Pro-Ject Phono Box RS

Развитие обширного модельного ряда Pro-Ject происходит по нескольким направлениям, выпуская очень доступные по цене аппараты и аппараты среднего сегмента, компания постепенно выводит на рынок и более дорогие модели. Сперва это произошло с проигрывателями, потом дело дошло и до другой техники, включая фонокорректоры.

ТЕКСТ Виктор Горбатов

Наш испытуемый — старший фонокорректор Pro-Jecl. Может быть, стоит он не так дорого, как старшие проигрыватели, но в среднебюджетный сегмент уже попадает. Внешне — неприметный аппарат, собранный в обычном металлическом корпусе, вдвое меньше полноразмерного по ширине и глубине, блок питания выносной, в виде вилки-адаптера. Такими же блоками питания комплектуется большинство устройств Box-серии производителя. А вот

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«Versetta Stone for your next project. Easy to install with no mortar needed. Light in weight, so it can be used without having to add more support. Available thru Arrowhead Building Supply Inc. or



Replace your 5‘ unused kitchen desk with the Levity Device task lamp and double charging stations from Kitchen Liberty. The Levity Device is 1/4″ thick on your countertop when not in use. Turn your unused island into your office annex. 314.898.7513

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bath or adding on to your home,

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Project Eden. Четверка из Эдема

Новая игра от Core Design под названием Project Eden выделяется весьма заурядным визуальным рядом. Основные претензии, как не трудно догадаться, возникают к странной архитектуре и посредственным текстурам — главной болезни всей серии Tomb Raider. Что самое удивительное, модели персонажей тоже вызывают какое-то внутреннее отторжение — то ли своим внешним видом, то ли неестественными позами.

Но рвение Core абстрагироваться от своей силиконовой достопримечательности похвально, и похвально весьма. Да, все их попытки доказать, что они способны на большее, чем станочно-сиквельные работы, с треском провалились (из не-TR-игрушек похвалы достойна лишь Fighting Force, тогда как приставочные FF2 и Ninja подложили издающей их Eidos ба-а-альшую

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“Opening a school is a rewarding experience,” says Gregory, “as you can truly shape the ethos of the school. Also, at small schools you have to do jobs that you never gave a thought to, such as designing classroom furniture and the school uniform.”

This hands-on practicality stands him in good stead as he settles into his role as Head of One World International School (OWIS), and life in Singapore with wife Lesley, also a teacher, and their three children. Singapore is a familiar environment to a family that has called Asia home for 15 years. They’ve taught in Indonesia,

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Elon Musk was born on 28 June 1971 in South Africa. His father was an engineer and his mother an author and model, although Musk has said that his father was against technology and thought computers would never amount to anything. So, at the age of ten Musk bought his first computer and taught himself how to program, and when he turned 17 he left home to pursue his dreams.

He travelled to Canada where he studied at Queen’s University until

1992. He then left Canada and took up business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. By the

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Product trends. Ready for Impact.

Impact-resistant windows offer 24/7 hurricane protection for coastal residents and added benefits for those in any region.

Windows provide numerous benefits for homeowners, but when faced with severe weather, nothing is more important than impact resistance.

Along coastal regions where hurricanes are strong possibilities, windows must be able to withstand high wind speeds as well as flying debris.

One hot spot for inclement weather is Miami-Dade County, Fla., where many of the building codes for hurricane-protection windows originated. Now, however, these codes are expanding.

«Some of the codes are migrating a little bit inland, so where it used to be

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Product review: Botbitz 30A ESC.

The Banebots BB-12-45 was for many years the most commonly used speed controller in the 12 lb Hobbyweight class of combat robot. They were compact, simple to use, and reasonably reliable. I had used them successfully on my 3 lb Beetleweight wedge/brick Trilobite, and had planned to use them on my fleet of mini bothockey bots.

However, when I came to order them I found they were no longer available. Looking around, I found that Botbitz (; an Australian company) had a new 30A ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) that looked suitable.

They cost $45 USD including shipping. I received

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Private Party

A Seattle karaoke joint gets the Japanese treatment

Think of Japanese design and what comes to mind? The neon pop of Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood? The attention to detail and craft of an ancient Kyoto temple? For designers at Seattle-based mwlworks, the answer is a little of both, and it shows in the heady brew they’ve brought to Rock Box, an upscale karaoke joint in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

“When the owners approached us, they had a different kind of karaoke experience in mind,” says principal Eric Walter. “It’s not the same in Japan as it is here, where it’s

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ProAc Response D18


Almost everything about the Response D18 speakers screams ‘ordinary’. They’re fairly slim compared with some, and the optional ebony veneer (£400 extra) is a bit fancy, but no-one’s going to fall in love with the looks of these angular towers.

There’s nothing in the specification list that hints at greatness, either. So how did such a conventional speaker win our 2011 Best Floorstander £1500+ Award? By somehow sounding very special indeed.

A beautiful balance of abilities

As is often the case, it’s all about balance. These ProAcs sound sweet, smooth and refined while still delivering plenty of punch. They’re

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A journey of many successes for Flyton

Walls are almost everywhere and anywhere and usually something we don’t pay much attention to. Except if it has been given a very creative INC Projects treatment, courtesy of entrepreneur Flyton Mbatha. INC Projects offers an exclusive service to the commercial and private sector by providing affordable custom-designed wall coatings for interior and exterior spaces. INC designer wall coatings are produced using all natural ingredients and can adhere to even the toughest surfaces including timber, concrete, fiberglass and steel.

Flyton’s road to entrepreneurial success has taken on him on journeys around the world.


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