Runway Zero-Five: 1954-1992: Cold War at Aviano

Authors: D Mattiuzzo, M Roder, M Torcoli

Details: Goliardica Editrice SrL, 200 pages, hardback, 42 Euros + postage and package

Tel: +39 0432 996332


THIS BOOK has been written by members of the Veneto Military Aviation Society and translated into English by the very capable Frank McMeiken to provide an insight into activities at Aviano Air Base in north-east Italy from 1954-92. For those Italian speakers among you there is a separate booklet in the back, providing the text in Italian.

The curious title of the book is explained by the fact that landings and departures mainly use

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Rubi Basic Line


ЦЕНА: 190 руб.

Название серии Basic Line говорит само за себя — это самый простой вариант из ассортимента Rubi. Упаковку информативной не назовешь, из полезной информации есть только рисунки, иллюстрирующие, как пользоваться устройством для подачи воды, совмещённым с центрирующим кондуктором.

Само сверло с узким (6 мм) цилиндрическим хвостовиком, для удаления керна предусмотрена прорезь в боковой поверхности сверла. Можно также выталкивать его через осевое отверстие.

Судя по результатам испытаний, свёрла этой серии не отличаются высокой износостойкостью. Но при их стоимости цена одного отверстия получается вполне приемлемой.

«Зубр Эксперт»


ЦЕНА: 150 руб

Информативность упаковки не очень велика —

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£2300 /

Hang about. I seem to be holding a copy of the Habitat catalogue. Don’t panic, gadget fan. Until 2017, when DFS will include the Autonomous Bum-Grinding MechaSofa in its autumn collection, we have nothing to fear from furniture. And furniture is precisely what Ruark has created with its lovely new R7: furniture that also happens to do a very good job of playing music.

Ha! It’s a… a thing! A music thing! Yes, it is a sound system. It’ll play pretty much anything from any source — it’ll stream your music wirelessly over Bluetooth (aptX), use its

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Royal Princess

Princess Cruises’ new Royal Arrival

These were the words spoken at Southampton on 15 November 1984 by the late Princess Diana in her first speech without the Prince of Wales at her side. Almost 30 years later another future Queen, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, uttered the same words at a spectacular naming ceremony in Southampton on 13 June 2013 of another of Princess Cruises’ flagships, Royal Princess.

At 141,000gt, Royal Princess is just over 20 per cent bigger than the previous largest

Princess ships, the 115,875gt, Japanese-built Diamond Princess and Sapphire Princess. Constructed by Fincantieri at its Monfalcone shipyard,

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Royal Malaysian Police Air Unit

The air unit of the Royal Malaysian Police is tasked with the battle to combat smuggling and piracy as well as illegal immigration and fishing – all in addition to law enforcement. A report by Suresh Abraham.

THE AIR UNIT of the Royal Malaysian Police (Unit Udara Polis — UUP) was created in 1978 to combat smuggling, illegal immigration, piracy, and illegal fishing which includes the practice of ‘fish bombing’.

Initially, it was mainly concerned with patrolling the 12nm (22km) stretch of Malaysian Territorial Waters. It has since expanded its activities and its primary mission now takes in aerial patrol

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This baby RL48 LED light measures just 14cm in diameter, but the three AA batteries in the back can power its 48 daylight-balanced LEDs for around four hours, at a brightness level equivalent to an 80Watt bulb.

Designed to fit over shotgun microphones, the hole in the middle isn’t big enough to poke a lens through, but you get a clip-on attachment that allows it to fit onto a camera hot shoe, tripod or studio stand.

The soft diffused light it produces spans a broad 110°, and while not bright enough to use as a sole light source (unless you’re

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Rotel R А-1570


Возможность использовать усилитель в качестве преда или мощника


Нельзя настроить Рhоnо-вход под ММ-или МС-картридж


Совместная разработка британских и японских инженеров, выполненная согласно фирменной концепции сбалансированного дизайна (Balanced Design Concept), сочетающей принципы физики и электроники с инженерным искусством. Задняя панель обрадует самого взыскательного потребителя: четыре несимметричных стереовхода и выход с предусилителя (фактически их два, свободный и соединенный перемычкой с выходными каскадами, что позволяет подключить эквалайзер или использовать RA-1570 в качестве мощника). Кроме того, имеются входы Phono и балансный, по два коаксиальных и оптических цифровых порта, USB В, а также множество служебных портов: RS-232, вход внешнего ИК-датчика, пара выходов

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Rotary wings over Bosnia

Frederic Lert reports on French and Norwegian helicopter detachments deployed to the former Yugoslavia in support of UN operations in Bosnia.

SITUATED ON THE Adriatic coastline, 6 miles (10km) from the Croatian town of Split, Divulje has always been a major naval base. During World War Two, Axis seaplanes used its facilities to patrol the Adriatic Sea, and afterwards the base was used by Yugoslav naval aviation.

Today, Divulje is an important Croatian base with a headquarters and a small Mi-8 Hip squadron. Since the start of UN operations in the former Yugoslavia, Divulje has also become a major United

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A total re-design transformed Kate Barnes’ kitchen into a light, fresh and sun-filled space

– with the best views of her gorgeous garden

A beautiful garden is many a city homeowner’s dream, so Kate Barnes felt especially lucky to have a secluded oasis, filled with lush plants, a pond and mature trees at the rear of her west London Victorian terraced home. The only problem was — she couldn’t see it. ‘The ground floor of the house was very dark with a number of small, wall-divided rooms, complete with a kitchen and old-fashioned ‘lean-to’ at the back,’ explains

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Yes, we know Ron is well-known and hardly ‘unsung’, but read on: Bertie Simmonds makes the case for Rocket Ron being knighted for the passion he’s put into motorcycling, despite the odds and some tragic personal losses.

It’s always those people who are quiet and unassuming whose talents and efforts get ignored, or passed over by those more willing to talk about themselves or big up their achievements.

I think this of Ron Haslam and I’m making a pitch for final recognition of the passion, dedication and sheer effort that Ron has put into motorcycle racing and two-wheels in general

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