In Kurapaty victims commemorated

At the memorial service in Kurapaty gathered more than 2-10’s people. Among them were activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front", chairman of the section "Memorial" Society for Protection of monuments and historical heritage Vladimir Romanovsky, helpers "case of 14" Anton Koipish and Vladimir Sergeev, representatives of the intelligentsia.

After about crosses laid flowers and lit candles placed, held an impromptu rally. The first speaker was Vladimir Romanovsky:"There was another form of punishment as a disqualification.’s Specific disqualification, inability to express the people the right to choose their own power and using power — and this is at

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Martyrology of Liberty: Anton Zhdanovich

Zhdanovich Anton (18.04.1898, Minsk — 26.12.1937, Minsk, the NKVD), actor. F.Zhdanovich brother. Since 1917, in the company of the First friendship drama and comedy, from 1918 in the Belarusian Russian theater from 1920 to BDT-1. Among the best roles: Levon Stepan Krinitsky ("Ruined Nest", "Pavlinka" Kupala), Simon Mikula, Pavljuk ("Lynx", "ham" E.Ozheshko), Governor, Krasinski ("The Smith-governor", " Kalinouski "E.Mirovicha) Bzhazitski (" Over the Niemen "M.Gramyki) Ryazanov Kulmski (" Curve ablona "," Whirlpool "Ya.Ramanovicha) Lynyaev (" Wolves and Sheep "by Ostrovsky), Mironov ( "The Captain’s Daughter" by A. Pushkin). In 1937, arrested and shot. Rehabilitated in 1958. Lit.: ELiMBel, v. 3;

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Martyrology of Liberty: Flegont Volinets

Volinets Flegont (27.12.1878 (01.08.1879) Vileika — 27/11/1937, Solovki, the NKVD), sociopolitical. activist, writer, teacher. In 1900 graduated from training courses at national teachers Švenčionys national school. A teacher at Vilenschina. Over watered. deprived of the right to teach unreliability. Worked as an insurance agent. In 1916-17 he served in the military Minsk. With the letter. 1917 Mayor Vileika with the chairman of the City Council in February 1918, during the time of German occupation of the town residents elected steward. In 1920 more than once arrested by the Polish authorities. From 1926 to BSRG with snezh. 1927 member of the

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Martyrology of Liberty: Sergei Zlotnikov

Sergey Zlotnikov born in 1900 A native of Minsk, Belarus, the last member of the CPSU (b), an economist in the trust utility companies. Lived in Petrozavodsk. 12/28/1937 arrested NKVD troika of the Karelian ASSR 12/31/1937 was sentenced under Art. 58-2-7-10-11. Shot 09/01/1938, at Art. Bear Mountain (Sandarmoh). Rehabilitated by the Bureau Supreme Court KASSR of 11/11/1958***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.Once a day, from September 1

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Martyrology of Liberty: Nicholas Golodeda

Golodeda Nicholas (9 (21) .5.1894, p. Kryvets old Novozybkov County. Chernigov Province., Now Novozybkovskiy district of Bryansk region., Our homeland — 21.06.1937, Minsk, NKVD), sociopolitical. activist and publicist. Mountain-finished technical school Goretskogo Agricultural Institute. In 1st World War I in the royal army. Member of the October Revolution and civilian war in Russia. Since 1918 in the CPSU (b). In 1918-21 the administrative work in Novozybkov pav. In the 1921-24 chairman of the executive committee of the Council Goretskogo. On 12/12/1925 2nd secretary of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks), 07/05/1927 to 30/05/1937 with chairman SNK BSSR. 14.6.1937 arrested in Moscow aimed

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Igor Kuznetsov: We must remember that this 1937

Exactly 70 years ago Belarus unfolded most violent terror Russian authorities against the people of the country. Only 29 October Kurapaty were killed outright 22 Belarusian writers. Historian Igor Kuznetsov his speech on "Minsk time of Stalin’s repression" tied specifically to the current funny day:"This meeting — a reminder of what was, and about what it led to. This parallel with the current funny day. Then there wasand other forms, and still is going on violence against the person. "Panellists received book "Kurapaty" Article Poznyak and documents research conducted in Kurapaty. And most importantly — gathered in the office of

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Week in Belarus in photo 27 — August 31

August 27. In Kurapaty commemorated shot August 27, 1937 Archaeologists Nikolai and Sergei Tarasov Kryvaltsevich at the cross erected in memory of the executed scholars archaeologists August 27, 1937 Cross Archaeologist nearby Stone painted with the image of St. KurapatyAugust 28. Deputy Economy Minister Vladimir Adashkevich states to raise prices on virtually all food and non-food products. Deputy Minister of Economy: more expensive all …August 29. Honoring the memory of victims of political repression in KurapatyAugust 30. Beaten by riot policemen August 16 Tatiana Tsishkevich in rehab in Aksakovschina

In Kurapaty commemorated shot August 27, 1937

We go down the alley to the memory in Kurapaty memorial cross erected in memory of martyred in 1937 archaeologists. Beside me, their successors argeolyagi Nikolai and Sergei Tarasov Kryvaltsevich. In Kurapaty, new crosses, stones, painted images of saints. And it indicates, that the memory of the victims of the people live, says Nicholas Kryvaltsevich:"People who know the story of the shootings in including shootings archaeologists, they remember about this event, as the importance of the shot people for Science and Culture. Evident people On its own initiative darn crosses mowed grass, bring flowers. Kurapaty as was the People’s Memorial,

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On svinavodchay farm farm Path atrocities happening tips (1937)

"Star" in 1927 contains a report to A.Charvyakova days of printing: "We blame that in Russian there is no press freedom. Indeed, we have the freedom to impale workers and farmers. Rabkorov selkary and we have extraordinary freedom of criticism. And then our print freer than at least some bourgeois … We can not go and never go out in order to allow our country the existence of printing which is intensely fought against the Russian government, which is building socialism. ""Bolshevik Polessye" in 1937 reveals: "At svinavodchay farm farm" Path tips "Krukavitskaga village council Domanovichsky area atrocities happening. Iorkshyrskay

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I’ll go outside, sit on meadow. We will write hi dear Stalin (1937)

I greet you on the waves Belarusian Freedom! Ah well looked first day in May of different years in publications Belarusian newspapers."Star", the year 1927. Newspaper reports of the Novo-Borisov:"Where a year earlier prettier young grove, there is indescribable. People and stallions, like an anthill, filled a huge area, and the people and horses — in a continuous motion. Digging the ground, throw on vases, leveled area. Preparing a place for the latest match factory basement … The factory will be built with the latest technology. Making her will be very large — 2000 boxes of matches in 16 hours.

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