Found the smallest black hole

Found the smallest black hole Facts

The smallest black hole is detected by X-rays, called palpitations because of its similarity to the electrocardiogram. She was given the name IGR J17091-3624. A hole is referred to the binary system, in which a normal star rotates with the black hole, weighing three times less than the mass of the Sun.

Aware of only one similar star system — GRS 1915 +105, which also consumes less gas with stars shine. This system exceeds the IGR J17091-3624 to 5 times.

Many binary systems with black holes is highly structured, but only two, IGR J17091-3624

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The first global, Eastern Front, 1914-1917

Kutepov led the 2nd Battalion of the Life Guards Regiment. 1916

Medical officer of the 17th Infantry Division. 1916

The officers and soldiers of the 95th Infantry. Krasnoyarsk first front-line regiment celebrates Easter

Attack of the 1st Battalion of the 14th Regiment of Grenadiers of Georgia time shrapnel fire. 1915 g

Headquarters 255th Regiment Akerman 64th Division on the positions in the Carpathian Mountains near the village of "Bryazy"

Caught deserters

Two hundred and 20 5-Battalion of the Russian army

Substitutes on collecting Fri

Two cooks and a company. (Soldier's Ball). May 1915 g

Camp shelf

The pilot

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