Sony Vaio Duo 13

LAP DANCE Is it a laptop? Is it a tablet? Is it any good?

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking Sony’s Vaio Duo 13 is a huge Windows 8 tablet. However, it packs a rather neat little trick up its sleeve: lift the back of the screen and it smoothly slides up and back, revealing a laptop-style keyboard and trackpad. It straddles the middle ground between tablet and laptop, but it still meets Intel’s Ultrabook laptop specifications.

When it’s in tablet mode, it’s definitely the Windows 8 device we’ve been waiting for. It’s capable of running Photoshop, Illustrator

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If it’s a portable speaker you want, then the Sony SRS-BTX500 might just win you over. The compact build and sleek finish is neat and practical, and Bluetooth streaming — the unit’s only wireless streaming feature — is a hit with all smart devices. Even so, you might have to set your sights elsewhere if you’re going to prioritise audio quality over convenience…

Made for mobility

The Bluetooth-toting SRS-BTX500 boasts NFC connection, six hours of battery life, and a carrying case — all of which emphasise its portability. It’s cleverly designed to look sleek and svelte, but the sleek

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SONY RX1R £2599

The RX1R loses an optical low-pass filter, but what does this mean for serious photographers?

Released at the end of last year, the Sony Cyber-Shot RX1 caused a stir, as it is the only digital compact camera with a full frame CMOS sensor. Now the RX1 has a companion, the Sony Cyber-Shot RX1R, which will sit alongside the standard version in the Sony range.

The new RX1R is essentially exactly the same camera as the RX1, with just one key change — it has no anti¬aliasing filter over its sensor. These filters are designed to slightly blur the image reaching

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The superzoom compact, or «travel zoom» as it’s often called, is one of the few remaining growth areas in the compact camera sector Its defining feature is a high-magnification optical zoom (usually around 20x) that retracts fully into the camera so that you can still fit the camera in a pocket. Sony’s new Cyber-shot HX50 breaks new ground in offering a staggering 30x optical zoom, the highest magnification available in a pocketable camera.

The lens in question is a 24 — 720mm equivalent, f/3.5-6.3 Sony G lens, which features Sony’s SteadyShot optical image stabilisation. The HX50 also sports a 20.4MP

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Sony Alpha NEX-3N

Pocket Friendly

Sony’s latest mirrorless not only breaks size barriers, it is also quite inexpensive.

The Sony Alpha NEX-3N is an update of the NEX-F3, which was an update of the NEX-C3, which was an update of the NEX-3. Confused? You are not alone. But painful naming conventions aside, Sony’s entry-level mirrorless camera has definitely come a long way.


In fact, it is in this fourth generation that the entry-level NEX seems to seriously come of age. Not necessarily in terms of features—even the older models have been feature packed—but in a design philosophy that truly identifies its target

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Sonus Faber Elipsa Red


При создании Sonus Faber Elipsa Red применены технологии и материалы, использующиеся в производстве музыкальных инструментов. Да и сама акустика выглядит как необычный струнный инструмент.

ТЕКСТ Максим Наумов

Полное имя данной модели вполне итальянское: Sonus Faber Cremona Elipsa Red Violin. Sonus Faber — это, несомненно, фамилия, обозначающая древний итальянский род, из которого происходит акустика. Elipsa Red Violin — имя собственное, причем само название Elipsa характеризует профиль корпуса, а два последних слова обозначают тип отделки (красное дерево, покрытое специальным лаком, использующимся обычно при изготовлении скрипок). Ну и, наконец, Cremona — это что-то вроде отчества, обозначает принадлежность акустики к одноименной серии.

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A stunning example of how simple modernist design and contemprory landscaping can reinvigorate a stately home.

Having completed a renovation of their Edwardian house in 1998, the owners contacted Russell Barrett Architects after purchasing a north-adjoining property. The idea was to construct a swimming pool, pool house and a new garden in order to integrate both sites.

The owners wanted a summer house for their three teenage boys and their friends, and a winter haven for the keen football supporters to come together to watch matches on TV in the cooler months.

The intricate design process required the homeowners, architect


Something for Everyone!

Alan Warnes visited this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo and gives an overview of events.

DURING A summer that brought both torrential downpours and glorious sunshine, the weekend of July 16-17 was blessed with blue skies and warm weather for the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT). Having seen the weather forecast, most families must have decided to make the trek to RAF Fairford. Gloucestershire, on the first day of the weekend, preferring to relax elsewhere on Sunday. That must be the assumption if we take into account the startling difference in the number of people at Fairford on the two

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Some of Japans most dominant companies owe their success not only to technology and process expertise but also to an often-overlooked factor:

During the past decade, they’ve been quietly turning their supplier relationships into a tool for innovating faster while radically cutting costs. Welcome to the new keiretsu—a modern version of the country’s traditional supply system.

During its heyday, in the 1980s, the traditional keiretsu system—an arrangement in which buyers formed close associations with suppliers—was the darling of business schools and the envy of manufacturers everywhere. Although there was some tentative movement in the West toward keiretsu- like supplier partnerships at the time, the rise of manufacturing in lowwage countries soon made cost the preeminent concern. Most Western companies today wouldn’t dream

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Solid performer

On first glance this machine looks very much like the Czech machines that came in a few years ago.

Though very basic in their looks they were also built very robustly — qualities embodied by this Far Eastern planer/ thicknesseser from Charnwood. The metalwork on the planer is ail very chunky and solid, contributing to its considerable 210kg weight.

That mass is especially noticeable when swapping between planing and thicknessing modes as there’s no gas strut to help take the strain j when lifting the beds, and as both beds lift simultaneously, you need to be reasonably strong!

The planer

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