Punched up classic

When a documentary filmmaker wanted to revamp his shingled Cape Cod-style house after an amicable divorce, he turned to Los Angeles-based designer Julie Goldman. Seeking a relaxed-yet-vibrant style, he desired a home that would suit his classic sensibilities and his newly single life with his two daughters.

“[My client] wanted a space where he and friends could watch television or enjoy a barbecue and relax,” Goldman says.“He wanted to be able to entertain both kids and adults.” Goldman, who launched her J. Latter design firm in 2000 after years in production design, started with color.

To make the 2,100-square-foot house

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Pull-along dog toy

The Victorians were very enthusiastic about wheeled toys. Some of the more popular ones represented different breeds of dogs, but horses, bears and elephants were also produced. The dog is especially appropriate because it follows its owner as it is pulled along by its lead.

The version shown here is based on 19th-century toys made in Germany and Northern Europe.

As in the originals, the main body is made from pine wood — laminated in this version and mounted on a pine platform. Wheels were either made from wood or metal. The toys had a painted finish.


The dog

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PRS Brent Mason Signature

So what does a celebrated Nashville session player with an armoury of guitars at his disposal need from a new axe? Flexibility – and that’s what you get from this new PRS with a twist. Review by Marcus Leadley.

Brent who? If you’re not a country music fan then you might just be let off for not knowing the name – but Mason has been cited as being the most recorded guitarist of all time, which is quite something. Aside from a brief flirtation concentrating upon his own career in the late ’90s, he’s always been a gun for hire.

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Prowling Over Scotland

HMS Illustrious handed back to RN

AS THE aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious (R06) enters the final stage of its £120 million, two-year refit, the ship was officially handed back to the Royal Navy (RN) on July 27 at Babcock Engineering Services’ Rosyth Dockyard. Some 550 new RN crew members will now assist in completion of the refit at Rosyth which will lead to an intensive period of sea training after she returns to the fleet in February 2005 before officially becoming the Fleet Flagship in June 2005.

Once the refit is completed, officially scheduled for November 6, ‘Lusty’ will look

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Protool VCP 260 E — L АС

Пылеудаляющий аппарат VCP 260 E — L АС предназначен для влажной и сухой уборки (как с подключённым электроинструментом, так и без него). Для сбора строительной пыли и других отходов можно использовать самоочищающийся мешок-пылесборник и мешки для утилизации, обеспечивающие быструю очистку резервуара. Возможен и сбор жидкости. Чтобы при работе в таком режиме не был повреждён двигатель, предусмотрено автоматическое отключение всасывания по достижении максимально установленного уровня.

Автоматическая система очистки фильтра запускается сразу после начала эксплуатации. Благодаря особой технологии в камерах фильтра циклически изменяется давление, в результате чего налипшие на фильтрующий элемент частички грязи сдуваются. Подобная система гарантирует максимальную производительность пылесоса, увеличивает срок

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Prorab 4212

Классическая по своим функциям модель оснащена всем необходимым для решения традиционных задач. Мощности 510-ваттного электромотора достаточно для пропилов в древесине (до 65 мм) и её производных, стали (до 8 мм), цветных металлах, пластике. Электронная компонента представлена системой регулировки частоты ходов — их выбирают в интервале от 500 до 3000 в минуту. Во время эксплуатации нередко требуется устанавливать баланс между скоростью пиления и его качеством. Для этих целей используют маятниковый ход. Предусмотрено четыре ступени, включая нулевую.

Рукоятка лобзика снабжена мягкой накладкой — минимальное, но не лишнее удобство. В задней части модели размещён патрубок — к нему подсоединяют пылесос, если работа сопряжена

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Project news

De Ceuvel – the Netherlands

Neat Amsterdam is a former shipyard that has become a post-industrial wasteland. This disused plot is to be turned into a green oasis housing creative and social enterprises, as well as a teahouse and a bed-and-breakfast establishment. Old houseboats that would otherwise be condemned to the junkyard will be refurbished and kitted out with green roofs and other sustainable energy features, turning these craft into on-land offices and workshops. The site’s heavily polluted earth will, over time, be ‘healed’ by «soil-cleaning plants», which will feature strongly in the scheme. Architectural practices Space & Matter, Metabolic

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Reason 7

As well as hugely expanding the sonic arsenal, this freed up the Swedish developers to concentrate on the core app rather than being the only ones developing modules for Reason.

The system requirements have crept up slightly but remain comparable with other similar apps, and you’ll want 4GB of RAM or more and a dual-core processor, Mac OSX 10.7, Windows 7 or has always been good at and recognises hardware efficiently tends to dominate stability in version hardware is far from partly has enjoyed something of a related to the lack of support for conventional plug-ins (and don’t

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Project spotlight. Restoring Potential.

PURE Design Environments turns repair into redesign.

Saying a leak caused damage in your bathroom sounds relatively innocuous and routine. But in one Eden Prairie, Minn. home, a leak that started from the toilet caused thousands of dollars worth of destruction.

There was so much water that it seeped into the home’s lower level through the bathroom floor and ruined the ceiling of one bedroom; repairs had to be made to the bedroom, and the ceiling of the bedroom had to be replaced. But the brunt of the damage occurred in the home’s bathroom, which had to be entirely reconstructed.

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