Shoot a stunning subterranean scene!

Capture eerie and striking images of caves using light-painting techniques and long exposures

For this month’s Masterclass we’re leaving the sunlight behind, and heading deep underground to show you how to capture photos of caves illuminated using light-painting techniques. You’ll need a tripod and a couple of torches — a head torch will come in handy as well when you’re adjusting your camera settings. You’ll also need a remote release to open and close the shutter, as you’ll be using Bulb mode. Shooting in the dark can be tricky, so it’s a good idea bring someone along to help you.

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Shoot a city

Head into the city just after sunset to capture colourful and atmospheric shots of illuminated buildings and landmarks



What you’ll need


ND filter

Remote release

Photoshop Elements

How long it’ll take

Half a day

The skills you’ll learn

For great cityscapes you can’t beat shooting at twilight: after the sun has set, but before the darkness falls, there’s still enough natural light to bring out detail, while the city lights will be coming on to create extra colour and interest. Twilight doesn’t last long though, so you’ll need to be in position and set up before

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Shipbuilding in San Diego

Located in the shadow of the Coronado Bridge is National Steel and Shipbuilding Corporation (NASSCO), San Diego’s premier shipbuilder.

The American shipbuilding industry never really recovered from the decline of the mid-1980s. There are now only a handful of shipyards and most are struggling, but San Diego’s National Steel and Shipbuilding (NASSCO) is the exception. With more ships waiting in the backlog than at any time in their history, and an efficient and flexible shipyard and workforce, NASSCO has its sights fixed on building more and better ships.

San Diego’s most successful shipyard was founded in 1905, when NASSCO started

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Shin Megami Tensei IV

Shin Megami Tensei IV заставляет вспомнить о временах, когда в RPG героя снабжали весьма скупыми указаниями насчет того, где находится следующая цель его путешествия, и предоставляли самому себе. Ни тебе вспомогательных пометок на карте, ни иконок-подсказок, сигнализирующих, что вот этот NPS готов сообщить персонажу что-то ценное (например, еще один квест дать), а вот на этого можно вообще не тратить время. На тематическом форуме в первые дни после релиза — шквал сообщений в духе «я потерялся, куда мне идти дальше».

Платформа: 3DS

Зарубежный издатель: Atlus

Российский дистрибьютор: не объявлен

Разработчик: Atlus

Страна происхождения: Япония

Четвертая часть основного цикла Shin Megami Tensei,

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Sherwood S9 Sound Panorama



Качественный звук

Расширенная функциональность


Большие габариты

Мелкие символы дисплея

Неудобный пульт


Внутри саундбара Sherwood S9 Sound Panorama установлены целых три пары динамиков: два СЧ/НЧ-драйвера диаметром 130 мм и два комплекта высокочастотников диаметром 20 и 25 мм. Объемное звучание получается в результате чисто акустических эффектов, создаваемых благодаря сочетанию и расположению излучателей, а также благодаря оригинальной технологии обработки звука Opsodis 3D Surround.

Помимо своей основной функции, саундбар способен подключаться к Bluetooth-источникам и имеет встроенный USB-медиаплеер. Небольшой плоский пульт ДУ, идущий в комплекте, не особенно удобен по причине довольно хаотичного расположения и малого размера кнопок. Единственным его очевидным плюсом

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SHERMAN up close

The M4A3 tanks evolved with all the improvements introduced throughout the production of the M4 series. Larger hatches for the driver and co-driver, and a hatch for the loader in the turret roof facilitated a quicker exit in an emergency. Wet stowage for the ammunition in the lower hull protected the propellant against ignition from a penetration. The glacis plate was now a simplified single rolled homogenous armour plate. The new turret casting had thicker armour ahead of the gunner and the radio bustle was raised for clearance of the new hull hatches.

Production of the M4A3 75 (W) began

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Shelter your profits from the storm.

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and countless other destructive weather events cost billions of dollars in damage in North America every year. Specifically, storm damage accounted for more than $110 billion in 2012 alone. These storms leave devastating foot-prints that take communities years to recover.

In the aftermath of a damaging storm, you might be one of the first responders providing homeowners’ services such as tarping roofs and boarding windows and doors in order to prevent further damage to a home. Why? Maybe this is part of your business plan, then again, maybe it’s not. Perhaps, it’s because you have a connection

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She demanded what?

Trust us, you are seriously chilled compared to these bonkers brides. We know because the planners told us!

Venice, Midlands

‘One bride was so obsessed with where her husband had proposed — Piazza San Marco in Venice — that she demanded we recreate it… in a hotel ballroom in Birmingham. We hired opera singers, gelato vendors and created mock-Renaissance fountains, all indoors. Did it look like Venice? No. Vegas, maybe.’

No stamps required

‘I worked with one couple who were having a Bollywood-themed wedding, and the bride demanded that we had all 75 UK invitations hand-delivered by specially hired couriers

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Sharpening talons

Anatolian Eagle 2013-2 (or ‘Anadolu Kartali’ in Turkish), at Konya from June 10 to 20, was the latest training exercise in a long-running series hosted by the Türk Hava Kuvvetleri (Turkish Air Force). Three Anatolian Eagle exercises take place there each year for Turkey’s and NATO air forces to sharpen their war-fighting skills.

First held in 2001, Anatolian Eagle was conceived and arranged to mirror the US Air Force’s Red Flag exercises. It aims to verify and evaluate the combat readiness of the Turkish AF’s tactical flying units and its capability to manage the development of tactical air training, and

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Share creative photo messages with friends

Use Wacom’s Bamboo Loop app to draw on your photos and share them with others

When you’re taking photos on your smartphone, it’s easier than ever to share them with friends and family.

There’s always the opportunity to post them to social networks directly from your device, but sometimes your favourite photos are the ones you might only want to share with one or two people. Fortunately, photo sharing apps like Wacom’s Bamboo Loop are designed to solve this exact problem, allowing you to take any photos you’ve shot, draw on designs and annotate them, and then send them to

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