Red-Hot Mama

The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney loves a good challenge. I Iere, the actress, director, writer (her first novel comes out this month), and mother of two shares her tips for turning dreams into reality.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES. When Alison Sweeney did her first shoot for SHAPE in early 2012, she had never posed for a magazine cover in a bikini. “I was so nervous about showing my body,” recalls Ali, who had struggled with her weight since she began appearing on the daytime soap Days of Our Lives at 16. Despite having successfully lost 30 pounds

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В мае месяце этого года в московской металлической тусовке произошло несколько неожиданное событие. Буквально одновременно с выходом дебютного диска из группы Железный Поток ушли трое музыкантов (остался один). Причина, по словам соскочивших из Железного Потока, состоит в «нежелании работать с таким вокалистом и с таким директором”. Каких-либо планов на будущее у трио не было, но уже через три дня после раскола гитарист Вадим Травин, ударник Алексей Быков и басист/вокалист Павел Баканов отработали на сцене кафе в Отрадном. Репертуар состоял из двух ”поточных» номеров и трех быстро доведенных до ума новых вещей. Судя по ним, новый репертуар должен быть жестче

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Red Flag 93-1

NELLIS AFB, the self-styled ‘Home of the Fighter Pilot’, is a major Tactical Air Command airfield situated no more than eight miles from the glitzy town of Las Vegas, Nevada. The base itself occupies an area of over 11,000 acres, and has aprons of a size which can — and have, in the past — accommodated upwards of 400 fighter aircraft.

But it is the existence of 4,742 square miles of restricted ranges and a further 7,700 square miles of airspace to the north and east of the ranges which make Nellis an ideai location for realistic tactical training exercises

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Red Chateau

For the last ten years. Red Chateau has been constant¬ly. confidently striving to remain Oklahoma City’s finest home décor and furniture store. Much has changed in the world of interior fashion over that decade, and owner Rose Clark has guided Red Chateau through changing with it; remaining true to loyal customers while making transitions along with progressing tastes. The bold reds and gold’s and ample ornamentations of more traditional Country French and European styles have changed for the clean lines, neutral palettes and pops of color with fewer, larger decorative pieces that characterize today’s look — with the ability to

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Recreational activities


THERE’S A POPULAR misconception that you need to attend major sporting events and venues to bag decent action shots, but nothing could be further from the truth -there’s action going on all around us all the time, and as well as being far more accessible than most sports, it’s also often photographically more interesting.

If you have kids then you also have instant action subjects on permanent tap — and with the summer holidays here, lots of opportunities to get out

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Re-create the Orton effect

This classic photography effect named after Michael Orton can be re-created in Photoshop using adjustments and filters

Photo editing apps like Instagram and Photoshop Express are flooding the market, and their use is becoming ever more commonplace among mobile device owners. They provide one-touch results on a small screen that are comparable to those of high-end software like Adobe’s CC and Elements, and there are a multitude of effects resurfacing that, in some instances, have been overlooked for other, newer and more innovative techniques.

In this tutorial, we are looking at the Orton effect – aka the Orton slide sandwich.

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RECORD FEST 53 — The Year for Speed

Deep in what the early Spanish settlers called the Colorado Desert, 150 miles east of Los Angeles, the Salton Sea is like nowhere else on Earth.

For one thing it’s not a sea but a lake, the largest in California. It’s 220ft below sea level and so hot that the temperature can top 115 degrees. And sometimes it’s a sea without water as random river flows transform it into a dry desert basin.

Today the guidebooks call the Salton Sea «a crown jewel of avian biodiversity» but 60 years ago it was the scene of quite another form of aerial

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Reclaimed Lumber Solutions

Reclaimed Lumber Solutions offers homeowners, interior designers. architects and builders custom solutions for one-of-a-kind home furnishings, indoor outdoor re¬modeling. kitchen countertops, cabinetry. millwork. entryways and more. Reclaimed Lumber Solutions stands out for its dedication to excellence, made- in-Oklahoma partisanship and unique raw material sourcing.

Through reclaiming and reimagining butcher-block-sturdy wood from historical rail cars and cargo containers, owners Jason and Cherami Thomas have built a business transforming what were the workhorse backbones of industrial America into objects of beauty, function and singular provenance for discerning homeowners and high-end furniture retailers across the Midwest.

Reclaimed Lumber Solutions’ on site contracting work

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Rebecca Wood

Outdoor Women Unlimited

In the eight years since she founded Outdoor Women Unlimited (OWU), Rebecca Wood has watched her organization grow from a single outdoor skills class, held in central Alabama in 2005, to a group 5,000 women strong and stretching over 38 states. OWU teaches women many outdoors skills— archery, camp cooking and kayaking to name but a few—but the shooting sports have become, in many ways, the center of the group’s activities. Wood, 58, is a mother of two adult children, a high school biology teacher and an avid shooter and hunter herself. Last season, she took her

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It can’t run iOS6 and your friends have started using it as a tea tray. Never fear: Mark Wilson has some apps and accessories that’ll make your first-gen iPad essential again


Turn it into a Windows 8 tablet

Or an OS X Lion iPad, depending on your home computer. Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your Mac or PC, and you can control your desktop remotely on an iPad via the Splashtop 2 app. It even streams audio and video, so you can watch HD films or play games over Wi-Fi or your data connection. Splashtop 2 /


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