A rooftop vegetable and herb garden to delight the senses

Newforms Landscape Architecture was commissioned to create this light and bright roof garden for an already-existing residence. The owners built the property in 2006/07 and were tired of looking at the top of a roof that sat adjacent to their outdoor entertaining area. They called on Newforms and Phase3 Landscape Construction to see if a functional and aesthetically pleasing roof garden was possible, and, as you can see, it certainly was.

There were a few design and construction challenges that had to be overcome to achieve the owners’ brief. Access


Study Pinpoints Importance Of Key Supplier Services

Melville, NY — Kitchen/bath dealers and designers give generally passing grades to suppliers when it comes to delivering the products and services that are most important to the industry’s key specifiers.

However, there are clearly improvements that can be made within the industry’s product-supply chain, with a significant number of dealers and designers reporting that supplier services are worse now than they were three years ago — and even fewer reported that services are no better.

That’s the key conclusion of a major new survey conducted on behalf of Kitchen & Bath Design News by KBDN’s exclusive new research partner,

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Studio Spotlight

Composer, producer and performer Marvin Ayres walks us around his audio production suite Wall Of Waves, a sonic sanctuary in a converted house in south London…

He has released a couple of albums, Cellosphere and Neptune, on the influential label Mille Plateaux to critical acclaim. Ayres has since worked with Jaki Liebezeit (ex CAN) and collaborated with many visual artists on audiovisual installations, which have been exhibited in major galleries including The Tate Modern.

Ayres’ most recent project is Sacred Spaces, for which he composes and records in unusual places — everywhere from derelict industrial sites to historic places of

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Taking time out from a busy schedule, Steve Parrish is eager to crack on with pulling his FZ750 apart. What on Earth could go right?

What can you do in just under three hours and 10 minutes?

Well, you could watch films like JFK or The Green Mile but ex-racer and current BBC MotoGP pundit Steve Parrish can strip a Yamaha FZ750. Well, he can with a little help from his friends at IDP Moto.


Stavros came to CMM with a plan. The plan was to build something that he could ride in the

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Stripping and Refurbishing Mosin Nagant Rifles part 2

Over the years, having indulged in owning and restoring a few classic Jaguar cars, I learned quite a few tricks of the business, which I have since been able to utilise in the restoration of a number of military rifles, helping some of them to look almost new. The quality of finish does depend upon a number of things, one of the most important being the amount of time taken to understand what is required for each stage prior to setting out to tackle them. With regard to former Russian/ Soviet Mosin Nagant rifles, many of these sold by specialist

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Strike wing

Coastal Command’s campaign against enemy surface shipping during the early years of the war met with limited success. The Blenheims, Hampdens and Beauforts rarely attacked as a co-ordinated force and, faced by a formidable threat, suffered heavy losses for very modest results.

The availability of the Beaufighter brought about a dramatic change in the anti-shipping campaign and the Command’s Strike Wings changed the course of the war in the waters off German-occupied Europe.

In November 1942 the first of the Strike Wings was formed at North Coates on the Lincolnshire coast. Its task was to attack the important convoys, heavily

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Strike Test Squadron — NAS Pax River

Located at naval Air station Patuxent River in Maryland, the Strike Test Squadron is responsible for the testing of all carrier-based combat aircraft in the US Naval inventory.

The unit is currently involved in flight testing all the systems on Grumman F-14s, McDonnell Douglas F/A-18s and Grumman EA-6Bs. Before any new system can be incorporated into a fleet aircraft it is thoroughly tested by the unit. The unit is equipped with four F-14As, one ‘B’ and two ‘D’ model Tomcats, and some 12 F/A-18s are on hand varying from Lot 5 aircraft to the newest Lot 18 Hornet.

These were

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‘Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! Test your strength on this mighty bicep bulging machine! Only the strongest need apply – test your muscle power and stamina. Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!’

This toy is really just for fun, but it does provide a challenge for both boys and girls. After some initial testing, the children will learn that it is not all brute strength, since a certain knack can be acquired when hitting the target area which will literally rocket the disc to the top.

Before letting the children ‘loose’ on this toy, do explain how it works,

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There is a strange, subtle contrast between Eyedress’s languid beats and drowned-out vocals and the emotional urgency poking through the crevices of his music. With lines like “Your touch is so temporary,” the love and loss circling one another in his tracks are intense but fleeting, grounded deeply in the here and now—a YOLO kind of romance, if you will. And it is precisely this hyper-awareness that makes Eyedress such a hit among his listeners (“My following is mostly hipster kids who like weird stuff”), arming him with the focus to provide the audience a rounded musical experience.

His first

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The purpose of Aerial Reconnaissance is twofold.

There is reconnaissance that is confined to the environs of the battlefield, the purpose of which is to gather intelligence about the enemy’s disposition, strength and technology in the immediate area of localised conflict. The USAF identifies this as tactical reconnaissance. Then there is reconnaissance with a strategic emphasis. This includes the finding and pinpointing of targets for intercontinental warfare and seeks indications and warnings of a surprise attack, in addition to gathering intelligence of the enemy’s disposition, strength and technology on a global scale.

The so-called ‘overflights’ of the Cold War were


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