Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000


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Будучи одним из самых компактных комплектов в тесте, Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000 прекрасно подойдет даже для 32—37-дюймовых телевизоров, хотя и на фоне больших моделей смотрится неплохо. Конструкция саундбара предельно проста — она имеет пару широкополосных излучателей, которые с помощью DSP-процессингa воспроизводят многоканальный звук. Акустическое оформление излучателей фазоинверторное, причем конструкция фазоинвертора такова, что при малых габаритах устройства один только саундбар (без сабвуфера) способен воспроизводить достаточно глубокие низкие частоты. Тем не менее сабвуфер в комплект входит, причем не обычный, а беспроводной.

По габаритам сабвуфер также довольно

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Polished to perfection

A little rock bath receives a refreshing update in a calming, monochromatic palette

AFTER NEARLY A DECADE in one place, many homeowners begin to feel the itch to renovate. For one West Little Rock couple, the only question was where to start. Having enjoyed their home for nine years, they were looking to get their feet wet with a smaller project that would still have a big impact on their daily life and the master bath looked like just the place to begin. Lucky for them, the space had good bones and «didn’t need a full redesign,» says Bill Wrape

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Polish Air Force a new dawn.

ON MARCH 12, Poland, together with the Czech Republic and Hungary, finally joined NATO’s ranks. This ended a long journey for Poland which had begun on September 1, 1939, with the Nazi invasion. Fifty-five years after D-Day and the creation of the 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force, Polish Air Force squadrons are returning to a structure which owes its origins to the famous 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force (ATAF). Although the 2nd ATAF no longer exists, its command structure — with the Interim Combined Air Operations Centre 2 at Kalkar in western Germany — will become the Command Post for

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Polish Air Force maritime exercise

FOR THE FIRST time in the history of the current Polish Air Force (PAF), joint naval and air force manoeuvres were undertaken during the last week of May in Exercise Karat 94 on the land/sea range at Wicko Morskie in the western part of the Polish Baltic Sea coast. The aim of the exercise was to combat a hypothetical enemy amphibious force assault on Poland and marked the first lime PAF aircraft had been used against sea-borne targets.

Formations of Su-20 Fitters from the 7th Recce-Bomber Regiment at Powidz were used for mine-laying, while Su-22M-4s from the 40th Fighter-Bomber Regiment

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The majority of photographs are taken with the camera at eye level, but by shooting from higher or lower viewpoints you can add a sense of surprise and drama to your compositions because they give us a view of the world we’re not used to.

Shooting from a low viewpoint with a wideangle lens will introduce more distortion, with features close to the camera dominating the composition and verticals converging dramatically. Because you’re forced to look upwards you can also make the sky a more integral part of the composition — it effectively becomes the background.

Try shooting with the

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PocketBook Touch 2 — Бмблиотека в ручной клади

Собираясь в путешествие, мы, наряду с другими важными вопросами, продумываем, чем заняться во время перелета. Вопрос серьезный, особенно если вам предстоит отправиться на другой континент, а наличие мультимедийной системы на борту авиакомпания не гарантирует.

В 10 тысячах метров над землей, когда интернет недоступен, заряда ноутбука надолго не хватает, а спать не хочется, нам остается вполне традиционное развлечение — чтение. Вне зависимости от литературных предпочтений, возьмите в полет электронную книгу — качественный ридер не только легче томов из домашней библиотеки, но и безопаснее для глаз, а также обладает рядом полезных в путешествии функций. Безусловно, это утверждение справедливо в отношении современных «читалок»,

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PMC Twenty 23


The Twenty 23s are diminutive for floorstanders, but the sound they produce belies their size.

Transmission-line technology

PMC uses a transmission-line design to improve bass performance. The rear output of the mid/bass driver forces through a damped path within the cabinet, where most high frequencies are absorbed, leaving the lowest notes to exit the speaker.

Physics are so annoying. Not least because they dictate that a small driver is never going to produce huge volumes or the very deepest bass. And so it goes with the PMC Twenty 23s. These are a speaker of relatively compact dimensions (by floorstander

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PMC Twenty 21


We’re big fans of PMC’s Twenty series. So far we’ve reviewed two of the four-strong range and raved about both. Now it’s the turn of the ‘entry-level’ standmounters.

The 21s have the same sloped-back design as the rest of the range. The uneven shape helps to reduce the build-up of internal standing waves, and it makes the speakers stand out on the shop floor.

Take time to get them right

Once given a couple of days to run in, these speakers shine. That wasn’t our initial impression though. Standing a meter or so from the rear wall and playing

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Plump, Juicy & Sweet

Grapes alone are deliciously snaccable, but these recipes show just how wonderful they can be for cooking

Grapes are so ancient that their vines conquered the world long before people were on the planet. Pretty much since our arrival, however, we have been tinkering with them: for example, in the Piedmont Mountains of Italy you can still see evidence of late Bronze Age vineyard posts used to train grapevines. And for almost as long, we have been trying to find a way to make grapes bigger, sweeter. Girdling, a practice in use since the ancient Greeks, can pump up grape

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Most weather-related accidents occur when pilots don’t realize they are heading into danger or won’t admit to themselves they are flying into conditions that they and their airplane aren’t equipped to handle. This isn’t a problem with hurricanes. They are so fierce and hard to miss that any pilot who hadn’t heard the news that a hurricane is nearby would almost surely recognize the danger in plenty of time to avoid it.

Hurricanes are born over oceans with surface water warmer than about 80 degrees. They begin weakening when they move over cooler water

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