Still life.

Master the skitts needed for setting up a fantastic stitt life shot.

The best thing about still life photography is that you can really take your time to get it perfect. When shooting moving subjects, it can be tempting to stick your camera in Auto mode for fear of missing a shot, but if your subject is stationary then you can experiment until you get it right. That’s why it is a fantastic genre for practising with manual modes.

What’s more, there are subjects wherever you look. You don’t have to stick to a bowl of fruit or vase of

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Stern JSL100B

У лобзика немало примечательных особенностей. Модель JSL100B оснащена мощным 800-ваттным двигателем, который позволит уверенно справиться с решением широкого круга задач. Например, глубина пропила в древесине — 100 мм. Благодаря регулировке скорости пользователь может выбирать нужную частоту ходов в диапазоне до 2800 в минуту. У переключателя маятникового хода классические четыре позиции.

Замена оснастки не отнимет много времени благодаря быстрой смене полотна. Установить подошву, изготовленную из алюминия, под нужным углом вполне реально без помощи вспомогательного инструмента. Если при выполнении пропилов нужно соблюсти высокую точность, можно воспользоваться входящим в комплект параллельным упором. Кроме того, конструкцией предусмотрен лазерный маркер.

Пластик, из которого изготовлен корпус

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Stereo Spectrograph

Most stereo systems have some kind of music level indicator, The indicator may be as sim pie as a set of LEDs, ordinary low-voltage lamps or V-U (volume-unit) meters. These were later replaced by bar-graph type LED indicators. Though attractive, they provide only one-dimensional ‘movement’ of LEDs with the music. Now this system has also become very common.

Presented here is a spectacular system to replace the outdated music level indicators. This system is capable of providing a smart, two-dimensional ‘dancing’ effect on a square matrix of 100 LEDs.

In this system, out of 100 LEDs arranged in a square

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Ster Group

The seemingly unstoppable growth of Kurdistan is inseparable from the construction industry, and Ster Group is crucial to the sector’s positioning in the economy. When the broad range of diversified activities the company is engaged in is taken into account, one takes stock of the sheer importance of Ster to the Kurdistan adventure.

Mr. Sarwar Pedawi, chairman of Ster, is keen to stress the importance of ‘‘keeping up with the Joneses’’ (the West), so to speak. Where before, construction companies could shirk on quality in order to save on costs, such compromises are frankly no longer tolerated. With an increasingly

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MIKKO LAGERSTEDT’S images do all the talking. No, scrap that. They scream and shout brilliance. From the modest beginnings of posting images to Flickr, self-taught photographer Mikko has managed to grab the attention of the photography world and forge a following of fans.

«To be honest, I really didn’t expect anything from my pictures,» says Mikko. «At first, I just went out and took photos and posted them in Flickr.


Step-by-step: Get to know the colour wheel

1. In this colour wheel the complementary colours are on the opposite sides of the wheel. You can create grey colours by mixing complementary colours, so using the colour wheel as a guide doesn’t mean applying bright, shiny colours. Chromatic grey created by mixing colours usually looks better than grey made up of pure black and white.

2. For this example I want to paint an ore chasing a faerie. As I imagine the scene, there will be a dark background and a bright foreground, so instead of using a similar colour palette for all the image, I choose to

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If you make music on the move but need pro performance, Steinberg has the interface for you.

With mobile music-making more popular than ever thanks to seriously powerful laptops, portable USB-powered audio interfaces are no longer the bundle of compromises they once were. Many now offer audio quality comparable with bigger units even if, by definition, they have fewer inputs and outputs.

We expect more from mobile gear these days, and the latest member of Steinberg’s UR family of interfaces is the UR22, the most compact yet. It’s compatible with all recent versions of Mac OSX and Windows and, after

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Stealing My Job

Entertainment Options Broaden

I’ve always been an entertainment fanatic. I can’t even remember a time when I wasn’t mesmerized by the music on the stereo and radio, the TV shows on the television, the movies at the theater, or even the celebrities that appear across all those mediums.

It certainly wasn’t a surprise to anyone when I began writing and focused that attention on entertainment, writing reviews, interviews, commentaries, etc., all about that exciting entertainment that had fascinated me all my life. In fact one of the tasks I did for the past several years was writing a «What’s Hot

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On the day I speak to Andrew Smith, his photographs are on show in Sheffield’s Winter Gardens — the black and white tones of his work set on rugged metal display stands which act as a sharp contrast against the leafy, succulent backdrop of the glass house interior. It’s a little snowdome of the Sheffield landscape in general, where heavy industry shares space with green parks and rolling hills.

His Steel Soul exhibition, and the book which has been released simultaneously to celebrate 100 years of stainless steel, tells the story of life in one of the city’s biggest, and

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As professional property renovators, Victoria and Lee Alderson bought their current home as a business venture, and certainly never expected to settle in it themselves. Located in an attractive village with fields all around, the house was an ideal project. ‘The interior was very shabby and old-fashioned with orangey-brown pine everywhere,’ recalls Victoria.

‘It was really damp, too — there were lots ofwoodlice!’

Victoria and Lee, who have three children — Isabella, eight, and twins Eloise and Madeleine, six — had just begun restoring the house for resale through their company IME Properties, when their personal circumstances changed. ‘We’d decided

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