With Photoshop CS versions moving to a subscription-only fees package, now could be the time to consider alternative image-editing software. Here are 12 of the best contenders…


While Adobe Photoshop has long been the benchmark that all other image-editing software is judged by, it’s always been one of the most expensive applications on the market. That fact has been exacerbated in recent weeks with the announcement from Adobe that it intends to restructure its business model and the way it sells its flagship products.

In essence, Adobe has signalled its intention to license its industry-standard Creative


Photo Shopping

You’re in the market for a camera or lens, but don’t know which one to go for. Photo expert Malcolm Birkitt offers some advice to help guide you through the maze.

WITH SO MANY different types and makes of camera on the market, how do you go about choosing the right one? It’s easy, really — just think of the kind of pictures you want to take, because this quickly points you in one of two directions.

If you don’t want to be bothered with all the technicalities of photography, a compact camera is the obvious choice because of the

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Andrew Sanderson reveals how shooting with film allowed him to recover a blown-out sky in this landscape photograph.

this shot is called ‘The dip’. It was taken in the late 1990s in Meltham, West Yorkshire. I was out on a walk that day, exploring the local area where I had recently bought a house. Meltham is a small town and you don’t have to walk far before you are in open farming country. I wandered up Mil Moor Road and soon found myself at Leygards Lane, looking south-west. I set up my camera on a tripod, and decided on a

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Photo castaway: #7 Jon Hicks

We’ve theoretically packed travel photographer Jon Hicks off to a desert island, but been kind enough to allow him to take along a few photo-based luxuries. Here are his choices


I’d take my Canon EOS 5D Mk III. It’s my latest camera — bought in September last year -and it’s great for its fantastic definition, and how well it performs at high ISOs with low levels of noise. I’ve recently got into stargazing, and this camera gives me everything I need for astrophotography -it’s a must on a desert island!


Keeping with the stargazing theme, I’d

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PHASE change


Nathan Yong admits that he has a thing for shoes. The first thing he looks at when he meets people is what they wear on their feet. «Are you wearing flats made of rubber?» he asks a female journalist. «Yes!» she exclaims. «Interesting. But I bet they squeak when you walk in the rain,» he says. «They do,» the girl replies. «They are comfortable, though.»

If one of the hallmarks of a good designer is his acute sensitivity towards the characteristics of a

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Phantom Phinale

— The Video

(Bad) Manners Production, c/o Flight Simulator, RAF Coningsby, Lines, LN445Y.

Music by Queen.

Running time approximately 35 minutes, £15.00 + £1.50 p & p.

THIS PRODUCTION HAS been made by serving RAF aircrew and the proceeds are for charity. It is a tribute to the long-serving and apparently much-loved F-4 Phantom — designed in the 1950s and still a very powerful weapon. It takes us on tour with active squadrons in the Falklands and Cyprus, and on some of the displays performed last summer to mark the end of an era within the RAF. Throughout the video

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Telwin Advance TIG 227 MV / PFC DC — LIFT VRD

Инверторный сварочный аппарат для сварки штучными электродами методом ММА и аргонно-дуговой сварки методом TIG — DC LIFT

Новый профессиональный сварочный аппарат производства итальянской компании Telwin (изготовлен, кстати, тоже в Италии). Сварку можно проводить с использованием электродов различного типа (рутиловых, щелочных, из нержавеющей стали и чугуна), обеспечивая профессиональный результат при сварке стали, нержавеющей стали и чугуна. Также аппарат можно применять для аргонно-дуговой сварки TIG-DC с простым возбуждением дуги подъёмом (Lift).

Модель разработана для эксплуатации в критических ситуациях, когда обычные сварочные аппараты просто «не потянут». На самом деле такую ситуацию можно встретить буквально «где угодно»: качество электричества, особенно напряжение, у нас далеко

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Desert dreams

Peter Elfes was born in Sydney and grew up in the inner city suburb of Darling Hurst. Influenced and inspired by his father, a photojournalist who emigrated from Greece in the 1950’s, he developed a strong connection with the art of photography from an early age.

After working in his father’s studio for a few years, Peter began work in 1981 at Freeman Studio in Sydney, the second oldest, still running photographic studio in the world, and became its manager. In 1991, he left Freeman Studio and moved to New York to further his knowledge of the art

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Peugeot 308 1.6 e-HDi

All-new family hatch is set to play a vital part in Peugeot’s attempted resurgence

PRICE £20,150


CAST YOUR MIND back. At the turn of the millennium, Peugeot was still a force to be reckoned with in the all-important C-segment. The 306 might have been made to look long in the tooth by the Ford Focus, but age hadn’t tarnished its handling delicacy or capacity to engage. More than 445,000 examples were sold in the UK. It was a position of strength that the firm ultimately treated as a cliff from which to jump.

The outgoing 308, on

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Peter Eisenhardt

WISE project scientist

Do clusters and superclusters act as a single entity?

Groups are gravitationally bound. Then you have larger clusters a magnitude of ten bigger than groups, the largest gravitationally bound structures. When we say gravitationally bound, I mean bound in the same way Earth and the planets are bound to the Sun, except, there’s not really a central, dominant equivalent of the Sun.

Can superclusters get bigger than the LQG?

The distribution of galaxies is not the same if you look along the distance between here and the Coma cluster – 300 million light years. The universe is

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