suburban cafe


Very much in love with the whimsical cafes she’d visited in the Hongdae area in Seoul, Sharon Lim didn’t need to think twice when it came to decor inspirations for her home. Together with her husband Raymond Liew, they conceptualised a home very much inspired by the many indie coffee joints they frequented while dating. Their first home together also reflected two distinct tastes, representing the union of two individuals. But while Raymond recalled how they worked their preferences out, he jokingly clarified, «I looked at the budget while she took care of the

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This beautifully designed cabana is the perfect place to relax after a game of tennis or a swim.

A Total Concept Landscape Architects was commissioned to design the extensive external entertaining areas of this Brisbane acreage property integrating a cabana, swimming pool and tennis court for relaxing and socialising. The location of the tennis court was set on level areas of the property running east-west, which suggested the location of the cabana and swimming pool. Positioning the pool to take advantage of level changes from the court to the home enabled A Total Concept Landscape Architects to utilise the outside

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Scientists working with data from the Atacama Large Millimeter/ submillimeter Array (ALMA) have come across the most massive stellar embryo ever discovered in the Milky

Way. It’s a real monster of a baby star, growing in a cosmic womb 500 times the mass of our own Sun.

The unbelievable part is that it’s still growing, sucking up material in its environment with its powerful gravity and adding to a blooming protostellar core that may eventually form several newborn stars.

This core is found 11,000 light years away in a region of space known as the Spitzer Dark Cloud or SDC. It’s shrouded by dense dust and gas, so has been difficult to observe with much accuracy until a Cardiff-based team led by French scientist Nicolas

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If you think ceiling roses and corbels are only for heritage houses, think again. Check out these designs that can work with any style of home


If you are looking to do something a bit different with your kitchen splashback or even a feature wall, this Geometric pressed metal will certainly have guests intrigued. This is another great way to take an old idea and make it new.


This Colonial-style archway from Bailey interiors is fit for a king. The thick arch and equally impressive columns that are attached will create a


Stylish, Sustainable LED Illumination

Today, lighting does more than just illuminate: a well-planned LED lighting layout can create a warm and welcoming ambience that transforms your space into an ECO-home.

The luxury residence pictured — in a prime waterfront location — is the perfect example of what can be achieved with high-quality LED lighting technology from MEGAMAN.

As the social epicentre of the home, the apartment’s living room has been fitted with MEGAMAN 7W LED PAR 16 Reflectors to make the space highly inviting. The Reflectors are evenly installed within the ceiling, helping to create soft ambient lighting that eliminates the harsh shadows a

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STYLISH splurges



S’You can never be overdressed on the Orient Express,’ says the brochure. The journey starts on the British Pullman, enjoying brunch as we whizz towards the Channel crossing. And that’s when the real fun begins. Once in France, we’re helped aboard the Orient Express by our cabin steward, wearing that distinctive blue uniform. The cabins themselves are all vintage luxury, lots of polished oak and mahogany, crystal glassware, silk lampshades and art deco luggage racks. During the day, relax on banquette seating, which converts to luxury bunk-beds at night, with your own Orient robes

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Stylish Integration.

New nacelle designs show benefits of first steps to closer engine/airframe integration

Aerospace researchers generally agree that step changes in efficiency for future commercial aircraft designs will only be achieved through unprecedented levels of integration between propulsion and airframe.

Despite uncertainty over exactly how this will happen, some engine and nacelle manufacturers are taking the first tentative steps. Some are pressing ahead with integrated propulsion systems (IPS), while Pratt & Whitney is developing the variable-area nozzle. Though a far cry from futuristic visions of airliners with open rotors, embedded engines or distributed propulsion systems, these steps mark the start of

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Stylised owl

This simple little project of a stylised owl is a gentle introduction to the art of woodcarving aimed at the beginner, with minimum outlay on tools as it only requires the use of two gouges. It is also a very good initial exercise in gaining practical experience of how to approach the different grain directions — as marked with the red arrows.

The scale designs supplied can easily be altered or adapted to incorporate your own ideas if you wish to, which is very much encouraged.

The wood used in the example is a piece of American black walnut which

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Style points

First up: Mid-Century classics are reinterpreted as outdoor rockers. Vintage materials take shape in lighting. Plus: a bit of wit, whimsy and color for contemporary interiors. By Julie Smith Vincenti.

Strapped out

What can add a Mid-Century vibe to outdoor living areas? The Kantan II can, and it mixes brass with straps to make a home look good. Brown Jordan’s original Kantan, a 1950s vinyl-strap series by Tadao Inouye, is newly minted in brass and given high-performance Suncloth straps in either Sage or Marine. In addition to a chat-height lounge chair, a side table and a cocktail table, Kantan II

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style a la mode


Kelvin Teo of Space Sense Studio is known For his graphic monochromatic interiors, yet when tasked with designing a modern French-inspired home, he nailed it on the head.

Louis and Ellane Kwang initially envisioned their four-room Design Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat as a New York-styled loft. Being on the highest floor gave them the high ceiling, but Ellane had some misgivings. «Though we love New York, the look is too raw for our liking. I wanted something classy yet

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