Seeing double: Gravitational lensing.

A phenomenon that allows us to see an object simultaneously at two different points in time.

In 1916, Albert Einstein published his groundbreaking paper on general relativity, which, among other things, showed that space and time were intertwined as space-time, and that every object with mass exerted a gravitational influence on its surrounding space.

This brought with it an interesting conclusion, namely that an object with enough mass would not only exert a gravitational influence on other celestial objects, but also on light itself. This theory was confirmed during a solar eclipse in 1919 when British astrophysicist Arthur Eddington observed

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Seeds to go.

For this bird-feeding season, we kept our eye on functional hospitality as well as on styling. That’s why we included retaining rails for tidiness and a foolproof feeding system with ample drainage. Practical as it is, we’re guessing that this feeder’s contemporary good looks will set your neighbors chirping right along with the chickadees.

Let’s Start with the Hopper.

1. To make the hopper walls, first rip and crosscut a piece of W-thick stock to 6×32″. (We selected redwood. Most S4S or «surfaced on four sides» redwood stock is milled to 11/16 or 5/8″ thick, either of which will work

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Securite Civile to operate Q400 multi-role airtankers

FRANCE’S Securite Civile is to take delivery of two Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 multi-role airtankers after they have been converted from standard passenger configuration. Canadian company Cascade Aerospace confirmed on May 31 that it has been awarded the contract to convert the two aircraft, N532DS (c/n 4040, ex LN-RDW) and N535DS (c/n 4043, ex LN-RDN). Both are former SAS Dash 8-Q402s which were returned off lease to Bombardier in mid-2002 and recently purchased by Cascade. The first was due at Cascade’s facility at Abbotsford International Airport, British Columbia, in June for modifications to begin, which will include installation of an externally-mounted

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It has been said that a computer is only as secure as the user. That’s why we begin our journey of making your Mac more secure here: if the user level of your Mac is left unsecured, then you are vulnerable to unwanted access to your machine. Let’s look at how we can make this part of your computing workflow safer.


The first line of defense in any computer system is to secure your user account with a strong password. When someone has access to your user account, they have access to all of your files, your browsing



Obviously, web browsing is one of the biggest uses of modern computing. We shop online, listen to music online, and even communicate with friends online. Most online vulnerabilities on the Mac come from social-engineering tactics designed to make you believe something is legitimate, even though it’s not. We’ll walk you through ways to battle these tactics and remain safe online.


The Mac has had very few bouts with viruses or trojans/malware (applications designed to look like something they’re not), but those that have sprung up have often originated from Java running in a web-browser environment.

Java is a



We’ve shown you how to secure your user account and how to protect yourself from fraudulent website trickery, but you keep files on external drives as well, be it on a Time Machine backup or a thumb drive that you carry around.


Even if you have enabled FileVault on OS X, your Time Machine backups will not be encrypted. For OS X to encrypt your Time Machine backups, you’ll need to opt-in; unless you explicitly tell Time Machine to encrypt your backups, then the files from your Mac will be backed up in a way

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Secret Weapons

This issue, we’re having a virtual delve into photographers’ kit bags to uncover their ‘secret weapons’. These can be anything from a simple lens filter or teleconverter, right up to a complex lighting set up — but the idea is that they provide a failsafe means of getting the job done.

In some cases, they might even provide a unique selling point or a signature look and feel, making the shots more saleable, while helping the photographer, and their clients, to stand apart.

In addition, we discover what successful freelances classify as the key tools in their creative arsenal, which

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We report from MAT, where an RAF Typhoon nearly crashed at the world’s biggest military airs how.

A PILOT from 29 (R) Squadron had a close call with disaster after the Typhoon he was flying came within a few seconds and approximately 20ft of crashing as he practised his routine for the flying display at the world’s biggest military airshow, the Royal International Air Tattoo, at RAI Falrford, Gloucestershire, on Friday, July 15.

Something went very wrong for Sqn Ldr Matt Elliott as he came out of a manoeuvre. Had it not been for the Typhoon engine’s high levels of


Second Generation Jets — The Need for Speed

In warfare, time is always a paramount consideration. The general rule appears to be if you can operate at tempos above that of your enemy, you gain and hold the initiative.

In the Second World War time was critical as it gave the defenders the opportunity to climb to a suitable altitude from which to gain speed and engage the enemy. However; as jet fighters started to evolve, tactics became driven more by the closing speeds between an air defender and an incoming threat.

If the enemy aircraft was thought to be carrying a nuclear warhead, it became even more

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Second Turkish Peace Eagle 737 Delivered to TAI

TUSAS AIRCRAFT Industries (TAI) took delivery at its facility in Ankara, Turkey, on October 2 of the second Boeing 737 for conversion by TAI under the Peace Eagle airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) programme for the Turk Hava Kuwetleri (THK -Turkish Air Force). The aircraft, Boeing 737-7ES N362BJ/1979 (c/n 33964), left Sussex County Airport, at Georgetown, Delaware, on September 29, routing via Bangor, Maine, and Rome/Ciampino, Italy, before arriving in Ankara on October 2.

Although the first aircraft, N356BJ/1614 (c/n 33962), was converted by Boeing in the USA, the remaining three of the four on firm order will be

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