making a free-standing swing. The bases are very long and the swing is braced at the sides so you don’t need to secure it into the ground. If you fit a plywood base it will prevent the mud puddle which is so often found beneath swings, and the dangerous concrete that usually fills the hole after the first season’s use.

Today many gardens are fairly small and there are more paved patio

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Swedish heavyweights

Scania will be well known to most MMI readers as a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles, specifically heavy trucks and buses. However, the company also manufactures diesel engines for other heavy vehicles (including military), marine use, and other general industrial applications.

In 1900, Maskinfabriks-aktiebolaget Scania was founded in Malmo in the south of Sweden as a manufacturer of bicycles. By 1903 the first cars had left the factory, and two years later Scania built their first truck.

Scania’s origins (through merger) actually trace back to 1891 and Vabis (Vagnsfabriksaktiebolaget i Sodertalje), Vabis founded in 1891 as a railway carriage-manufacturing

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BOASTING CRYSTAL-CLEAR WATERS, GOLDEN-SAND BEACHES AND RUSTIC TAVERNAS overflowing with fresh local seafood, the island of Skiathos in Greece is a brilliant choice for honeymooners seeking an old-world escape with a dash of glamour.

You’re certain to fall in love with the island’s traditional blue and white architecture, and thanks to a happening harbour scene, there’s no chance of island ennui setting in.

Run by forward-thinking hoteliers, the Santikos family, each delivers a first-class experience. Skiathos Princess is sophisticated and understated with beautiful gardens and

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swat3: close-quartersbattle

Скажите мне, что вы видите на скриншотах? Неужели то же, что и я? R6, но в полицейских кос­тюмчиках?..

Не верьте своим глазам! Это Sierra, выпустив SWAT2 и сама, наверное, ужаснувшись, решила сделать нам красиво. Если бы разработчики SWAT 3: Close- Quarters Battle с негодованием этого не отрицали, можно было бы подумать, что «движок» лицензирован у г-на Клэнси… Но нет, говорят, сами додумались. В то же время продюсер проекта Rod Fung с детской непосредственно­стью сообщает, что «это просто даже удивительно, как много ме­лочей мы позаимствовали ото­всюду». Среди мелочей — управ­ление одновременно пятью под­чиненными и абсолютно «настоящее оружие», в том числе и

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